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  1. sorry i meant to post this in running dog and lurcher section cant see how to delete post to move it myself
  2. Few questions just to spark a discussion on the age of average lurchers peak performance, as in when would you say they are truly at their best this is my first runner so just curious? What sort of age do you see them just losing a yard of pace? Any stories of older age 10 or 11+ dogs still knocking stuff over regular? I was thinking that when the time comes in years to come getting another pup on when current runner would be towards end of his best years would be about right to pass the torch on as the new pup reaches 12-18 months ish? Cheers.
  3. Round here selling them on Facebook etc offering cash payment plans it’s crazy
  4. Might already of been said but there’s a litter on the ground now
  5. Thanks mate. I’d forgotten how much I loved it I’ve not been out since Feb he tore his undercarriage open on some barbed wire. I’ll be out again next windy night.
  6. Appreciate it mate thanks I’ve been waiting for the perfect night for a few months so just decided to go for it. He’s line bred beddy whip grey. There’s a drop of lakey in there from the beddy as well. I always suspect perhaps some Sal in him but not supposed to be. He’s done half a dozen daytime Long ears usally at them quick and aggressive And as a mooching dog marking cover and hedgerows to the terrier he’s brilliant.
  7. Hour or so lamping last night wind and slight rain was perfect although it was not a very dark night, quick spin on some new permission rabbits right in the open was some brilliant sport. 2 in the bag and enjoyed it. He caught one out of the lamp which I was pleased with. He missed more than he caught to be honest, I’ve just not done as much lamping as I’d like to with him this was first time out this season, so he’s not quite as polished as he could be. He be 2years old on Monday, so this his first season always most glad to get him home unscathed, had a few bad cuts and tares e
  8. brilliant that last picture love an action shot
  9. I was just replying exactly this to bearinator. You’re right. Makes me wonder why the real big cat enthusiasts would really want to prove their whereabouts (If they’re about)
  10. What happens here if undeniable proof of big cats comes to life with a location? would the authorities set about killing/trapping it/them?
  11. Samrog

    Give blood

    That’s brilliant how often can you do that ?
  12. Samrog

    Give blood

    Many on here give blood? Any big numbers? I’ve been and given for my 8th time today. Worked out I’ll have to go the maximum time in a year (3x) and it will take me 20 years to get to my old man’s number of pints given. He’s passed away now so the goal is to over take him. Plenty worth it for the sense of helping people and a couple of orange club biscuits afterward is a nice treat. Cheers.
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