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  1. leegreen

    Lamping with lurcher and rifle vid

    20, 30, 40 or more runs a night, 2 or 3 nights a week puts a fair bit of strain on the dogs joints, especially if you've got a heavy mutt.
  2. leegreen

    Unusual phone call

    Well done Phil, looks like your gonna need a bigger airgun
  3. leegreen

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    So what.
  4. leegreen

    A sadder than sad day.

    Life does go on. Rip
  5. leegreen


    Got a friend that travels from London/Essex/Kent to Wigan every week, if that's any good to ya?
  6. leegreen

    My Mali X

    I can only speak for my bitch, but her nose is good and her desire to find game is as you could imagine. Watching her track scent is a great thing to see, sadly there is not enough open ground around me, so my chance to see it is limited. My bitch looked bit short in the back in my pics, so I've found another. It'll probably be the last, as pictures ain't my ting
  7. leegreen

    Stanley style.....

    Gamekeeper John is a victim of his own success and personally he will not see a penny of my money again. A rude ignorant man he is. Sorry to moan on your thread Flynndog, I wish I could be more help to ya.
  8. leegreen

    Custom Antler Opinel Original Shape

    Nice. Takes losing an Opinel to a whole different level
  9. leegreen

    Looking for opinions on diablo slingshot

    Problem is you can't stick that in your pocket. A blast from the past though and good to have in your collection.
  10. leegreen

    My Mali X

    Not the fastest bitch, but clever as. I do lamp her occasionally, although she is at her best when worked with bushing dogs.
  11. leegreen

    My Mali X

    I've been asked time and time again, so I waited for the new coat to come through and here you go. This Bitch was up for grabs as a pup, a suitable home never came up, so I kept it and I'm glad I did.
  12. leegreen

    Weed ;)

    Its all about education Fireman and our youngsters arent getting it. Hopefully with legalisation, education will follow, tax funded obviously.
  13. leegreen

    Weed ;)

    My boy is 17 next month, I've made sure he knows all the pro's and con's of all substances. He can then make up his own mind about things. To be honest he's a bit of a dry lunch when it comes to getting smashed, which I am very happy about. Me and my Misses laugh about it sometimes, but we wouldn't want it any other way.
  14. leegreen

    Smart Phone recommendation?

    Probably gonna be my next phone, need to try summit different to a Samsung.
  15. leegreen

    Scout replica......

    Catapult arrived yesterday. Gonna stick with the single band and use 10mm steel balls. They seem very fast with the single band supplied, I will chrono it when I get a chance. Just to add, it came with a double tube set and the small pouched seem quality on both.