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  1. I got a pup off a lad on here met him half way about a hour and half each and wouldn’t take Penny off me not even for Diesel and there’s c**ts charging a grand for a lap dog
  2. Cover yourself in fox piss and wait outside a set and see if dog fox comes out for a shag
  3. I saw a woman with too rescue greyhounds saw her regular one was a beddy cross I asked her about them one day and she was a complete mupppet she never had them off the lead because she said they were too fast if you cant exercise them what is the point so I then said I’ll have them and she told me to get lost lol all these beddys and lurchers now never leave the sofa animal cruelty if you asked me not us boys working them day in day out wich one has the better life
  4. Ruining a good breed now I’ve never seen a pure beddy that will work like like they used to my beddy bull whippet was 20 quid just had to give the lad money for jabs lol I’ve seen them on pets at home for 500 quid what a f***ing joke
  5. I think I know we’re that spot is but I could be wrong
  6. I’ve looked into it but I don’t know anyone up north who breeds a good standed
  7. I don’t mind it at all really as such just a pain in the arse when it goes missing down a hole I’ve started putting collar on it now to stop all the headaches if it goes in deep it’s getting Keener as it gets older was a shy dog as pup never thought it would make a decent dog
  8. Well if anyone has a failed digging dog I’ll have it lol
  9. They might not be good to you but they are to me each to there own, don’t get me wrong it’s not fool proof but some shift them easier than others a nice little dog can get up there arse a lot faster than a dog that has to dig on and it puts abit more pressure on them
  10. Dug to it to f**k all yesterday at 3 foot had to use a bit of old school listening , it followed one in just two big to push on
  11. Most my terriers I’ve had will come out after 20 min or so the work I have I don’t need something that stays till dug most of it is very bad ground and a dog that comes out is blessing to me some people hate it but I find them beauty’s so will say they should stay till dug but I just like them that way for what I do I have some Permission that runs under roads I dig that will stay is no good to me , I have one that will stay until dug no matter what but I prefer something more steady that might not be someone else’s cup of tea
  12. My beddy cross has just started following stuff to ground if it can fit getting on my tits abit now anyone else had it , will have to start putting a collar on if it keeps at it I know it’s the beddy in it
  13. Something that doesn’t get a facefull some stuff just go straight in for the kill if you got a hardy dog trying to hold it, Ive seen a dog that would bolt them no matter what I don’t know how but some just do I was once at a drain and had a solid mark tried two good terriers couldn’t get it to shift and a mate tried his small white dog and it flew straight out in seconds some just have knack at it
  14. Look good little dogs I can’t find one for the life in me all my pals like big earth dogs but there no good for what I do , a lot of drains are my usual thing on permission
  15. I’ve only ever seen two or three I got one given because lad didn’t like it best dog i had to be out with lurchers had to move house and had to go shit happens
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