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  1. Not read all of your thread, but how much does that bird weigh?
  2. Do you get much of a chase out of them Squirrels? Rabbits are a bit point and shoot with a Hawk and I always found Hares a bit unsporting.
  3. Yes, but it's up to you as the breeder to do your best in placing them pups, their destiny is in your hands and that is why you/we should talk about excess pups. The ones you keep are in you control and I can only speak for myself here. My pups have the best life and the best upbringing and I need not be concerned about those.
  4. Yes, I understand that with big litters, but you'd could be nutting the best ones.
  5. I'd like to see a good Boxer. Seen loads over the years and they were all pretty shite. Some had the aggression of a Bull dog, but that was it. I've seen a few doing man work, but these were Mastiff looking things and even then they weren't much cop. They possibly used a Boxer because there was feck all else to use at the time? So yeah, I'd like to see ya Boxer x.
  6. So a Shepherd and a herding type are differernt? So what do Shepherds do, if they're not herding stuff? I'm not taking the p, I just don't think I understand what you're saying. Are you talking about the different stock they herd? As in sheep, cattle etc?
  7. It'd be good for dog kennels, it would be good for loads of outside stuff. Shame if its all been dumped. I mean, if you were to build stuff that is made traditionally from wood, I don't see the problem. Anything that is rot and chew proof costs a fortune and I thought this gear would do the trick nicely.
  8. Andrew offered her 200k ?
  9. May be the birds that want him aren't of interest to him, who knows?
  10. We live in a valley with a nature reserve on one side. It's a very diverse landscape with scrub, hedges, woodland, pasture and plenty of water. I get through over 160kg of bird food per year. When we have friends stay and they're staying outside. I tell them that they should go to bed because the birds will wake you up, they tell me to sshhhh. I get up in the morning and go see them around 9am and they've been up for 5 hours, after a couple of hours kip and mostly drinking before bed. The dawn chorus is proper loud when your in a tent fecking townies.
  11. When I lived in town, the Blackbirds used to make a racket at all hours, must be the street lights.
  12. Same here. For the first few nights they drive the dogs mad.
  13. I've shot Foxes that have ended up like that Muntjac in a couple of nights. I have then shot the Fox doing it.
  14. Huge beast? A Muntjac? Jahid Choudhury? It's all becoming clear
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