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  1. He may or may not be but he’s not been wrong as yet
  2. Just spoke to a lad in forces and he reckons they lift some bans on rest of uk in next month or so and keep London on lockdown but pubs still won’t be open till atleast summer he says he’s not been wrong yet so who knows
  3. if all parliament get it it will be a free for all
  4. How long does everything think boris can keep this lockdown on for before people start ignoring it like people are doing already and without enough police it’s a loosing battle personally after 3 week people are going to want to see there family’s although we need a lockdown do you really think they can keep it going much more than six week I don’t think they can
  5. They know that if they don’t bodies will be piled up in streets causing mass panic
  6. That’s more like it very sensible man
  7. That’s what I’m trying to say lol that must have been horrific
  8. I once had some blood drip on me out of a tanker and I had to was my clothes at least 4 times to get rid of the smell I got used to it in the end I’d still work there if it was closer to my new house if you got over the smell it was a good job
  9. I know exactly what that smell is like I used to be truck mechanic for a rendering plant I think 40 ton of offal had to be the worst thing I’ve ever smelt
  10. Why has England not had death toll announced yet something is either terribly wrong or none had died we hope
  11. Basically no one has a f***ing clue apart from scientists Everyone is hoping for the best
  12. I’m just saying that as an example , all I’m trying to say is when eventually everyone can go back to normal people will forget about it , I don’t think we can sustain a lockdown but social distancing might be around for a few months yet
  13. If people aren’t effected personally they won’t be bothered that’s what people are like
  14. Even in 3 weeks or so after lockdown has been lifted people will forget about all this
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