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  1. once or twice maybe on running boar at the most ! most of the time i'm on a highseat
  2. hi guys gonna buy a new rifle i went for a sauer 101 special ardennes in cal 30 06 for deer , wild boar and fox the scope i wanted is the new zeiss conquest v6 but i dont know what to buy the 2 - 12 x 50 or the 2.5 - 15 x 56 i would really apreciated some good advice gr kenny
  3. hi all , i dont know what night vission to buy i would like to do some fox control and hunt wild boar with it distance from 50 yards out to 250 yards if posible it would have to be a front ad on the scope i have is a zeiss conquest 3-12x50 dl budget would be arround 3300 euro ( i think that is some good 3000 pounds ) hope to get some good advice from people with experience thanks
  4. jep only 8 , but i Am glad . to many kits is hard work for one little jill . and i Am not in it for money or so . Just to have Some breeding stock . so i prefer a smal litter .
  5. sorry for the late answer , 8 kits jill and kits are doing fine
  6. the new breeding hutch is ready and in place on time ! and from the looks of her it is not a week to soon , i never had a jill so round and fat like this one .
  7. thanks lads wanted to do this for a couple of years now , gues you just have to start and finish it
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