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  1. Somewhere between Newport and Abergavenny mate, i see you're from Pembrokeshire?
  2. Good evening chaps and a Happy New Year to you all. Its been a number of years since I was last knocking about on here so thought id introduce myself again. I haven't hunted since about 2011 when I was 14, since found women and beer etc. etc. You know how it goes . Well I've just turned the ripe old age of 23 and found the bug again. My Lurcher Reggie is now 17 months old and has a strong prey drive so Im very keen to get him out working. Reggie was one of dogs from the last litter from my bitch who I just couldn't help but keep. His mother is a Bedlington x Whippet and his father was a Greyhound x Bull Terrier x Saluki. At 17 months he now stands roughly 27'' to the shoulder and has got much bigger than both his mother and father. Aside from the dog, I still have my Air Arms s410 carbine which I've just fitted a Deben bi-pod to this week (Im also in the market for a new scope so feel free to suggest any recommendations). Managed to get out yesterday and get one grey. I've also just fitted a Brattonsound cabinet in the house and will be sending off my SGC application this week so fingers crossed. Hoping to get into all manner of hunting with the main intention of having food for the pot and just getting out and enjoying the bloody outdoors again. If anyone is local to the south wales area and would like to go out some time, feel free to pm me and we can have a natter. Once again, Happy New Year to you all and I hope to see you around Brad.
  3. Hi lads, just wondering if anyone else here fishes landegfedd res? Used to do a bit of fishing myself,after work today my uncle said he was going and asked me to come along so i did,we hired a boat and was out for around 6 hours. Didnt get anything but i really enjoyed it as it was my first time on flies. Although 2 blokes next to us had 30 ,had a chat with them and now have a better idea of what flies to use. cheers for reading.
  4. ahh i see :/ ,i can certainly tell you like the air rifles haha just cant wait to apply for my own sgc and fac now atb mate
  5. hi mate ,in the process of applying for my sgc,if this isnt sold by the time its through ,ill derffinately take it off your hands (Y) cheers mate Brad.
  6. i think its roughly 25 pounds mate ? dont quote me tho Brad.
  7. what as the reason they turned you down davy ?
  8. nice night lads! and good one for getting a charlie Brad.
  9. i plan on callin my next pup ''syndrome'' so when it jumps up on visitors......u get the idea
  10. im 15 i dont tend to pay attention to the news etc.
  11. im watching a makita strimmer engine on ebay at the mo will run it on something like 20:1 and it should smoke a good un
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