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  1. She is a Staffie x whippet. Thank you
  2. Bit hard to use my imagination when theres still pictures of it running between and under rsj's with its slight injury Hello Swede. The place were the dog sustained his injury was one side of one barn, in this half grids etc had been removed so the dogs had access underneath. The saw like thigys, were, i presume to level the flooring/grids. At one side they were not jutting out so no danger, further down they were but we did not notice them in the chaos untill Rude boy actually injured himself. He was then put away in the car untill we went into the other side of the barn. Grids etc ha
  3. I havent been around for a while due to moving home. No internet access for months and too much to do so here are our last 3 trips out ratting in one post The first two trips 2 & 4 weeks ago were to our usual hunting ground. After several years of constantly going at them the numbers are now much lower than when we first started our averages used to be 150-200 with our record on one day of 317. But it is still a fantastic day out with dogs working their little hearts out and humans having great days of good humour, swopping stories and experiences. More new dogs this year, pups ou
  4. That Meg looks a nice sort Lofti...any clearer photos please?
  5. Last year i got a phone call from the dog tattoo register. A dog i had homed 4yrs prior had been found on the fens. So yes tattooing does work. And yes he still had both ears Having them tattooed and chipped means there are 2 extra chances of getting my dogs back. Got to be better then relying on luck
  6. First time I've seen a recent photo of her Johnny, she is a beauty What's she like temp/personality wise?
  7. Moll.

    Rat Bite

    Ive heard consonants have a worse bite Baw
  8. If i ever camp there, just make sure you lads have enough water and gas, cos I'll be taking at least 4 hot water bottles and a mattress
  9. It's in a barn mate out of the wind and rain.. Out of the rain perhaps but not the wind....It was bloody freezing in there
  10. Spot on Trigger Weirdly i had a bad feeling about Rudie before i even went Trigger, had a feeling he wasn't going to make it home. But shook it off a nonsense! I do know Rudie is not going to retire gracefully at an old age from hunting, it's just the kind of dog he is and something i have accepted. But by god he is having, and providing me with loads of fun and a happy working life in the meantime.
  11. Perhaps not such a good start....he has by the look of him whilst out walking, damaged his neck/back. I need a bone man to see him asap. Have a good night tonight and day tomorrow Tomo
  12. I'm not a drinker Bird, i like wine with a good meal, but apart from that.....being out with the dogs and friends is my way of letting my hair down Well actually i have to tie it up when out with the dogs cos it blows in my face and i cant see a thing
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