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  1. leegreen

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Kin el mate, where you been? Edited to say. You've been back a while, good pics On a photography course obviously
  2. leegreen

    Dog being aggressive

    "Has he seen much work?" Had one of my pups back to look after at 3 years old 28" and 90lb. He would see a dog run at it to scare it, then chase run it down and pin it to the floor. Or if the dog stood its ground, there would be a fight. The dog couldn't be trusted around stock and it was stock broken when it left here at 7 months old. His favourite trick was retrieving Swans! Totally unacceptable. I had the dog for 4 weeks, out most days hunting, caught a few bits and the dog was changed. He realised dogs is not the game and I had removed his pent up energy. This dog had been kept on the lead because of his behaviour and the problem had got worse and worse. Obviously I had to be firm, use commands and address his behaviour. But the most important thing was chucking work at him, exercise and mental stimulation and lots of it. He left here a calm well mannered 90lb well ripped monster, ready to kick off when he got back with his owner As with any training, timing is critical. If you miss the moment, you may as well do nothing and I think this is where my friend fails. That and the lack of work it see's.
  3. leegreen

    Dog kennels

    It's good if your dogs don't chew. I have used Buffalo board with aluminium trim, they still got through and peeled the ali back as pups. That kennel I'm afraid would've been bedding for me.
  4. leegreen

    Pig headed

    fair bit of messing about, but you'll get a chunk of good tucker. Got a couple of cake tins?
  5. leegreen

    Anyone recommend these wellies or not ?

    All joking aside worth one and half. Bit warm for me mind.
  6. leegreen

    Anyone recommend these wellies or not ?

    go well with a mole skin jock strap and a nice tweed vest.
  7. leegreen

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Arthur Brown "Fire"
  8. leegreen

    Knife for the wife

    kin el mate. Your misses in nick?
  9. leegreen

    Catch and Retrieve

    Fcuk taking him lamping
  10. leegreen

    Man eater nameplate.

    I should imagine they're a bit moth eaten and not worth the picture the monkeys will be better
  11. leegreen


    The most versatile dog is the dog you do the most with. There's a lot of things I can't see a Sausage dog doing, anything involving long grass and distance first spring to mind.
  12. leegreen

    1st flat band set ordered what you think

    Should be ok with the 12mm, I'm assuming those are single bands? How much did you pay for your 12mm steel?
  13. leegreen


    Just ordered 30kg sunflower hearts from "Little Peckers" £28.90 delivered. Thought that was cheap.
  14. leegreen


    Sunflower hearts. I don't even bother with Niger seed now, it used to get left and we have lots of Goldies. Why would you mess about shelling a tiny black seed when you can get a plump already to eat seed.
  15. leegreen

    Winter Coat

    That fecker will wear that in the Summer!!!!