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  1. Paid £40 in 1983 for my first terrier as a yout. Nuttle bred thing, feck I wasn't ready for that. My recent addition, ready in 4 week is a gifted Beddi/Greyhound x 3/8 5/8 Collie Greyhound. I feel if you need to sell a litter of pups now a days, then should the little have been bred? A good breeding should always be wanted not punted, spare pup for sale is fair enough. Any way there has always and will always be conts out there selling anything with a tail.
  2. leegreen

    Axion Thermal Gamefair Weekend Specials

    looks like another day or so. I'd imagine midnight tomorrow.
  3. leegreen

    Double hutch (free to collector)

    put ya glasses on son. Says on the ting "Kent"
  4. leegreen

    Double hutch (free to collector)

    Has a double layer torch on felt roof, with a 6" over hang and a drip all around
  5. leegreen

    Double hutch (free to collector)

    Any takers before it goes on Gumtree or summit
  6. As title, free to collector double ferret hutch. Can send picture via email or WhatsApp yc
  7. leegreen

    Collie x

    your point is?
  8. leegreen

    Long summer

    Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do
  9. leegreen

    Eastern european fishermen.

    Them Tench are probably more than 10 years old, I would of been fuming.
  10. leegreen

    Eastern european fishermen.

    They cower when you look fecked off. A decent size stick and good intent will tame most folks.
  11. leegreen

    Long summer

    They do catch them on the fly, but it's not the norm.
  12. leegreen

    Scandi or flat grind?

    Flat grind for me, nice and slicey. Infact I've got a Enzo necker blade in the knife box. Bought it as project, bout 8 years ago...…..
  13. leegreen

    Muslim problem.

    What happened to the Muslim moan ting?
  14. leegreen

    Muslim problem.

    blah blah blah blah blah
  15. leegreen

    Jeremy Kyle show

    Kyles Dental Disasters