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  1. any links to videos of deerxgreys coursing on big open land? Nothing i can find on youtube
  2. Im going friday and wondering wether to take my dogs with me is there any reason not to? not been for 20 years since i was a kid
  3. cheers mate, i keep looking but cant quite justify it for a new one, the money shots require the expensive lense i think, dont they. Just had a quick google thanks for that!
  4. brilliant photos @Bush Rummager would love a photo like that of my lurcher. what camera do you use?
  5. great fun isnt it! Im more interested in pottering about these days rather than thrashing it. Going to get back in the horse saddle and do some trekking with the dogs that way as well.
  6. Friend of mines got own motor cross track so had an hour there pottering about last night on my pit bike, dogs chasing, sun shining can’t complain something different in the off season. Was in 2 minds wether it was general chat or running dogs - mods, sorry.
  7. I think if and when you get that bond it will make a great worker with your effort. Without trying to sound too soft we’ve had a few rescue dogs and I think they really do know that you saved them.I say give it a chance
  8. best time to buy one second hand now seasons finished. Dick heads give the dogs and thermals up cheap
  9. Id like this cross! A knock about mooching dog with a good nose and a bit of pace... not the same i apologise, but i missed out on a vizla x grew pup few years ago. She was given to a family friend of the breeder last minute and i often wonder how it got on.
  10. Bed they’re handy dogs. I’d love that cross.
  11. Cheers bird hes beddy grey give or take with couple bits in him, some whippet and lakey in there i know of, i dont get too caught up in exacts of it. 24inch to the shoulder, been perfect for me. We missed that squatter littlen was first on it and it got to safety. And youre right, i dont travel far and i never end up with more than half a dozen usually only 2 or 3 couldnt be arsed gutting and skinning any more than that anyway.
  12. Just out walking the dogs last night on a great spot horse riding trail place. Been some Myxi on there end of summer so its nice to see it doing well. Rabbits out in the open. Chased a Charlie and missed loads of rabbit because little dog who’s a chihuahua Russell doesn’t really play stealth and crys like a hound behind stuff. Good little dog bushing and ratting for me but pain in the arse walking out at night, can’t expect any better to be honest, that’s all it was, a walk, no collar or leads. Anyway lurcher had 2 rabbits ready for my tea tonight. And perfect live retrieves which I just love
  13. My dogs identical coat. Could you tell me how it grows back does it come back the same? I’ve never clipped a dog out so I’ve got no idea. Cheers.
  14. Just picked few lots of these up. Probably be 15 years since I’ve eaten savoury ducks. Any advice on what to have them with? Think we just used to have them on toast.
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