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  1. leegreen

    Rare jack russel pups

    not only is that ridiculous, the black and tan thing looks scared and ugly I'm shocked, surely that's not real?
  2. leegreen

    Well i finally did it

  3. leegreen

    Well i finally did it

    £5,500 each...….
  4. leegreen

    mk1 ferret locator service/ repair

    anyone with basic electronic skills could have a look at one I'm sure, they are very basic. Deben don't deal with them now I think, may be worth giving them a call to see if they can point you in the right direction.
  5. leegreen

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    buying cats, idiot needs a good hiding on top of what he got.
  6. leegreen

    Catapult Band

    it's all about the lead
  7. leegreen

    Anti mole catcher

    Their canines are flat like knives too.
  8. leegreen

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Most terriers come in all shapes and sizes. Same as most terrier types come in shite and good working ability. Just taken on a pup sired by a good first cross Beddy Greyhound, Haven't a clue from what lines, all I know is that it does what its meant to do
  9. leegreen

    Anti mole catcher

    F=ck that, I bet those little buggers can bite
  10. leegreen

    Nigel benn comeback.

    Obviously you don't remember what he sounded like. I think he sounds exactly the same. he's not sniffing, smoking or doing E's. Gotta be a goer
  11. leegreen

    Bull x

    Not very in that pic
  12. leegreen

    lowa hunter gtx evo extreme

    On my third pair of Lowa's Mountain GTX, had 2 pairs resoled and get nearly 2 years out of the sole. I use Leder-Gris military brown wax oil now, it works well and makes hard worked boots look decent again.
  13. leegreen

    Bowie and not David

    Nice one, you've come on a bit. Change of career or just have too much time on your hands?
  14. leegreen


    Better than the tele box One of the main reasons for logging on, brilliant
  15. leegreen

    The New Defender

    I'm sure they've thought of that with a chassis attachment