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  1. I would save them if you have the room to store them, but as Socks said there is no significant protein. There will be loads of other nutrients, fats, minerals like calcium and it will keep the pup occupied with a bit of a chew. Heads especially. I feed my dogs lots of Trout heads, usually about once a week, mainly to dispose of them and they have a fair bit going on regarding nutrients.
  2. Not on here often and don't watch the tele much. Has there been some sort of change in the law?
  3. And the Green Cross Code man
  4. wasn't he a bit of a nonce with the young girls?
  5. Anyone who does any decent hunting cant write properly
  6. I chop all Sycamore down near me, invasive species and non native. Fecking things Although it makes good timber.
  7. When you say "licence" what do you mean? Because anyone can prune a tree or chop one down for that matter. Different on TPO's
  8. have you thought why he wants it down or has he told you?
  9. I'd use a Greyhound, one you cant let off the lead.
  10. Depends on what you wanna catch.
  11. Had a bitch very similar to that, couldn't be trusted with another dog whilst out, or in fact anytime, fecking thing!
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