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  1. i had what was supposed to be a walk with the dog today but ended up with three injured pigions. i know they was shooting earlier and it just made me think of the way people see shooting compaired to dog work and how it isnt always the way people seem to think. bet they never thought the lurchers would be the ones cleaning up
  2. I’m still in school so have loads of time for the dog and ferrets but couldn’t imagine being able to work more than two. Giving the one I’ve got enough work isn’t too bad but I defo dont give her more than one in three of the opportunities I get
  3. I had the same issue then walking with the dog she pushed one out some cover and ran it to a f***ing massive earth where there was shut tons of them. They seemed to be nowhere but some tiny bits but shit tons of them where they were.
  4. The rabbit numbers down my way are sort of on the up but they were never great in the first place. Still there’s enough for a bit of sport.
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