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  1. Samrog

    Give blood

    That’s brilliant how often can you do that ?
  2. Samrog

    Give blood

    Many on here give blood? Any big numbers? I’ve been and given for my 8th time today. Worked out I’ll have to go the maximum time in a year (3x) and it will take me 20 years to get to my old man’s number of pints given. He’s passed away now so the goal is to over take him. Plenty worth it for the sense of helping people and a couple of orange club biscuits afterward is a nice treat. Cheers.
  3. Samrog

    Pet hates.

    Winds me up more than it should do really , he will shake his head to straighten them back out sometimes
  4. Doesnt say anything about having dog took off him that's what puts me off most.
  5. Samrog

    Pet hates.

    When me dogs ears fold over. Big pet hate of mine lol
  6. I don’t have the freezer space to store a load of raw so just get 3 or 4 packs of £1.60 20% fat beef mince and a kg of chicken wings a week from aldi for my runner. Skinners biscuits, half a pack of the beef mince and then eggs and tins of fish and chuck him couple wings as and when doesn’t seem to be too expensive this way to me. Perhaps be cheaper buying pet grade stuff would that keep fresh for a week in the fridge?
  7. Im sceptical they’re here but also hopeful that they are! The recent video taken by teenagers in the Peak District is laughable the fact that sheep are lay down relaxing within 50 yards of ‘big black cat’ tells you all you need to know that it’s not a big cat at all.
  8. I’m soft as shite mate for me it was a great ending to his story. Dogs dying whilst out working is bloody awful news and that’s where thought he was taking us
  9. heart in me mouth starting reading this with some sadness expecting your dog bad accident or dead not some lads running off
  10. great photos, what distance are you at taking the photos of the hare? Very good quality with a fair amount if zoom im guessing.
  11. i castrated my terrier last year and regret it. Very difficult / near impossible to get him looking well hes gone dumpy, fed the same as ever and does more exercise now than ever along side the bike with the lurcher, walked couple hours a day etc. Hes still fit and able just cant get him to his best! My opinion.
  12. Usual pre season scaremongering post from the coppers you can guarantee at least one police force will wheel out this old photo saying they’ve caught some coursing lads, same picture every year
  13. Thank you. I’ve long worded it but this was my main worry and question.
  14. You’re as helpful as you were the last time I needed advice. I’ll not ask again
  15. I can’t find an answer to my question in the search bar so here goes. I ask on here as this is my first lurcher since I was a young lad and my old man passed away a few years ago. My dogs 19 months old now. 24” and did well on rabbit and knocked a couple long ears over end of the season so I’m really pleased with him However, he’s puppyish in certain aspects. He’s only been cocking his leg to piss the last few months. Around strange dogs he’s very submissive to the point he’ll roll over or run away. Does this submissive softness equal that he would not make a fox dog?
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