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  1. That's a shame, I thought this was gonna be a recipe.
  2. I bet that's an easy dog to live with
  3. top end wellies come with a 24 month warranty and top end mud terrains last 30-40,000 miles. Pups last for 10-15 years
  4. Took me nearly 5 years to stop mine.
  5. This is my two penn'orth, it's not what you know it's who you know and not what you've got, it's what you can offer a well bred pup. if you are needing to buy a pup from the internet peddlers then you need to ask yourself, if the pups needed to be advertised, are they any good? You pays ya money ya takes ya chance.
  6. If you need to advertise your pups, they were either a mistake or not worth breeding. Just saying
  7. Most dogs would throw in the towel sooner or later if pushed too much. It's knowing your dog, knowing dogs and not knowing dogs that can make or break a dog.
  8. Venison sausages cold smoked over Cherry and Oak
  9. smoked over Oak and Beech
  10. Extra mature Cheddar smoked over Apple and Oak
  11. Hot smoked trout fillets
  12. I've already googled them your daughter loves you. I'm gonna get a set of 4. I run a Afos Mini Kiln and have a 1/4 plate off set smoker being made at present. Its part of my business. Lots of lovely looking munch on here gents
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