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  1. Does does it have any markings on the back my great grand parents had similar tiles as a feature in there kitchen years ago when they had a new kitchen fitted I saved a couple of them I’ll have a look through the garage for them they do have a name on the back
  2. I’ve recently bought a house built around 1860s so the deeds say could be earlier and the condensation in the upstairs is ridiculous damp proofing and wall ties have all been done before I moved in as they needed doing on the survey so the seller and us paid upon an agreement to get it done outside has been rendered with in the last 2 years and has no cracks or falling off down stairs is fine but the bedrooms walls are wet to touch on a morning and the ceiling and as I found out yesterday the plaster has crumbled away I’ve had someone to come look at the roof and they said it’s absolutely fine
  3. You are exactly right they just like to moan about something won’t be able to cut grass because it will have feelings
  4. They won’t stop till everything to do with our way of life is banned it will happen eventually but has it ever stopped us its who we are and our life all these wankers trying to ban it and voting against it have more than likely never been to the country and seen it they just love to ban something and take something away from us so called bloodthirsty idiots it will happen eventually to many goody two shoed idiots about now
  5. Ive spent roughly 5 k with engine, boat ,finder but I have had to buy a few other bits life jackets etc flares that are in date
  6. Your more than welcome mate won’t be till early summer until work calms down a bit I’ll keep you informed
  7. Will just be east coast probably mostly fishing off Whitby
  8. I will post pics when I get to work keeping it there for now , do I need a fishing permit if it’s just for pleasure ?
  9. Thanks everyone its a bit of a minefield I just thought I could turn up and drop her in but it’s not as simple as that But I’ve bought it now so there’s no going back lol
  10. I’ve had jet skis in the past no bother launching them on the east coast , but I’d just like to know what I need to do to be ready to launch a 16ft outboard fishing boat I’ve spent plenty of hours in the sea on jet skis and kayaks and so on but never launched a boat I’m not a complete novice but just like to know if anyone on here has one I’m just wondering were I can launch on the east cost fairly easily I’ve spend our holiday money on a boat money well spent but misses doesn’t think so lol
  11. I got stung 60 quid throwing a tab end out of window at a cross roads and they were at other side of the lights but it serves me right I think it depends if they can be arsed or not
  12. Try red beck shooting supplies in Wakefield got a collar from there not long ago sure they will post to you
  13. I have bought a black widow for now to practice with just to get used to it if I made my own do I have to do anything to the wood like varnish or lacquer it and I don’t have the foggiest on how to attach the bands I’m a complete novice to this please don’t think I’m an idiot lol
  14. Just walk I went out local for an hour last night couple football pitches and few other bits good night out
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