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  1. It's been designed that way.Not their first rodeo (the elite)_might be their 22nd one.They study the cycles of history,the rise and fall of empires and are trying to manipulate the factors that ensure their own continued power and survival.One of those factors is moving large tribes of people to countries they don't have any traditional association to. Same idea as the guy in the bible who moved all the Israelites to Babylon - enslave people in their own country -only a matter of time until they rebel.
  2. They definitely can, guy I used know -that's his job(and you and you're phone don't even have to be in the same country as them).(Maybe it's different in Ireland -phone/tech companies pay fuk all tax here -so maybe it's some kind of deal between them and the government.
  3. Ryan is an obvious target, I remember last election ,Mary Lou and Indian faggit arguing over which of them would bring in the biggest carbon tax. Hang the whole lot of them with the 1 rope.
  4. There is 1 who is beating all of them,embarrassing them even. Jakob ingebrigtsen from Norway. Mcsweyn of Australia a medal contender in anything he enters also.Charlie hicks of Britain might give a reason to cheer over the next few years (kind of On the border of breaking into "super elite" territory at the moment ).
  5. DNA studies would suggest you're wrong.(at least for rural people ,whose all 4 grandparents were from the same place as them).What are Welsh and Cornish people if not Britons.
  6. Plenty white men able to beat him. I'd be a similar age to him and was big into distance running in my youth - I'd have been aware of him since he was 15 or so-nothing about him suggested future Olympic champion. (Similar talent level or less, to Dave Bedfords son, who never represented Britain as far as I know).Suspicious how he stopped winning once he stopped being coached by Salazar.
  7. An Irish guy called Martin McDonough,lived in England most of his life but represented Israel when he was running himself,I think( wife Jewish).Coached i collegiate track in the U.S at one time.
  8. I might be able to find out the truth of this, I know an old guy who used to coach him as a youngster.Used think the guy was maybe a teller of tall tales when I first met him,then he had Jonah lomus sister with him in the pub one day.(coached athletes all over the place -remarkable guy -90+ now but sharper than most 20 year olds.
  9. Knighthood for all illegals before they depart for Rwanda?
  10. Can't get attention by running fast anymore?
  11. Yeah he is,his real surname is kemal (Turkish)and his first name is fukin Boris. Other side of him is Russian jewish.
  12. Apparently the healthiest possible kids a person can have is with their 3rd cousin.I'm from a rural village in Ireland,most people there would be at least that much related to me(2 lines though ,farmers and cottiers/working class,no outcrossing between them until around 1990.)
  13. Its at 65%(roughly) in the pedigree Jeemes put up,(and no new blood added since). How many generations is it being worked out over? (Makes a big difference)
  14. Wild herd animals, one sire, lots of dams. Carnivorous animals tend to pair up. Must be some reason for it.
  15. Jerseys? Maybe they were a landrace long before he went near them?
  16. Take a total outcross, the number of possible combinations of chromosomes is almost 550 billion (39 multiplied by itself 39 times).putting a brother to a sister would half that,but at the same time you may have inherited the bad genes/faults from both sides and every time you breed the line/cross into itself ,you run the risk of dodgy recessive genes meeting their counterpart..also true for desirable traits though.
  17. Very ,very unpredictable. Can go very bad or very good.
  18. I read an interview with the greyhound breeder/trainer Nick Savva once, said basically the same thing.(He wouldn't go closer than 4 x4)
  19. 4 group 1 runners from 100 foals is considered above average in that game though.3 x 3 would be considered very close, but linebreeding closer to Galileo and his dam urban sea seems to be working macswiney,masar etc
  20. If a lot of people breed they're dogs that way,then a lot of winners will be bred that way. In Serbia, most winners seem to be a lot more outcrossed. There seems to be a direct correlation between low breeding coefficient (outcrosses) and career earnings in greyhounds. The superstar racer/stud dog of modern times ,Fernando bale doesn't have any dog in common on both sides of his pedigree until the 6th generation back.
  21. Maybe a trial run for a future biological war?
  22. Are these things you would have thought about 3 years ago? (Or things anyone thought about)
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