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  1. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Age start your ferrets

    I put mine fairly young in a two holer I know that’s not been run in years just to get used to them getting picked up when coming out and going in definitely helps a lot and start them usually at the end of each season after there born don’t expect any decent results till year after even tho I had one that I thought was sleeping in sets but in fact was killing in at first season never any fur on claws or no blood TIL I heard a squeal in a shallow set some are better that’s others takes a bit of patience sometimes
  2. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Horse paddock

    I’ve a good friend of mine who’s got about 50acre if farm and woodland and it’s absolutely covered in rabbits not seen anything like it in a long time and they’ve completely ruined the place it’s even that bad the yard has sunk because of the fresh runs under it but I won’t put any of my ferrets in it because I don’t fancy digging through tarmac lol I must go 3 times a week 1 with air rifle and one night with the lurcher and a day with the ferrets I’ve had a hell of a lot off here for a couple of year now and they show no slowing down we’ve even been out with the rimfire and shot 30/40 a night and still everywhere but it’s all good sport I say unless your the farmer lol
  3. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Horse paddock

    Same problem my self have to do a bit in summer to keep my permission went out on Friday and dug 5 times at 3 foot pain in the arse but has to be done not one bolted still a few young about
  4. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any pups about ?

    You know what I mean not like the 1st cross stuff I’ve had , I suppose I’ll get used to the different workings of the dog
  5. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any pups about ?

    I just think it’s what I’m used to only ever had big stuff with keenness since been small completely different prey drive in non bull stuff it’s just a bit of a change it’s getting a bit on top of round here so wanted to down size and have an alrounder that doesn’t get smashed about
  6. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any pups about ?

    Been out with it a few times letting have a couple of runs since it was about 8 months and only missed rabbits on one of those days my daughter loves it very quite dog and nice to be around that’s why I wouldn’t get rid anyway it’s just one of those things I’ve always had the big bull x stuff probably just me not used to it
  7. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any pups about ?

    He just doesn’t have to head power and very timid around fox’s ive shown it numerous shot ones and puts its tale between its legs it might prove me wrong but some times you just get that feeling I will try it when it’s on it’s secind season he’s 20 should do a bit more but just not a stocky build they need the weight behind them
  8. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any pups about ?

    I’ve got a beddy grey x bull whippet 10 month old and cracking dog but just don’t think it will make the size for the bigger stuff will deffo be keeping it for the rabbits tho I enjoy bringing dogs on nice to see all the hard work in the end
  9. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any pups about ?

    Any pups about or something to be brought on this season ?
  10. Gaz_Lurcherlad


    Is there anyone still breeding the old type game Russell’s anymore can’t find one anywhere any help will be appreciated
  11. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Remington Express. 22

    Mine was well over 12ft pounds for the first 20 pellets settled to 11.1 now must have been diesleing from all the oil
  12. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Remington Express. 22

    Mine was well over 12ft pounds for the first 20 pellets settled to 11.1 now must have been diesleing from all the oil
  13. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Remington Express. 22

    I might be wrong but I’m sure there manufactured by smk
  14. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Remington Express. 22

    Bought one when they first came out maybe 3 years ago had countless amounts of squirrels rats and ferals and an odd rabbit too , they are worth a strip down an clean and a grease Mine had tons of grease on all the actions and piston cylinder it shot good anyway but even better after a clean well worth the money and accurate enough for the job