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  1. Thank you. I’ve long worded it but this was my main worry and question.
  2. You’re as helpful as you were the last time I needed advice. I’ll not ask again
  3. I can’t find an answer to my question in the search bar so here goes. I ask on here as this is my first lurcher since I was a young lad and my old man passed away a few years ago. My dogs 19 months old now. 24” and did well on rabbit and knocked a couple long ears over end of the season so I’m really pleased with him However, he’s puppyish in certain aspects. He’s only been cocking his leg to piss the last few months. Around strange dogs he’s very submissive to the point he’ll roll over or run away. Does this submissive softness equal that he would not make a fox dog?
  4. cracking looking pup wish i had the room for him
  5. I noticed the tins of sardines in tomato sauce in aldi are 35p each… is there any harm in adding these into their feed most days?
  6. ah i see, i give him a stroke mate truth be told hes a good dog usually only gets a telling when he hits the terrier a bit hard, hes a young dog and just plays a bit rough sometimes, i could do with another lurcher for him to chase after
  7. Do you mean work does the dog do? If so … mainly rabbit lamping, mooching ferreting. Loves getting behind hares although obviously never be a match winner. And he’ll be on fox this winter, flushing to a gun obviously
  8. Mine does something similar he’ll trot perfectly by my side after a telling and very gently nibble my fingers as my arms swing. I’ll go from pissed off to all is forgiven in seconds little bastrd knows it as well
  9. im seeing them at work down the back of our yard, ive worked here 5 years and havnt seen them here. Good to see.
  10. sorry to hijack the thread but do people not mind feeding the kibble with grain? A lot is said about grain free being best just wondering what people think on that matter as im not sure ?
  11. Thanks. 18 month old now and looking forward to his first full season
  12. Knuckles up feet I was always taught was best. Each to their own.
  13. I think so mate. For the money I think it’s a brilliant little lamp
  14. the Clu lite PLR 500 is a good little hand held lamp. Comes with red filter, car charger and mains charger and is about £60, spot on for small to mid sized land and get about 2-3 hours shining out of a single charge
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