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  1. Is that pup off Mick off here pal ? If so I’ve got a brother to it
  2. None of its line or litter brothers have had the problem that’s what makes me think there’s still time
  3. I cant feel them but I’ve not had good feel yet we’re will they be just up from the sack or in the stomach never had it before
  4. Spoke to vets again and said it’s not an issue until 12 month plus I’ll be gutted if they have to come off wanted to put it over another dog of my mates in few year if it turns into a cracker
  5. My big deerhound x is 7months now and his balls haven’t appeared have got him booked in vets but has anyone else had them drop after 6 months my bedlington x took about 6 months that why I wasn’t worried until now cheers
  6. My dog roughly same age a couple year ago similar breeding bit more bull stands about 20inch now got to get the rosette in there lol believe it or not I got a given off some travellers and best dog I’ve ever had for an all rounder
  7. Any terriers around West Yorkshire for sale preferably a fox dog , thin on the ground for a decent one now nearly everyone I know has packed it in had one that didn’t make the grade and gone to live with my grandparents had one sorted from Ireland before Coronavirus kicked off but that threw a spanner In the works any help or leads will be appreciated cheers
  8. I’m not far away either just up a62 only a couple or so mile away
  9. She was definitely dead left her in a box for a bit and went cold and set like a stone don’t have clue what caused it
  10. Mesh it and put some Perspex in front that you can unscrew in summer
  11. Just gone in to feed them and my spayed Jill was dead only just though still warm absolutely fine yesterday jumping about no marks or owt from her as she usually lives with a hob she could of been old as someone gave me her and didn’t know how old she was but usually if it’s old age it doesn’t just come at once
  12. Anyone in or around Huddersfield making any decent ferret boxes mine have had there day now there probably 60 year old lol there’s some shite ones about will pay good money for a decent double box cheers Gaz
  13. A good nip always works well my big deerhound pup was getting a bit too friendly and a nip soon sorted him out
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