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  1. God's country, new I couldn't be the only east midlander on here
  2. After a shit day at work it's nice to see a decent hunting post, this threads been a inspiration.
  3. My grandad used to eat them, hedgehogs, rooks etc pretty much anything that moved. He was one 9f 9 though and from what I gather they didn't have a pot to piss in most of the time so you ate what was there.
  4. Brilliant Mooreman, your birds a credit to all the work you and shows how much hard work you've done with her
  5. That's what I'm going to do mate to be fair just I'm used to collie crosses so I try to stick with what I know. Other problem I have is being out the game so long a lot I used to know who kept lurchers have got out of it so I'm gonna be buying off a add and some of the prices recently have been eye watering I don't mind paying 300-400 for a pup but sod paying over a grand for a lurcher.
  6. I prefer a natural, probably because I shoot upright I find most manafactured forks too wide for me.
  7. Funny how you can gel with certain dogs and not others, I had a saluki cross and like you couldn't get on with it yet I've had others with saluki which worked faultless.
  8. There's another good cross the bedlington x. Not seen a straight cross for years, one of my other favourites. Might be me that's totally wrong haha hopefully I'll find what I'm looking for at some point
  9. I've had no experience of them so maybe I am speaking out of turn, they do look a handy dog especially the wheaton types but I wouldn't call the collie crosses incapable mate, for a ferreting dog and net guarder I think there one of best.
  10. Was thinking the same, I miss my collie grey x whippet was ideal. Don't get me wrong I have lamped and worked foxes with lurcher but to me a lurcher was a ferreting companion and pot filler mainly, the odd course when it was legal but that was best left to the salukis xs. And let's not mention the price of lurcher pups now.
  11. I'm not into numbers can't say I ever have been, just you used to be able to pick up a little rabbiting cur pretty easy and they were perfect for a brace of rabbits mooching bushing etc few on the lamp and a days ferreting. Can't find anything now without bull in it.
  12. Where have all the collie crosses gone? Used to see them regularly but seems like wheaton and bull crosses are now the norm. Nothing against those crosses but there a bit overkill when all you want is to catch a rabbit and be a net guarder
  13. I'll try my best, just nice to have backup sometimes if you know what I mean.
  14. Hi all, is there anyone in Lincolnshire area ( grantham stamford Sleaford Lincoln etc) who would be willing to mentor me, I'm not a total novice but it's been several years since I've been out. Even just someone I could talk to and advise me be great, obviously won't be until covid is all in check but hopefully someone be willing to help.
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