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  1. One from yesterday evening. Put up a good account for it's self. Was telling a guy that was down the pond from me that it was coming up to bite time and on queue away it went. Could of planed it any better lol
  2. Don't think there is a ideal cross to be fair. We all got are preferred types it's not just the breed it's what you put into it. When I was a wee lad and was keen out with the dogs every day/night had average muts and caught loads. Now I am a old fecker and not so keen the results speak for themselves. As long as it is quick enough for what you want it to catch got the minarals to do the job and you can get on with it that's ideal for me lol
  3. Had a good day yesterday from a not so easy day only water
  4. Day of work yesterday and had a few fish. Had a tench a couple of carp a coot and a sea gull. This being the better one
  5. Used to make shit loads years ago. like Waz said used to stink the house out remember i had some squid and octopus flavor i ended digging a hole in the garden and putting a plastic pipe with a stopper on it the smell was something else. caught loads on it though. All i make now is some of my hook baits
  6. Took a old friend out for days fishing. He has had a bit of a bad run with his health and struggles to get about. He enjoyed it so much he gave me half his pork pie lol
  7. My Mrs has just finished a picture of my moms dog for her birthday. Was impressed with it so thought i would share it with you guys. It,s made with tiny plastic beads which took her about a week to do,she says there 40 thousand beads in it. The photo does not do it justice but you get the idea. Going to get her to do one of the lurches and ferrets
  8. I used to carp fish a lot for a good few years became obsessed with it.I used to hear the sound of the delkims when i was not even fishing lol so i knocked it on the head made the wife happy too. Had me a few lumps along the way. Have not been for over 8 years. But the thing is while mooching about with the dogs i came across a little dead end bit of canal and i seen two carp a common and a mirror ambling just of the bank and i reckon the mirror is close on 30 pound if not over and i don,t think they ever been fished for. Anyway i think i got the bug i can see myself spending a bit of time
  9. Was going to fit a shower out side to wash the dogs then came across a lad selling some dog bath / kennels . Well chuffed with it and the price good bit of kit No more arguments with the Mrs about about the mess of her bathroom lol
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