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  1. Dumphy’s ‘Daughter of Socks’, good bitch, done well at trials can see some of the trophies/certificates in the background. unsure of the make up, definitely has Stafford influence, Socks lineage.
  2. Judges ‘Woodside Lass’ bull mix nice make up this, good strong head on her.
  3. keeping on track as a English Bull thread Marcel Edwards ‘the old bull bitch’ who produced Murphy and Coopers CH ‘Stormer’. you can see the Dams stamp in ‘Stormer’ imo.
  4. Glens again, left to right ‘Tinahealy lad’ ‘Wicklow bride’ & ‘churchland boy’ good working glens. ‘Tinahealy lad’ won many trials.
  5. Lawlor and Mortimor’s ‘Woodview Teddy’ glen of Imaal. after a trim, doesn’t look too impressed with the new hair cut. Though shows the solid physique.
  6. ‘Woodview Bronagh’ - as you say, note the physique very similar to that of a pit bull, just after a swim. Capable looking Wheaten. great great grandparent on Dam’s side English bull ‘red hand of Ulster’ Great grandparent on Sire’s side ‘Border Bess’ trialed 18 out of 18 never lifted.
  7. Gary Griffin’s ‘Nellie’ another cross, not entirely sure of the make up but has a fair bit of English bull blood in her, 29lbs in the photo. Granddaughter to McCarthys ‘Spike’ a 39lbs English bull. nice athletic and capable build, can see the English bull influence.
  8. ‘Gallant Hendrix’ the miniature type of English bull, noted to be a great worker.
  9. ‘Legahory Lad’ another English bull x staff, from Dundalk 1980.
  10. McIntyre’s ‘Barney’ a English bull cross staffy, seems to have inherited the ebt head. all the best Traditional
  11. Mathews ‘Tinker’ strong looking dog and a nice head.
  12. ‘On the confines of large estate a rather clever trick was once played upon us. Each year about half a dozen black or white rabbits were turned down into certain woods. Whilst feeding, these stood out conspicuously from the rest, and were religiously preserved. Upon these the keepers kept a close watch, and when any were missing it was suspected what was going on, when the watching strength was increased. As soon as we detected the trick we were careful to let the coloured rabbits go free. We found that it was altogether to our interest to preserve them.’ - excerpt from ‘The Confessions of a p
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