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  1. on one of my permissions we ferret round flight ponds, theres loads of them, jazz just kills them and drops them, seems to like it.....still retrieves rabbits live but has never even tried to retrieve a rat.........does she sense i don't like them?
  2. not lamping but............one of the best ferreting dogs ive saw was a bitsa probably lab x collie' ish but the guy was out with it dailly it got lots of practise and experience............ also i knew a doberman that took daytime hares (way preban) but they do have greyhound in their make up............again pre ban an agricultural contractor relation way back had a spaniel collie x that took hares, hunted them up and ran them into the ground but she was very agile and again out dailly
  3. congrats...........now the fun starts atb
  4. your going to get conflicting opinions on this but as long as they have they're own wee private space i think it makes them better, better socialised, better bond etc..........in the house theres loads of wee chances to do a bit of training, early basics, retrieving etc.............smart pup by the way hows it bred ?
  5. 4th page and still no pics .........as has been said, pics up, named and shamed...........no pals, no shows etc, theres seems to be a few guys that know these folks, let the whole hunting world see who they are and i'd bet their interest in all things doggy and ferrety would be gone fairly quick
  6. ray, i agree with the balance bit, but is it not also about balancing type, quarry and terrain ?
  7. i agree with the 'handsome is as handsome does' , 'looks don't matter as long as its good at its job' and 'looks don't kill' and its obvious certain mutts have the temperament, attitude and heart etc but ........how much better would they be if they had better conformation?
  8. i too could relate a few horror stories but best not to, well done for taking on the wee dog and how its turned out
  9. not good bud, im sure you'll bounce back soon, give me a bell tomorrow mate but meantime don't you know any handyman joiner types that could knock you up some kind of papoose thing........... you could get buck to drag you around on it and carry the bunnies that bryn catches
  10. smart pup, brings back memories
  11. 2 hours walking a day for a 12 wk old babe ? Sounds a lot I'm sure, walk I take my dogs on is a track which takes about half an hour to walk round. Older dogs generally f**k off on scents, pups I've had just amble. It's not a race mate, I'm not talking flat out walking here see that's the thing when you say something on here, it's hard to paint a picture. An hours walk is a lot of different things to different people, maybe I should have explained it better. Just get the pup out and about and i presume 'basic trading' was meant to be training or were you wanting him to start swapping it
  12. gotta agree with chid21...........can only see positives using 'bryn' .......hes got lots to add to the mix
  13. looks a good day good pics, nice looking mutts in ace condition
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