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  1. Just saluki saturated lurcher to lurcher mate, but 45 years of breeding on both sides
  2. Fensarefar He's off a dog called Milo which is from the first Romeo x belle litter and out of a bitch which is digger x quennie artic yea it's getting stupid this job, the only mitigation I have is that I live here and I'm just a dog walker
  3. Benji and Barney in this pup, through digger, this pup is Romeo/belle x digger/queenie
  4. "THE SANDMAN". 5 months old ,, There is SEAGULL in this pup 5 times over. That's three times on his sire ROMEOS side through NIPPER SNOWEY and FOXY and twice on his dam HOLLYs side that's through FOXY and SUSIE
  5. I see them on the sand dunes only a few feet away from the beach
  6. A good mixed breed lurcher with a bit of alsorts in it worker x worker, genetics don't work in percentages anyway
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