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    Have lurchers, terriers,whippets & ferrets!!!!!
    I enjoy dogshows/gamefairs, lamping, digging, ferreting, coursing, bushing anything to do with hunting with dogs. I live to hunt!!

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  1. These ,2 Wheaton/greyhound x bull greyhound
  2. Wheaton in the rest of them mate ,no deer hound
  3. Both bitchs Wheaton/bull xs the brindle bitch is out of a 1st Wheaton/g,hound bitch to a 3/4 greyhound/bull,the fawn bitch is from a 3/4 bull/greyhound bitch to a 1st x Wheaton/greyhound dog
  4. I gave him to a friend of mine never really got a chance to work him,when had him out I would leave the lurcher behind,the lurcher with just suits the work I do with the dogs,he didnt work out for the lad I gave him to..I still have the Lakeland dog around 8 now and still doing a fair bit...a sister to the big dog is still around doing what she's meant to.
  5. Tipps ,12 year's old still doing a bit...his dam was a 1st x collie/greyhound his sire a full coursing greyhound...was a great allrounder.
  6. This bitch is out of a 1st x wheatan/greyhound bitch and a 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull dog..does everything from ferreting lamping and never without her when Im out with the terriers or cover dogs
  7. I know S.have to do it on the laptop their 2 big for the phone
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