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  1. High Tech eh? would a decent head work?
  2. I’m frankly shocked that anyone thinks asking someone if they want to sell something is odd? I mean when has a traveller asked you to buy something
  3. Sorry to jump ya thread Kenneth, but who's getting on the Edgematters forum? I know a few on here are on it. Some real interesting stuff on there. Well worth a looks Socks if you get a mo, if you haven't already.
  4. leegreen


    the tazer cash machine number is a goer
  5. leegreen


    There's a lot of easy pickings at 2am
  6. leegreen


    isn't that most main towns, well at least where I go. Although there's a lot of pick pockets in Barcelona
  7. All top show. Wait until the interest rates rise, omg!
  8. Toads shagging and you're there.
  9. Dry walks and sunbathing ....…. Makes me sad when the grass starts growing.
  10. I could of told you that years ago. Respect, Top nutter
  11. I sort of knew that. What happened did he die of old?
  12. I wonder what they are doing with the liberated pigs?
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