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  1. zx12edge

    Roles reversed

    The dog that wants to be human and the little girl that wants to be a dog lol
  2. zx12edge

    L200 pickup

    Had a ranger for the last 5 years done 140 k in it never missed a beat . Still looks tidy when its had a wash lol
  3. zx12edge

    22 barrel

    Looking for a 22 barrel for a project Has anyone around the midlands got a old rifle that i can buy only need the barrel,
  4. zx12edge

    My Collie Curs

    Like the look of them.Been thinking maybe my next pup would be a heavily saturated collie blooded dog.
  5. zx12edge

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    End of era had a couple of dogs from them over the years
  6. zx12edge

    Ferret Passed Away.

    True on both counts but as i get older i value the lives of my keeps a lot more than when i was young. Being a soft barstuerd sits well with me lol
  7. zx12edge

    Ferret Passed Away.

    One of my old jills died last week must have been around 12 years old at least. must admit it got to me a bit had a soft spot for her
  8. Great news chuffed to bits for you both
  9. zx12edge

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Took this of there web page maybe the reason As you can see, we’ve had a new website. Sally being the dinosaur that she is!!! has to learn how to use it. At the moment she is struggling. I dare say her kids can handle it better. There are a few teething problems, but hopefully over the next few months! she will get the hang of it!
  10. Not as obsessed as i was but still enjoy getting out with the dogs get a buzz watching them pick up a scent and working it out. Of all the interests i have had that have come and gone running dogs are the only one that have been constant throughout my life
  11. zx12edge

    Car boot find

    Nice one
  12. zx12edge

    After a catty

    Wasp do some handy frames. I use one of there £20 frames and i got one from gamekeeper john must admit the wasp is the one i use most https://www.waspslingshots.co.uk/standard-slingshots-1
  13. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    My Mrs thinks more of him than me so your not on your own there
  14. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    The sire has put a lot of stuff to bed and sired some good dogs. The dam i dont know to much about but looked a capable dog. she was only 2 year old when she was in pup the mating was accidental not a planed affair. The reason behind me taking one of these pups was i had just lost a picardy cross that left a big impression on me, and these pups came up a week after losing him sort of seemed meant to be and there ends the story lol
  15. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    Thought that myself would like a pup out of him further down the road