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  1. I wonder what they are doing with the liberated pigs?
  2. Depends on what you want from the pups. If the Bitch is good enough to face ground quarry then it brings more to the breeding than just a ratting bitch.
  3. Same as the others said. Prove your bitch and you may be on to summit. After all it's your responsibility.
  4. And put your glasses on, because your photo's are poop
  5. it's damaged it. Is the dog lame? rest it for a while.
  6. That is the link to which the demonstration is against, I don't think there is a link for the demonstration. Am I right?
  7. Single handed? reckon he could do it with a single breath How is he with other dogs?
  8. good dogs are the ones you can see are good dogs. If you're buying one because someone says its good then you're very trusting or daft of both. Seen many good dogs sold and gifted, its what you know AND who you know.
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