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  1. Pollen Crusher, very good. I wonder how many of those they sell?
  2. Simple life has never been simple and its certainly not easy. Be careful what you wish for. In my experience, you need plenty of money to have a simple life. If you haven't enough money, you need to work hard to lead such a life.
  3. I ordered a bottle, comes from Germany I think. Don't really do smells often, my last and present bottle of Gio (Armani me thinks) I have had for about 10 years or more. I'm going on your say so
  4. Love catching offenders! Who the feck are you then?
  5. The bitch I had was well socialised and was worked with dogs until she was about 10 months old. She had a fight with an adult Patterdale bitch before she was 6 months old and it just got worse. The Patterdale bitch that she fought wasn't a fighter.
  6. looks exactly like a Bull Wheaten cross. Don't see point in owning one to be fair, not nowadays. I had a litter about 30 years ago, when I was a bit less knowledgeable.
  7. If you are not allowed to shoot, you are fecked. Everything else is on show, traps especially. Cage traps are not that effective for rabbits.
  8. Loads of mincers on here.
  9. Same with dog food, can't get many things with legs on in a freezer. East to store, not a thing gets wasted here. Only me
  10. They think they are missing out and are worried when they get a stiffy when watching men kiss
  11. He who protests too much.
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