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  1. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Bedlington x whippet

    I got mine from a lad in todmorden I will see if I can get in touch it was through a mate of mine they all seem to be doing well out of last years litter
  2. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    Guns are illegal in the uk that’s what I’ve been told before haha you will be getting watched you must be a murderer people are pure stupid and spend too much time watching tv and reading fake news
  3. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    I’ve had people pull me walking a whippet through local park asking what I was doing and they’d ring police because it was chasing rabbits worlds f****d
  4. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Rabbiting lurchers

    10 month old and learning well ,marks well dog just clicked over night and suddenly started to get it
  5. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I would give an arm and a leg for a propper tried and tested beddy not seen or heard of one for a while now an old boy that lived down road from my mams had 2 and were hard as a coffin nail never knew were they ended up when he moved I wonder why people stopped liking them as worker and rather put ribbons in there hair plenty of good breeds will be lost eventually
  6. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Wooden terrier boxes

    Cheers mate but just ordered a triple and single off Kev , thanks for the offer tho pal
  7. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Wooden terrier boxes

    Just spoke to him picking it up next week cheers lads
  8. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Wooden terrier boxes

    I will ring him today , he did have a shop on eBay and can’t seem to find it so thought he’d packed in
  9. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Wooden terrier boxes

    Yep that’s the one couldn’t remember the name is that in earth dog running dog ? I will give him a ring cheers for that mate
  10. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Wooden terrier boxes

    Anyone still making terrier boxes in West Yorkshire , used to be someone in Halifax but don’t think they do anymore as the website has gone off eBay can travel further if anyone knows anyone cheers
  11. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Nuts and bolts

    Will have a go that way on my next one
  12. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Nuts and bolts

    Same kind of fitting I was on about but is that just threaded bar welded inside mate looks a bit more simple than mine
  13. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Nuts and bolts

    Will get a photo of mine it’s a screw together coupling like the kind on the small army shovels I bought mine from a nut and bolt shop cut it in two and welded each fitting to either end I put a bolt through it after to keep the handle and mouth inline or it can be a pain in the arse when it turns I think I had to sleeve it the get the couplings to fit still a good strong shovel you could do a a metre or two with
  14. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Cut/tear on back

    Purple spray on an ear bud pal usually does the trick if it’s clean keeps all the sh*te out
  15. Gaz_Lurcherlad

    Any ideas

    I’ve got young Jill first time in season this year and she won’t take to any of my 3 hobs 1st was phantom pregnancy and the other 2 I’ve tried her with take her out of season and comes back in season a week later any ideas she’s a cracking ferret and reallly want some kits out of her never had it before ?