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  1. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Beddy whippet grey

    No mate from North Yorkshire
  2. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Beddy whippet grey

    I’ve a bull whippet x beddy grey cracking dog only 7 month time will tell had a few young rabbits obedience is a bit poor when he’s a rabbit in his mouth other that that he’s brilliant great with my daughter ferrets and terriers clipped him last night
  3. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Ferret disorientated ?

    Will have to be pts just got home and can’t move very strange an old boy told me they can get compression in the spine when there young apparently it effect 1 in a litter usually never heard of it before been perfectly healthy till last week or so just getting worse and worse
  4. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Ferret disorientated ?

    I’ve a hob polecat that’s suddenly started looking disorientated roles about and spins round on its back it’s eating and drinking but just isn’t walking right it’s just completely out of sinc and just never seen it before I can pick it up and play with it it’s not in pain and not been out on rabbits since January so not sure what’s up , is it gun fodder or has anyone else seen this ?only just over 12 month old
  5. Think what you like , I’ve never had a dog that has picked it up so quick seems very mature for its age I spend a few hours with it nearly everyday. Yeah the ferreting is for pest control and terrible ground to work too There are probably 3 holes on that photo rest are just scrats. By on fire I don’t mean it’s taking every bolt I mean it’s showing good progress I do have a video I’ll try upload it
  6. Bull whippet x beddy grey , my first beddy cross just turned six month have a couple droppers and now it’s on fire knows it’s job well and 100% with ferrets still a bit of pace to be picked up not trying to over do it . Have plenty of summer ferreting for a couple of farms to keep him busy , Pleased so far time will tell
  7. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Beddy whippet breeders

    If I had of thought about it I wouldn’t of bought it to be fair , I normally go for bigger tackle myself but just from seeing it as a pup I know it’s right I’ve got a 3 month old daughter at home and will sit beside her and not move till someone knocks at the door would not like to say what it would be like outside as dog theft near me Is rife at the minute cheers lads will post some vids when it get going
  8. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Beddy whippet breeders

    I’m not trying to get a bite I’ve had a few bull crosses you just get a bit sick of head strong ones eventually I’ve had some excellent ones and some terrible bull crosses I just want a nice alrounder not trying to start arguments
  9. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Beddy whippet breeders

    Hi there I’m new to this site as a member always had a look at threads on a night just not signed up , anyway I bought a bull whippet x beddy grey on a whim from someone who new someone who new someone else etc . Not normaly what I do but I needed a lurcher and no close friends had any at that time I picked him up at 8/9 weeks old , after seeing and hearing things about beddy x lurcher I thought what have I done after never having a beddy breed. I bought it from over near Todmorden and honestly the best chance I have ever taken I have had some really really sh*t dogs in the past but this dog shows real potential at 3 months old after his second jabs jabs I thought I’d take him out and stretch his legs I took along my trusty spring air rifle incase of a squirrel sitting nice up in cover , to cut long story short I knocked one out of the tree about 20 yards away and the dog ran without even a noise off me and brought it back to my feet after a bit of pulling to get it out of its mouth lol , it’s currently 5 month old jumping great and killing every cat on the street lol . I have taken it out with a friends bull whippet for a couple of rabbits never let it slip just let it watch I will let you know how it goes they are really loyal dogs I would highly recommend one I know I’ve only had one for 4 months but you know when you know when it’s a good one , I would very much like to say it would tackle a Charlie too in the future , nice strong obiedient dog none of this stupid head strong bull x stuff Cheers , gaz