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  1. Where do I get a subscription ?
  2. Any body fancy a swap for a copy of phil lloyds book a moochers tale for a catty ? am after a ttf style like the ppmg
  3. I got my arse in gear after reading this topic and went and asked farmer if my permission to ferret still stands luckily it does so few frosty morning out soon with a couple of borrowed ferrets , havent been in 2-3 years really looking forward to it untill i have to dig probably
  4. Haven't been out lamping/ferreting for about 2 years after a break up with my ex , had to move back to the parents and rehome my lurcher as was working longer and longer hours 7 days to clear the debts she left me with . Finally back on my feet life's going well , am starting to get the itch again and have finally got the spare time to do it . A break from hunting made me realise how important those few hours out are to your mental health and well being . Hope you go back to it mate but can't fault you putting family first .
  5. just wondering what courses you lads have done , I'd like a better understanding of cars electrical stuff beyond what I learned when I was a apprentice/college More strings to the bow and be a bit more employable in future
  6. It's hard to find antler with nice forks like that Your work ?
  7. What's the catty on the right mate looks like antler ?
  8. As above Stamford rut lands and Oakham are lovely towns Grantham ( my home town ) don't bother
  9. I heard years ago that getting stung by nettles was a good pain relief or rather eased it for weeks at a time Could be hokum but my grandma used to do it , placebo effect maybe
  10. Ken shamrock was the only catch style fighter in the early ufcs , he lost to Gracie in the first ufc so your mistaken in that respect Kazushi sakuraba beat several Gracie's in the pride days , he maybe the catch wrestler your referring to I find it a little hard to believe your only a blue belt yet tap out higher grades regularly unless your a sandbagger or have swapped teams What's your Bjj lineage ?
  11. When i got my first lurcher years ago i used to walk it as a pup on some set aside , had the farmer pull up " not allowed on here " replied sorry went to move off and he told me what fields i could walk over . next day im walking over the same fields he said i could cross , pulls up again "not allowed on here , how you like it if i walked across your garden ??" that was the start of a year of me and him having a running argument and him following me im his landy most days , i had him let my tyres down and ring police saying ui was hare coursing ( i was ferreting on permission at time and had no dog ) if i went out with lamp he'd be watching , we lived in same area he was like my sodding shadow he really went out his way to piss me off . ended up fisticuffs and me getting a visit from old bill after he threatned shooting my dog , i got in trouble he didnt get a thing done to him , probably shouldnt have got fighting but someone saying there gonna shoot your dog causes your blood to rise .
  12. funny that my daughter has had random people emailing her telling her what a great guy he is and to be patient as he's snowed under etc, I,m as near to a p***y as you can get, I drive an old truck,pick up scrap, have ducked and dived all my life, even done a bit of bare knuckle in my younger days, but if I told you I would have something ready for you as a Christmas present for your father, I would make sure I did or at least have the decency to say I could,nt make it, not take your money then ignore your emails and delete you every time you try and contact him through face book, it's wrong and not how business is done, he even had the neck to email her yesterday saying it's almost ready, but she has payed someone else that supplied her with one of johns cattys in 24 hrs, so now just give her the money back like she has asked for, although a growing sport cattying is a minority sport, and bad news travels much quicker than good, there are also lots of other catty makers vying for top spot like acer from Romany custom catty,s who makes gear you would,nt mind waiting a few months for, so know sorry mate not better late than never, just tell the fecking truthBit shit that , I ordered one off hinbyears ago and thought it was a but crap tbh
  13. Unfortunately mate it's the ones who really want to go through that rarely give you any idea there thinking about it . I've know a couple of people who committed auicide and like you say they never said there was anything wrong , sorry for your loss
  14. I'm probably being really stupid but what's holding the bands where you've put the slit in the fork ?
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