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  1. Good eyes indeed mate haha. Beautiful area isn't it. Ive been a fair few times in the 4x4's with the boys and many a time on the bikes but that was the first time with the misses and my boy. Have you ever been into the moel prysgau bothy? ( I think that's how it's spelt) I'll dig some photos out. The hilux is a bit fat and low to be doing strata but couldn't help myself on the way back down what's the worst that could happen? We had food and water. Is that the graveyard on the banking to the right hand side of the road on the way up? Never ventured into there to be honest. I'll have to
  2. Thanks mate, seen 3 people in 20 hrs . DC- Yes mate, that's the top of strata where we camped and a few pics of us coming back down strata.
  3. This weekends get away. Only one night as I was working Saturday...... again lol. Good craic
  4. It's been about 5 years since I've ran a dog of my own and probably coming on 10 years since I've worked a lurcher regularly. I kept a pup back from the last litter my bitch had 7 years ago but unfortunately due to life taking the twists and turns that it does. I never really got to see what type of worker my last dog matured into. He still lives with my parents but he's more of a retired couch potato than a worker these days. Anyway, bring on the start of 2024. Life's different, I'm settled. Business ticking over ok, family man and I've finally got 5 minutes to myself again. I've
  5. There's worse places to serve life sentences! Please keep the stories coming
  6. Did anyone go to this after? Would be keen next year
  7. Ain't that the truth. I don't think I'm too far from you DC. Grew up seeing plenty of rabbits locally, all ive ever run as a kid really, used to get out for a few with the old man and the beddy x on a school night for a few hours. Fond memories I'll be honest. As you say, everything gets hammered around here. I've just picked up a bit of permission 10 minutes up the road which is packed with them though and I do some work for the farmer behind this ground so hopefully I can get the nod on that place too. Would be ideal for a bit of ferreting to bring the pup on come next season.
  8. I can't confirm FD as we had our 2 year old lad with us but I can't Imagine there's much that wouldn't move with my 18 stone arse on top of it.
  9. Thanks mate, reasonably happy with them. They're 4800 x 3250 which was my limit with my garden unfortunately. The concrete floor slopes to the drains which are set in an L shape so easy to clean out. Also easy to change the layout depending on how many dogs you've got. I've got room for 4 1500 x 1500 kennels or a mixture of sizes as I've got some 1200 and 2m panels too. Just got to add the sink unit, hot water heater, chest freezer and a few wall units or shelves for storage. I was going to render the outside but thinking of battening it and insulating in between for noise purposes
  10. Few pics of it so far. Still a work in progress, works been busy the last couple of months. Between that, family life and everything in between I've been trying to plod on with the kennels when time allows. Picking up a new lurcher pup next week and a mates gifted me a black bitch so will have to pull my finger out and get the last few bits sorted ASAP.
  11. Nice night away last weekend, only a quick one as didn't get away from the yard until 11.30 ish after laying concrete. First night in the tentbox and can say we enjoyed it and slept well. I usually prefer a more remote camping spot but we were meeting friends in their camper and they wanted electric hookup so headed up to baskerville Hall in Hay on Wye. Cheap enough £24 for two adults for the night and they leave you alone to it.
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