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  1. its only a pup atm, just wondering if it will be capable when its older. if it is then im not so bothered with her getting too hard mouthed when trainging her, been told she'll make 24-25 inch
  2. what are the chances of my 1st cross collie grey taking bigger game?
  3. thats good to hear martin and i'll try my best not to spoil her night eyes
  4. main reason i got her mate, heard they are best first dog to have
  5. yeah i know what your saying with the heavy part, but it being my first lurcher thought it'd be a bit easier to train. if im happy with her in a few year i think i'd put her back to a grey atb
  6. hope so, just hope she takes more to the grey for that bit of speed
  7. 1st cross collie/grey of a racing bitch and working dog
  8. Had her 2 week now, think she's coming on great !
  9. and yeah she is my first lurcher fence hoper, been wanting a one for a long time. just moved onto a farm so thought why not i've got the land lol
  10. is it still on? wouldn't mind putting a bid in, atb.
  11. thanks, will do that and see if i get any reply cheers. a quick question, being a first cross should the dog be fast enough for most game? atb jake
  12. i've recently bought a collie grey first cross she's 11 week old and out of a good track dog and a good working collie, just wondering if you have any tips in how to start her off best.
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