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  1. 10 months now. The bitch pup I kept on the right, the dam on the left. She's smaller than her mum, about 21", ideal for me and really happy with her. I see a couple of other litter mates and they're variable, the biggest is same size as the dam at 24" Bit of very early ferreting last week, I was asked to clear a warren that was encroaching on someones garden. All went to plan and didn't have to dig.
  2. Looking for 2-3 days hind stalking in Scotland for November 2019 Ideally Perthshire or similar distance north. 4 guns (3 experienced, 1 less so). Young fit and keen. 3 with rifles, 4th hopefully will have own by next year. Many thanks Matt
  3. Did you mean you would or should I find them on here?
  4. Sorry pal, just seen. He's called Shadow of the North - pic below
  5. Cheers, I agree with what your saying. I’m not really fussed what I get for them if they go to good homes. I’ll see what people offer. Thanjs for the comments. Very new to the breeding side of things Hopefully taking the bitch out ferreting tomorrow!
  6. Appreciate that. With changes in law requiring microchips and vaccs I'll probably want to cover my costs, but if people on here can vouch for someone who wants one, i'm happy for the, to go for £50 - at the end of the day I want good homes, ideally working ones. The bitch is a great rabbiter, lamping and ferreting, and heard good things about the dog, so hopefully they'll make good dogs!
  7. What do people think is a fair price,? Stud fee was £150, think I paid £180 for the bitch. They'll be chipped, vaccinated and wormed. I've given a couple away to friends because I know they'll be looked after. I did also have to put a new kennel in, but guess that's an investment.
  8. Bitch had 9 pups - really pleased with them all
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