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  1. zx12edge

    Transfer station rats

    Few more from the same place. There starting to wise up a bit now .
  2. zx12edge

    RIP Tegan

    Rip old lady
  3. zx12edge

    Transfer station rats

    Had another go at them toinigh only picked up 13 with about the same we could not find. f***ing cold tonight
  4. Had a couple of hours with a mate at a new transfer station. Haven't seen rats as green as these for a long time my mate was sat at the back of a skip and was knocking them down at a fair old rate. We picked up just over thirty rats and shot mybe another 50 that we could not get to pick up. Nice way to spend a bit of time really enjoy a bit of rat bashing
  5. zx12edge

    Oswald the Lurcher

    Like a lot of others been through it myself more than once so understand .Never easy letting them go but it sounds like you done well by him and gave him a good life. They have a habit of getting under are skin. Nice write up rip old fella
  6. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    Found them not the best photos This is sire and dam to my dog
  7. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    I know a few that run Picardy crosses and all talk well of them. This is my second one and if I have another dog I will be looking for a Simla bred one. Your girl sound like the ideal mix for him reckon they have the potential to throw some good pups.
  8. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    Just with two.stocky types in the breeding don't think you would get a even litter with some throwing to heavy
  9. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    Something to think about further down the line ,would think there could be a bit of wastage though
  10. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    Feel for you losing the old girl never easy. The litter sister to my dog matured a lot faster than mine and is doing well takes most game. The dam to this litter got run over and killed so there will be no repeat mating which is a shame nice dog in her own right she was. I know a lad that runs a Bovier gray half cross and has nothing but good things to say about her.
  11. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    I got some photos of both dam and sire I will put them up when I come across them
  12. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    He got good feet though
  13. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    He is Picardy Shepard x Greyhound over Bovier Des Flanders Greyhound Deerhound
  14. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    He's is a nice dog to have around full of character just got to be mindful we're you slip him
  15. zx12edge

    Strange bred

    Just a bit of a update on my strange bred dog for those that are interested.He about two and a half years old now . Took him on after losing my Picardy cross which I rated highly. He comming on well these last couple of months and settling down and listening to me a lot more which has helped my arse stop twitching as much lol.. He looks like a big old lump bit is deceiving he just makes 30 kg and his 29 tts. Was watching him run a few golf course rabbits last night and was suprised how quick and nimble he is for such a big dog.