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  1. leegreen

    This Could Help Save The Planet 👍

    can be volatile that ting.
  2. leegreen

    Many of you using a thermal ?

    you'll still need your lamp, thermal imaging for the dog isn't that good
  3. leegreen


    Don't really use it in the rain, but the weave is tight, so I'd imagine it'd give you some protection. Those double fronted trousers have a fair bit of rain protection. I have 8 pairs of the trousers from the new to the trampy look . Seriously they are the best for mooching, even my knackered ones still protect me against thorns.
  4. leegreen


    lot of single handed rods there, is that normal and what weight would they be?
  5. leegreen


    Just ordered myself a couple of pairs of these. You can wade through brambles in these, no problems.
  6. leegreen


    I've been wearing Carhartt double logger pants for years. Over the last couple of years the prices has got up dramatically, apparently the hipsters like them, bearded fukers.
  7. leegreen


    Got one of these. All I can say is, limit the washing of it, they fade quickly and if you're using it for work, they wear on the upper cuff too. Got mine off a mate, he bought it as a medium, it fits me and I'm a large/Xlarge. Fat yank sizes me thinks.
  8. leegreen


    How much are your digs, etc GB?
  9. leegreen


    Norway is a well expensive place and the people (generally) are as boring as they get. Although I admire their patriotism, if I am correct, they pay about 1/2 their wages in taxes and more. Its no wonder the pensions are decent.
  10. leegreen

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    Strange behaviour. Why do you think they do that?
  11. leegreen

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    having the dogs indoors occasionally teaches them manners and social skills. Mine tend to come in when the temperatures are minus.
  12. leegreen

    Show us your Bull x

    does if you don't like your dog shivering like a sissy on a cold wet night
  13. leegreen

    He’s very angry

    Who the fcuk is he? Looks like a receding school kid.
  14. leegreen

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    its down to the amount of foxes. Big fat care free northern rabbits, opposed to fast nimble, fox avoiding southern rabbits. well that's what the geezer down the pub told me
  15. leegreen


    I saw Swifts in Clare Suffolk last week and we've had House Martins about for a month or so (West Kent).