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  1. I’m too long in the tooth for any more bird mate , nor do I want padding up with the youth of today mad far as anyone’s concerned I’m a respectable business man and I need a conviction like a hole in the head for the sake of a few rabbits or a hare
  2. Not gonna argue with you mate but cruising the fields churning up mud and throwing a jukel out the window ain’t Lurcher work to me
  3. I’ll try and answer this best I can so you get my reasoning and mind set at the minute . I have a job which a tug and possible conviction if I’m caught could cause problems for me , a lot of my customer base are local farmer/landowners and I doubt they’d take kindly to me having been caught on a neighbors land . I have a family to keep and where when I was younger I wouldn’t have given a toss now I have to . I’m extremely time poor meaning I can literally get some time out a couple of times a week and a local permission was ideal for me , it meant I could be on the ground in twenty m
  4. It’s hot here mate what with the fens so close etc I got stopped once walking on a footpath to a permission for some ferreting with my box on my back and nets and the Lurcher in tow. someone had seen me from road and rang the police rural hotline and said they thought I was hare coursing coppers said they have to take everything seriously these days , I said there taking the piss , dog was under control and I wasn’t breaking the law could give details of where I was going and farmers number but I refused to give mine proper shirty b*****ds round here
  5. Lurcher works pretty much done in Lincolnshire I think Very few rabbits , what is there is lamped to death and the rifle boys mop them up same with foxes there shot on mercilessly probably worse now with the rise of thermal you couldn’t get a decent run in round me because everyone’s on hotline to lincs police , but it’s the dog lads own fault cruising the fields in 4x4 then posting for all and sundry on social media
  6. My permissions been sold to a syndicate and they don’t want anyone else on the ground so that’s over 1000 acres of permission I had gone , permission round my way is like gold dust and usually there’s always someone on it and it’s not shared …. Too hot round here now for running anything at night or a bit of hedgerow lamping from the car , Lincolnshire police are all over you if out at night looking for a shine . got a few permission left for ferreting but strictly no dogs , think I’m about done with the job lads getting harder and harder to get enjoy this game now and I don’t envy
  7. The man talks a lot of sense , I love a do or die running machine . I’ll probably get roasted for this but I’m not overly fussed on too much brain power , I like a point and shoot hound on the lamp
  8. Only other one I’ve got of him , list most of my pictures when I split with the ex years ago
  9. Very true , he was a cracking little ferreting hound and busher . Very often used to pull a rabbit from a tight patch on our walks but lacked the necessary gears for anything else and too clever for his own good half the time
  10. Not a looker or world beater but was a good honest little jukel for my needs
  11. They look two handy jukels not a common cross in my part of the midlands (Lincolnshire) mainly collie cross or Saluki and more recently bull crosses . never seen one run or worked in the flesh so to speak but from what others have put I’d have one but it looks like there hard to find now
  12. I’ll agree with that , have bought blind a couple of times and got lucky though
  13. Mate where am I gonna fit it with n the plate 3 bacon 2 sausage tomato and 2 black pudding one egg and toast is surely enough
  14. Quick breakfast before a couple of hours at park with the daughter first Saturday I’ve had off since before Christmas
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