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  1. when your going through hell , keep going !
  2. Not that im aware of but ive never tried personally .
  3. Notinh of the sort at all , its not illegal to correct milage . I buy alot of cars accident damaged ( for my own use ) it cost 100 quid a time if the clock need changing and mileage putting right. Most dashs are digital .
  4. As above any body recommend a easy to use system and a reputable supplier please pm me
  5. Lakeland terrier by sean frain Working terrier by sean frain Ill cover postage
  6. Best dog i ever had the pleasure to see work was a saluki x Although thinking about it one of the worse i ever saw was a saluki cross as well go figure ! Bull x'x and saluki x's each have their merits , plus points and drawbacks Some of the best are bitsa lurchers and sundry crosses with bit of this bit of that , cross wouldnt worry me too much as long as its good worker to worker and even then its all down to luck of the draw ! I do like to see a nice bull cross though , magnificent animals when in their prime
  7. My dogs also saluki/whippet with a healthy dose of greyxcollie somewhere in the mix . The change in running style from five months untill they mature can be great , mine still ran like a pup at 9months . His pace now is bloody fast and he's turned into a real point and shoot dog off the slip , let it mature at its own pace and mentally let it grow up as well , id worry more about that at the mo than the physical Atb CW
  8. I get what your saying is there any other electric type heating system that could replace them and cut costs ???
  9. She's said she will pay for a new bathroom suit as long as i pay for installation , obviously any new heating would be expensive but i'm wondering weather i should ask if she pays some towards it and i pay the rest and fitting we can have a different heating system in ? Just dont want all my money going on something un efficient ??
  10. Hi all just moved into a new property over the weekend , nice little place but first time i,ve had or used storage heaters ???? Were on a meter also and i just stuck 20 quid on and was shocked how much the storage heaters used over night ?!!!!??!!! There quite old probably 70's i imagine and landlady did say she would replace so are new ones more efficient or is there other options instead of brick storage heaters ? Also is it worth having the meter taken out and having a monthly bill ? Do electric company's charge you more when your PAYG or is that just a myth ???
  11. Sadly she had to be pts in the end due to cancer but great memorys walking out with her , i wish my current lurcher had a few of her quality's
  12. Just going to add my 2 pence worth about bull blood When i first happened upon this forum i was heavily into air gun shooting and wasn't really into working dogs/lurcher's although my old man had run them for a few years . The bull breeds section was still running and i happened that i had a small staffy bitch just coming up 12 months that i'd rehomed , nice and athletic more terrier than staffy in my opinion . After many hours reading about people working there bull breeds i was itching to give her a try , had plenty of fun with her and even used her as a ferreting dog she had a really good nose and would mark well , ok i wont kid any of you that she was a marvel but in tight bush she did catch and hold a few and would retrieve to hand . Had a couple of foxes with her one memorable one when we were ferreting and she marked a tight patch of blackthawn and proceeded to dive in and dispatch a young dog fox . Ratting was fun and i cleared my brothers chicken pens with her and the ferrets , not anywhere near as good as a jack russel or other such terrier but she caught a few and i was happy with her and my admiration of bull blood has grown especially their brains , staffys defiantly add brains to a cross as they are not thick and training her was a doddle . Maybe i was just lucky and she was a one off but i wouldnt hesitate getting another if i could find a small athletic type again Thanks for reading
  14. Hi sorry for late reply's , i'm located in Grantham Lincolnshire . Whippet boy am not looking to split unless I really have to , would prefer to sell these as a job lot
  15. Bedlingtons in the field by john glover (signed)good condition The working bedlington by John Glover (signed)tear on dust cover but good condition A mouchers tale by Phil Lloyd (signed)good condition Running dog addiction by J.Darcy - fair condition Rouges and running dogs , in pursuit of coney by D.B Plummer Good condition Looking for 70 quid plus 9 quid posted or near offer Not looking to split if can help it
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