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  1. So I might as well get a big one then cheers mate
  2. Would a half micro hob be able to take my Jill’s out of season, he looks smaller than my Jill’s so I would think not but just wondering am I better off getting a big one to take them out wouldn’t mind a half micro but only allowed one more so I couldn’t get both , cheers
  3. Built a double story cage for a hob as I’m finally allowed one after loads of convincing and saying how expensive the Jill jabs arebut once I’m finished the hutch I’m gonna look for a hob around 7 8 months old and get is vasectomised so I can bring my 3 Jill’s out of season. My questions are will one hob be alright on its own obviously in the winter they will be together and in the summer one Jill with go in with the hob, I know hobs fight if they are together unless brothers but I only want one really just for my Jill’s and I won’t be allowed 2 hobs, also the Jill’s will have phantom pregnan
  4. Just came back from a few days ferreting and my mates rabbits are covered in liver fluke which isn’t the best but the ferrets are all covered in around 30 small black and white ticks each I just wonder if the burrows and land is covered in them it’s proper dirty like the rabbits look healthy from the outside
  5. Does it sound strange that my ferrets that eat fresh meat everyday won’t even sniff a skinned rabbit, they are amazing Jill’s and after a few days working I gave them a rabbit and they haven’t ate it in 2 days so I have to give them some tripe. I think it’s strange that they won’t even bite the rabbit even when I cut it up in chunks I wonder if they know the rabbit is diseased as my mates rabbits all have liver fluke apart from 2 which I took. They aren’t keen on pheasant but that’s game they love pigeon. Just thought I’d share it as I think it’s very strange that they killed rabbits yesterday
  6. Normally feed my ferrets a mixture of vermin and a bit dry now and then however they are putting on weight I know it’s due to winter however a lad I was talking to said he feeds his every 2 days so should I feed them every few days instead of everyday but they always seem hungry or am I over feeding them by feeding them everyday? Seemed alright in the summer I think it’s the fat they are putting on for winter that’s making them look big, cheers
  7. Hi, just wondering what people use to kill fleas. I freeze my rabbits to reduce the number of fleas my ferrets get and when they eventually do get fleas from the grass or whatever I use a little spot on from Amazon however every now and then I see the odd one, how do people not have problems with fleas? Thanks
  8. Hi all, now that I have 3 Jill’s I’m looking into getting a hob for next years season however I don’t want loads of kits so I have settled for the idea of vasectomy to bring them out of season. Does the hob have to be 6 7 months Or can I get the opp done when the ferret is any age eg 1 year. So would it be more beneficial to get a hob kit and get it vasectomised when it’s 6 months or get a year old hob and get it vasectomised straight away or does it not make much difference. Thanks
  9. Hi all, my Jill came back into season and because she is staying at my mates for a week I got the jab to be on the safe side she started loosing hair on her tail a few weeks before coming into season and it’s just gotten worse and worse and now she has no hair on the underside of her tail when I went to the vets for the jab she told me it’s probably the heat whereas I think it’s adrenal disease. Her hair now comes out very easily when handling. Hopefully she is shedding and it will come back at some point however it doesn’t look very promising any ideas? Should I go to the vets for treatment o
  10. What so if she doesn’t go back down within 3 4 weeks I should get her jabbed to ensure she doesn’t die?
  11. Jabbed my Jill back in April now she has came back in is it advised to get it again? Cheers
  12. Just some advice please I’m trying to get my new kit and my older jill to live with eachother so I separated the double story hutch into 2 singles and like people have told me I’ve let them out together for a few minutes under my supervision and the kit (9 weeks)starts crying and tries to get milk obviously it must miss its mother however my jill doesn’t know how to react and is quite shook by the fact this kit is crying so she either tries to pick it up by the scruff or like she has just done vigorously try and bite it.At this moment in time it looks like it could take months for them to get
  13. Hi my Jill’s just had the jab and they are eating double or even triple the amount they were before, one of them has loads of dry skin coming off and I’m wondering if this is off the jab as it only started to happen after, also when will the donut go down in size and will they be out of season. I know they can come back in season so im thinking about a snipped hob for in the future as this is my first ever season, cheers
  14. Yeah she’s in season I was planning to get the jab because I have no hobs but even when I’ve let her out there the Sandy is just pottering around and the polecat in season is dashing it this has just started to happen since she came in
  15. Hi I have 2 Jill’s and one of them seems more domesticated than the other even tho it works just as good or better. My polecat Jill has seemed to act strange since she has came into season, I let the ferrets out to run around and play every morning at 6:30 and I take them down the woods to sniff about etc I also take them out again at 4 when I get in but she has suddenly seemed to be upset trying to push her way out of the mesh with her head like she is trying to get out even tho they live in a decent 2 story hutch with plenty of tunnels etc she is just acting really strange and it’s not nice
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