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  1. Only other one I’ve got of him , list most of my pictures when I split with the ex years ago
  2. Very true , he was a cracking little ferreting hound and busher . Very often used to pull a rabbit from a tight patch on our walks but lacked the necessary gears for anything else and too clever for his own good half the time
  3. Not a looker or world beater but was a good honest little jukel for my needs
  4. They look two handy jukels not a common cross in my part of the midlands (Lincolnshire) mainly collie cross or Saluki and more recently bull crosses . never seen one run or worked in the flesh so to speak but from what others have put I’d have one but it looks like there hard to find now
  5. I’ll agree with that , have bought blind a couple of times and got lucky though
  6. Mate where am I gonna fit it with n the plate 3 bacon 2 sausage tomato and 2 black pudding one egg and toast is surely enough
  7. Quick breakfast before a couple of hours at park with the daughter first Saturday I’ve had off since before Christmas
  8. I’m not shy of spending if it’s worth it , I’ve had some given to me and I’ve paid upwards of £700 once to get something I thought was a bit special (it wasn’t) but Jesus, who the hells buying these ?
  9. Just had a quick nosy on one of the pet sale sites ……..£1200 for a beddy whippet I know I’m out of touch with most things but ffs last dog I bought cost me a ton !!!
  10. She did indeed have a horrible jealous streak , not me I’m not that type of man and like to think I’m pretty secure in that way she also cheated , was envious of anyone else who was doing better and had more about them and tried to drive a wedge through me and my family . hindsight’s a wonderful thing and I question what I was thinking but everything happen for a reason I suppose
  11. Was with a head case of a woman for two years stunning to look at and I think in retrospect that’s what made me ignore the warning signs……. Paranoid, jealous , borderline alcoholic, aggressive and violent all wrapped up in a dainty 5 foot 2 size 6 woman who on one memorable occasion when we’d been on a night out decided to stab me and put a lit fag in my eye ……. That was from me thanking the waitress for handing me a drink
  12. Does make you wonder what the photo was for
  13. Yeah I think so too , there isn’t a lot from that period that’s survived over time unfortunately
  14. Found a old photo of my maternal great grandfather I thought I’d share , it’s the only one I have of him and I’m going to have it restored and a copy made for the wall . Noah smith with his horse Donny and I believe his son my great uncle . love old stuff like this and being from a traveling family we don’t have many photos to look back on unfortunately .
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