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  1. Whereabouts in NZ fella? Deep South ,a couple of hours away from here is central Otago where rabbits can be found in HUGE numbers . This was the result of one night using a PCP air rifle ,however for the most part I use the bushing dogs and shotgun & all the usual tools one has in youre country ,long nets purse nets ,ferret .I hardly fire a shot as the pack knows what it takes as some in their working life have been involed in catching up wards of 10,000 rabbits .What Ive found is with alot of hunting the average dog becomes a fully experienced average dog ,a good dog becomes a good ex
  2. Can't beat whole carcass imo, especially once she's had the kits - they need access to bone, feather, intestine etc as well as flesh in order to develop properly. Really important not to overdo the liver once the kits are born as if they get too much they won't be able to walk properly. Happened with the first litter I ever bred back in the mists of time when I was too young and ignorant to know better - poor little buggers should have been racing round like banshees but could only shuffle along on their front legs like seals on the beach.
  3. Looks like she's come on a treat for you Gaz Love the look of him Boris - a real belter I was toying with the idea of using Brian over my bitch though I probably won't in the end as the percentage terrier would be a bit higher than I'd ideally like. But seeing yours and Ronny's pups does make me wonder....
  4. Good stuff. I'd love to have a crack at the kayak fishing malarky - looks great fun.
  5. Great that she's back home and seems ok
  6. So sorry to hear about the Croc - you must be gutted. Fingers crossed Martha goes on to make a full recovery...
  7. Barbed wire's a bitch. I think all you can do is get her as familiar as possible with the stuff while out mooching/training both in daylight and at night. Then when she encounters the stuff at speed it's in the lap of the gods. Several of my dogs have had a nasty injury from it but have gone on to be a lot more careful. But even with experienced dogs they sometimes make a right pigs ear of a jump. My heart's always in my mouth when they jump the bloody stuff.
  8. Up at biddys tomorrow and Nigel's on Friday so nothing to taxing for her mate ........
  9. Glad to hear she's come this far. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly from here on in...
  10. I would imagine it would stink if you try burning it. Once the birds suss out an easy supply of food they'll easily get through a couple of pints of maggots - lots of hungry mouths needing incessant feeding at this time of year.
  11. Depends how big the tub is as to how easily they can wriggle out, but even if they do get out they'll still make tasty snacks for birds, frogs, hedgehogs etc. Each to their own, I'm just saying that personally I wouldn't get hung up about it.
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