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  1. the two under theborder are fledged and strong all the chicks outside our dead! this hen really has not got the jist of this . I had a chat with the daughter and she was in agreement to get rid of the border xs we bred and another troublesome hen and buy in som thing we want .so had a bit of a clear out and bought in a pair of silver, agate opels , satinatte silver brown hen,gold mosiac hen and a cinimon hen. Canary wise I would like a trio of red mosiacs and a pair of gold mosiacs to go with my hen. and a satinette brown cock. that will be me ready for next year then
  2. both of the black hooded variety . I met a very knowledgable man the other day who had been doing variuos hybreds for years and has crossed these two types and the cock was a couple years old and very bright orange and slieghtly heavyier in build hes proved fertile as hes gone back to a yellow to produce four young birds with very nice markings cant wait to see them mature.
  3. Tuffty there fine still feeding each other and still fighting but no sign of breeding . I took the last of the eggs out of a pair off fifes and put them under my border whos a good mum shes hatched them out and everything else is in the flight but the pair of fifes have gone down this week in an old nest and laid 4 more eggs thats there 4th round! she threw 1st lot out hatched 2 lot but left them after a week and 3rd lot put under border so shes no outside filled with other birds around her dont hold much hope just let her go shes sitting hes feeding they could surprise me.oh and the egg eaters gone!
  4. I have pics but they won't upload . My mate introduced me to an older guy who used to be into the dogs and knew who I was so seemed to open up to me.hes always had birds and he's got two aviaries joined by 3 rows of breeders he's gave me lots of advice . I think the breeders are a nice way of gaurantee the exact pairs and really makes them concentrate on the breeding .but i think they do need more flying space or a flight in the non breeding season as they get much fitter and the way he does it they still can stay in overnight if the weather is bad.hes produced shit loads of birds this year .
  5. Fitchet I was always on the dog forum but I just got so fed up with the dicks on there I've not been on this forum for years but this bird section is a nice change some sound blokes with very good advice
  6. I bought a greenie cock bird who's a lutino carrier I was in two minds as he's an old bird his ring makes him 4.5 years old I put him with a nice variated border who was trying to nest again with her young birds fledged but still hanging around put him in with her to my suprise he started feeding her and the young birds ! She had 3 eggs I removed and replaced the eggs there due to hatch this week I moved the young into the upper row put in a mesh divider so they could see the other birds flying in and out of the hole to the flight but they were not feeding to well so I stuck the greenie in with them and he kept feeding them I then took out the mesh and they follow him everywhere he's tread the other border in the flight but she ate the eggs . This boy is a cracking little chap but knowing my luck is probable a Jaffa lol.
  7. I put up the post as I enjoyed your post too gnasher , ye your right I did exactly the same as you all the gear no idea lol.started with the bank of metal breeders then built a little flight between my block built kennel and block built workshop. Kept seeing bird rooms on all the forums and threads so proceeded to rip out the work shop and put in a cheap load of kitchen units to store my bits and pieces then put 12 breeders in two rows fixed to the wall and core drilled 4 inch holes into the flight so I can separate the birds with dividers in breeding time and pull them out for free flying into the flight when finished breding. Then a nice pair of triple breeders came up so I bought them put them on the wall of the kennel as a spare and core drilled into the flight so if I want there all joined up , pulled the black corrugated of the kennel roof put on clear for the light . Then another 8 metal breeders come up so I bought them to and various books my mrs is doing her nut lol. But I've defo got all the gear and no idea lol .
  8. Well chaps I have really enjoyed starting with the birds , like gnashers post it's been a bit of heart break . Well here we go bought a set of 4 metal double breeders decided to fill it up and have a test of the waters to get some birds and breed some stock for next year. Bought a job lot of canaries cocks and hen borders 8 of the 10 were cocks lol , got rid of them after they bred with the two hens one was a great mum and had 3 eggs I broke one she reared two who are in my flight enjoying there selves she's now on 3 greenie mule eggs.the other is a prolific egg eater eating 1 clutch of canary and 2 clutches of greeniecanary she's going. Bought another pair of fife canary first round 4 eggs again I broke 2 she then tossed the other,went down again I didn't remove eggs this time and left her to it she reared 3 and as they started to feather up I moved all the other birds to my newly built bird room pulled the divider out so they had a bigger space she left the chicks they died the pair are now in the bird room and are again on eggs . Bought black hooded red siskins they are not interested in breeding at all but he's feeding her and singing now .bought a chaffinch cock as to pair with a virgin canary 2013 hen he's not Intrested at all since found out chaffs cocks are no good to mule it has to be the other way round, my greenie is now in the flight with her and he will tread anything lol . Well I'm very much enjoying it and found a common bond with my daughter as she's really enjoying it too . I now know buy the canaries young as you guys were right people just get rid of there crap mid season , it's been a very enjoyable learning curve.
  9. Fukin thing as done it again she's done 3 canary 6 greenie mule eggs now she's going
  10. I'm going to keep her , as she goes down literally within days and with any bird put in with her and just plan it to move the eggs as soon as she's had them . I hate this bird
  11. Well had an egg pecker she's killed two clutches of canaries I put her with a greenie and she immediately let it tread her again three large eggs I removed eggs as was waiting for my last pair to go down and put eggs under them . They didn't go down so I was forced to put them under her she ate one and pecked the other two . I nearly rung her neck .
  12. I have used a Cock canary on three hens he's now back with the first hen and he's been busy with each hen but been moved out to be put with next not seeing the chicks he's fed the hen on the nest on each bird but he's never been in with chicks . His works done now so left him in fist egg hatched today he's helping feeding if hen leaves nest he's on the nest really nice to see
  13. I've never heard if this Pete is this a government run program with volunteers or do these guys get paid do they ring any bird or just british or certain areas ,sorry I've never heard of this before Please put me in the know Cheers
  14. Guys my siskins have a closed ring but If they breed do I have to ring the young ? I'm going to put a split ring on for my own reference do they need a closed ring
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