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  1. leegreen

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    its down to the amount of foxes. Big fat care free northern rabbits, opposed to fast nimble, fox avoiding southern rabbits. well that's what the geezer down the pub told me
  2. leegreen


    I saw Swifts in Clare Suffolk last week and we've had House Martins about for a month or so (West Kent).
  3. leegreen

    Lurcher pup

    A degree in canine psychology eh, well done you sir. All I know is you gotta make that pup/dog love you and want to please. My dogs watch my every move, just waiting and thinking "what we doing next Dad" My pups are with me most of their waking day, not for stimulation or over attention, but more to learn ground rule and manners. Now as Adults I spend 2-3-4 hours a day, every day and more with them. Time with your mutts makes your bond and the older your dog the more bond you have. Dogs locked in kennels all day are missing out, no matter how much they like sleep What was this thread about?
  4. leegreen

    Coursing tee shirts

    But only a little.
  5. Long gone now, but great pot filler and had eyes bigger than her belly
  6. leegreen

    Shar Pei.

    Can't you convince her to have something useful or decent?
  7. leegreen

    Shar Pei.

    Mostly smelly with skin, eye and feet problems. Good luck.
  8. leegreen

    Pigs cheek

    I bet if you were served it and was never told what it was you'd like it.
  9. leegreen

    Wardrobe malfunction

    It's an age thing, or a pie and beer thing.
  10. leegreen

    Battery / Electric cars

    At the moment they run alongside diesel engines I think? The Hydrogen produced by water supplements your existing engine, giving more power therefor reducing the need for more fuel. Plenty about it on youtube. I had an American customer trying to get me to covert one of my motors, I thought he was a nutter so I said no. Hydrogen can be a bit volatile.
  11. leegreen

    i will be keeping a eye out

    expect heart attacks
  12. does no one use salt water, fresh air and dog lick? Always though clean dry wounds healed the quickest.