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  1. We had a big Black Cock. Got too violent, so much so, he lost his head.
  2. had already taken a wack
  3. Pick your tree, a lot of trees don't produce decent size Chestnuts. Or there may only be one nut is a husk that is any good. I know of a few trees near me that produce good nuts, but not every year. Most of the Chestnuts for sale in the UK come from the Continent, they're a lot bigger.
  4. I can remember a mate giving a home to a left sleeping bag (£200 worth apparently). When he got home, he hung it on the line to air it, It was then that he found out someone had shat in it
  5. It's called sarcasm, get it?
  6. You have never been and are not of the mind to enjoy it, so I understand why you think like you do. White people generally don't do cavorting around unfortunately Picking out the minimal bad stuff and making it the centre of attention, you are gonna attract people with the same views as you and we all know there are lots of you's on here, but "each to there own." I have been to Trinidad carnival and Rio and I didn't get stabbed there either I love a jump up jump up business.
  7. My Jerk chicken is better than most on sale at Carnival
  8. Because its fun. Been there loads of times and never got stabbed or anything like. I've been all over and people get stabbed, including the Honky gatherings and Hippy ones. Glastonbury included. People get stabbed anywhere where lots of people drink too much, generally because some drunk people are dick'eds. , , ,
  9. If they have foundations, I'd fill them with concrete and Rawl bolt the box from the inside through flat plate straps, what ever you have got.
  10. How are the concrete blocks fixed?
  11. I double mine back through the buckle and back again, locks in in nicely. Never had a problem with it.
  12. Surprised you lot get any hunting done.....
  13. 1.7kg Tomahawk. Olive oil then garlic powder, salt and pepper. Medium rare. Cooked over Sweet Chestnut and Oak. In the new offset smoker
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