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  1. Hello mate not too many in the witham but there are a few. I was working down south commercially. Yes the license includes keeping aqauarium crays and purging can be speeded up in various ways. We are at the end of the season now though.....
  2. £700 for the punt, it's flat bottomed so very stable for working out of. I'll try and get some pictures posted up tomorrow
  3. I'm selling my 2006 model Tohatsu 9.8hp 2 stroke short shaft engine. These aren't available in the UK new any more and are incredibly powerful for their size and weight (28kg)- this has only seen freshwater use, has been barn stored for the last 3 years and has low hours, hence the sale. When it was in use it was serviced annually by a Tohatsu dealer and has never let me down, it comes with original manual and toolkit along with the external fueltank. It's located in Somerset and is £1100 any questions pm me. I also have an 8ftx4ft aluminium work punt with rear wheels to go with it but no pi
  4. Or the godess of offering a swap a stalk where the other person never sees a return invite
  5. Looks like we might be near each other...
  6. Yes it is much the same with the right turning in ever so slightly although they are very even really. Funny that I'm pretty near wilts, we seem to have a split between tall and thin and a fair span. Generally the malforms around here have a trend for an extra point over the right eye, seen 3 this year, one came in just shy of bronze, one was nowhere near a medal although a nice 6 points and the other will make a medal but is still at large and will probably be left for this year.
  7. Not trying to rob the thread local, cracking heads there, that's a really good malform - here's another tall one from somerset, 30 and 29cm shot this year, he's stable at 558g and was called in during the rut in early August.
  8. Around 10cm as long as it has both brow tines would be worth looking at from a medal point of view, the CIC don't charge for measuring if the head doesn't make a medal.
  9. Thanks Riggers I should have explained better but these are wild roe in a big piece of woodland, deosect isn't an option unfortunatlely, wish it was!
  10. Has anyone ever come across mange in deer? I had to shoot one of our most promising bucks at work the other day, what started as a small silvery patch on one side a while ago had turned into completely bald down both sides and across the haunches, he was covered in flies, constantly licking himself and was extremely thin. Apparently it is very uncommon but today I saw another, younger buck again bald down one shoulder. I will shoot anything on sight showing symptoms to try and stop the spread of it but has anyone else ever seen it and if so did it die out naturally? I shoot a lot of foxes h
  11. I had an old doe on weds with raised pedicles as well. I saw her last week but it was just a head poking out from behind a tree so I convinced myself it was a young buck until she turned round to walk into the undergrowth. She was in exactly the same place the other day, she was scouring and during the gralloch her mediastinals were slightly granulated but otherwise she wass ok.
  12. Good shot mate, just got back on the computer after a bit of a break. Snow and frost gone for the moment so will be getting out while the conditions are easier.
  13. Aladdins slippers caused by suspensory ligament trouble in the legs, this then causes the deer discomfort so it puts weight on the heels when walking which in turn stops the front edge of the hooves from wearing down so they keep growing causing what you see in the photo. Had one like this this year as well, the ligament trouble can be caused by a variety of things eg diet, injury, abnormal bone growth or growth faster than wear in the hoof.
  14. Fair play to him then, he's gone up in my estimation. As you say, a quick follow up was the most important thing but it's nice to know he took responsibility and followed the process through himself.
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