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  1. And make sure you got a pocket full of change lol
  2. I used to have a Martin's bow had it for a good few years till my Mrs found the kids playing with it , went apeshit and made me find it another home lol. Was a good bit of kit. If you ain't used one much I would advise getting a protecter for your forearm lol
  3. Nicely dog you got any photos of him stood up.
  4. Nice looking beast fella. I am on my second Picardy blood dog if he is anything like mine took a long time to mature but worth the wait. They seem to get better as they get older. I know a few lads running similar bred dogs and most of them rate them well. alb with him hope you enjoy him as much as i do mine
  5. Have not bought a book for a long time.Put me down for a copy
  6. One at the back is beardie / grey other one is Picardy/bovier/ deer/ grey
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss. There is nothing I can say to ease your pain but feel the need to sent my condolences
  8. The dog that wants to be human and the little girl that wants to be a dog lol
  9. Had a ranger for the last 5 years done 140 k in it never missed a beat . Still looks tidy when its had a wash lol
  10. Looking for a 22 barrel for a project Has anyone around the midlands got a old rifle that i can buy only need the barrel,
  11. Like the look of them.Been thinking maybe my next pup would be a heavily saturated collie blooded dog.
  12. End of era had a couple of dogs from them over the years
  13. True on both counts but as i get older i value the lives of my keeps a lot more than when i was young. Being a soft barstuerd sits well with me lol
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