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  1. Don't think there is a ideal cross to be fair. We all got are preferred types it's not just the breed it's what you put into it. When I was a wee lad and was keen out with the dogs every day/night had average muts and caught loads. Now I am a old fecker and not so keen the results speak for themselves. As long as it is quick enough for what you want it to catch got the minarals to do the job and you can get on with it that's ideal for me lol
  2. Used to make shit loads years ago. like Waz said used to stink the house out remember i had some squid and octopus flavor i ended digging a hole in the garden and putting a plastic pipe with a stopper on it the smell was something else. caught loads on it though. All i make now is some of my hook baits
  3. My Mrs has just finished a picture of my moms dog for her birthday. Was impressed with it so thought i would share it with you guys. It,s made with tiny plastic beads which took her about a week to do,she says there 40 thousand beads in it. The photo does not do it justice but you get the idea. Going to get her to do one of the lurches and ferrets
  4. Was going to fit a shower out side to wash the dogs then came across a lad selling some dog bath / kennels . Well chuffed with it and the price good bit of kit No more arguments with the Mrs about about the mess of her bathroom lol
  5. View Advert Log burner Jotul F 600 For sale Jotul F 600 log burner in good condition few usage makes. The Jotul F600 wood burning stove can burn logs up to 55 cm long which can be loaded through the front and side doors. Rated at 9.5kw the F600 has a maximum heat output of 12kw. The large double tracery doors give an excellent view of the fire Advertiser zx12edge Date 26/04/20 Price £800.00
  6. Nice bow fella when this lock down ends i got a martins take down to pick up. Been using a hoyts formula. Had a couple of hours today fecked now
  7. With all this time at home at the moment been having a bit of practice with the bow. Shooting at 25 yards I reckon I getting a bit better lol. Enjoyable way to spend a hour or two
  8. He is a good vet but when he tells me I should not feed raw food but cook all meat makes me think I am better of testing the waters with you lads on here. Not saying I won't put a few spuds in with there grub. Made them a stew meat veg and potatoes they ate everything but the spuds lol
  9. He has plenty of chicken frames just thought a supplement may do him some good. as for the potatoes and rice He is Andrea Pretorius replacement and he used to say give them potatoes too lol
  10. Will go up and see him and see what else he can tell me , He is Russian and i can not understand him to well on the phone but said its nothing to worry about to much
  11. Just ordered these any good or just wasting me money ? AniForte Meat & Bone Meal 2kg: Raw Dog Food Supplement with High Calcium AniForte BARF Complete for Dogs 1000g - 100% Natural Premium Barf Supplement, high-quality Barf Powder, important nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins, daily all-round care, Raw Food Diet
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