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  1. Really nice animal , what way bred is it?
  2. Bruce, saluki grey type, 8 month old and just over 24tts, let me know what you think
  3. yeah i can see the benefit to big amounts of road work if you want a saluki type to run a fen hare for 6-7 minutes..... most people however won't
  4. here's one for you, If your doing however many miles your doing on a bike at a constant rate won't that build a certain type of muscle i.e short fast distances will build fast twitch muscle fibres and long slower paced running will build slow twitch fibres. It's like a marathon runners training wouldn't be any good for a sprinter and vice versa but for a running dog i would compare them to footballers in the sense that they do fast sprints then slow jogging through out a match having an equal amount of the different types of muscle fibres. They do a type of training called fartlek, basically r
  5. wrong post , nice looking pups though!
  6. I second that, he's helped me improve my pups retrieving
  7. I was told that the shorter backed greyhounds are usually the sprint dogs, also they tend to have slightly straighter hocks? and the distance runners obviously longer backs and more angled hocks. Dont know how much of this is true though
  8. i've got a saluki based lurcher at the minute and at 8 month old i can see a very ignorant streak in him, sometimes he's fine and listens 100% but when he doesnt want to listen he really doesn't listen just pretends he's deaf. Heard it's a saluki trait, a bit annoying but he has his plus sides. If only you could have a collie based lurcher with the saluki bred lurchers athleticism, it would be perfect for edible game. Really like the collie lurchers, but then again have only been out with beddy/whip and bull crosses along with with the above mentioned. So i haven't seen enough to make my mind
  9. just an idea, bur a pole in the ground above the spool and have you ever seen the rugby style pads they put around the posts? hopefully this would stop the dog hitting anything and if it does it would be soft. i couldnt think of any other way
  10. should be fine if it' warm and the pup's comfortable. Many dogs never see the inside of a house in their lives. If it was the winter then maybe a heat lamp when it's cold but it is the summer so no need.
  11. so what's everyone's definition of a whippet (non ped) the general look of it?
  12. All of this moaning saying it's not a whippet etc whats teh definition of a non-ped whippet, isn't it a whippet with a dash of grey in it? what stops this being a non ped whippet if it's got a dash of bull in it. If there is bull in it it looks very diluted imo. Too much moaning on here, he was obviously sarcastic when he said it doesn't work, yeh its not most people's cup of tea to breed a litter every two years (not mine either) but if it's worker to worker then at least he's less likely to pump out shit dogs. I bet there are a lot more people breeding kc reg dogs that are good for f**k all
  13. it's nice dog all the same and obviously gets plenty of exercise from looking at is physique. credit where its due, peddler or not he can get a dog in shape by the looks of it.
  14. Frank Sheardowns the lurcher training and hunting talks of one single handedly killing a hyena, he witnessed this himself. Big claim i know.
  15. Really like the look of that dog, nice and racy
  16. What size mate? like it's already been said very nice dog, credit to you
  17. "the campaign is due to run until September". They'll only catch the summer hunters anyway
  18. you seem a genuine person, keep the post up, if it's going to help sell pups instead of them going to dog homes then i'm all for it. As long as you join and you consistently sell dogs/pups then there is no problem it's not against the rules. ATB
  19. They use them in russia on wolves and hares, there's a few videos on youtube look like they need a grey put over them to give them a bit more speed though. Looking at some of the lure coursing on youtube as well they seem to be faster than a deerhound, but you've got to look at the negatives they would bring to a lurcher and there must be quite a few if they're not commonly used in lurcher breeding.
  20. IF it was preban i would be bringing my saluki/grey/whip onto long ears this winter.... but because of the ban i can only run rabbits. I'm in Cumbria and run small fields no bigger than 20 acres.
  21. deer/greys and saluki/greys are kittlerox but your right in saying that beddy greys/whips are also lurchers. Two sight hounds put together are make a longdog. Any other breed put over a sighthound makes a lurcher doesn't just have to be collie!
  22. I've had a similar case to you, retrieving ball well etc then he got a bunny and just tried to stash the bloody thing. So i've went back to basics and until he's 100% with basics I'm not going to do any retrieving. Hope it goes well for you mate.
  23. Looks a fast dog to say the least mate, credit to you. atb.
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