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  1. leegreen


    The most versatile dog is the dog you do the most with. There's a lot of things I can't see a Sausage dog doing, anything involving long grass and distance first spring to mind.
  2. leegreen

    1st flat band set ordered what you think

    Should be ok with the 12mm, I'm assuming those are single bands? How much did you pay for your 12mm steel?
  3. leegreen


    Just ordered 30kg sunflower hearts from "Little Peckers" £28.90 delivered. Thought that was cheap.
  4. leegreen


    Sunflower hearts. I don't even bother with Niger seed now, it used to get left and we have lots of Goldies. Why would you mess about shelling a tiny black seed when you can get a plump already to eat seed.
  5. leegreen

    Winter Coat

    That fecker will wear that in the Summer!!!!
  6. leegreen


    I get through about 60kg of peanuts and over 100kg of sunflower a year. Had the feeders up in a Acer in a conifer hedge for over 17 years. Today I saw more than 20 Goldies at the same time, the feeders are super busy at the mo. Even the Greater Spotted's are fairly tame, which I know is not common. The sticky gear was called Lyme or lime. Grown out of that shit .
  7. leegreen

    Work gloves

    yours aint
  8. leegreen

    Work gloves

    I always take my gloves off for that.
  9. leegreen

    Work gloves

    Right, now its seems I may be more of an expert than most. So I'll share my knowledge I've used Showa 330 a few times and they have lasted well. Just bought 5 pairs for under £20 delivered https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-x-Pairs-Of-Showa-330-Re-Grip-Latex-Palm-Work-Gloves-Safety-Black-Rubber-Grip-/130711607572
  10. leegreen

    Work gloves

    Is that a Villa thing?
  11. leegreen

    Work gloves

    They don't last.
  12. leegreen

    Work gloves

    Nah just wanna save my digits
  13. leegreen

    Work gloves

    Over the years, with thousands of cuts, smashes, splinters, grazes and through the input of ladies not wanting rough hands on their silky bodies, I now wear gloves at work There are hundreds of work gloves available and I have tried a fair few. My question is what gloves do you use and what are you happy to recommend? That's for builders, ground workers, carpenters, landscapers and general manual handling geezers.
  14. and a rotten bit of skin on its belly button
  15. Good vid that. How are you getting on with YouTube, I mean are you getting paid? Nearly 53,000 views on that one and over 6000 subscribers. Well done mush.