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  1. I'd say you're probably right .one is 3/8 patterdsle5/8 Plummer(I think),the other is the busty bitch
  2. It would be more nuttall type breeding (I think).could a small patch on a chest keep getting bigger and bigger when bred close and then turn into piebald?
  3. Do you think she (Anne busty) had jack Russell somewhere in her? Seems to be quite a few Russell coloured descendants of her.
  4. It's been 10 hours since any of them posted, I think they have settled it o.k corrale style.
  5. I don't think so,fairly sure they all stayed in Ireland.
  6. They were by a dog I bred,the few he kept are going good for him,only young yet.
  7. found this online,hope you can see it
  8. There was an American man on here that bred lurchers off a jagd ,I think Dan McDonough or McDonnell was his name.
  9. They rely on a mainly urban vote, other clueless eejits like themselves..They wanted to try to ban coursing a few years ago but Martin Ferris put a stop to it.
  10. If them and the greens get in ,we are f****d.
  11. https://www.bitchute.com/video/HylVUeRYLVPC/?fbclid=IwAR2_-MZO7Ya7is9zlrFOpxcR3ilfy3r7hQYu2OKU4ftSk41X-n-2R5dUfSI
  12. Used to work security in a well known south Dublin shopping centre, we had a bomb scare there back in 2006 . Mary macaleese was opening something or other there.. It wasn't a voice on the phone going "zees ees mahommed" ,it was garda special branch - they had been rang with a codeword. A guy I worked with (eastern European,ex military police ),reckoned there were 4 cells of al quaeda active in Dublin back then.(He had contacts in Interpol etc.)...I'd say it's a lot higher now.
  13. A right handy little dog Brian,do you run him with the locator collar on all the time. ? What's in him again beagle ,bedlington and griffin vendeen?
  14. They were on the payroll,much more useful for the powers that shouldn't be, to keep them on a leash(probably with videos of them doing noncey stuff) and use them to study terrorism,counter insurrection etc..... They've perfected it so much at this stage that they can turn ISIS on and off at will,get people to overthrow their own government(and think they thought of it themselves(Arab spring)
  15. Am I the only 1 who thinks it's fake.
  16. Wondering if anybody has one.what are they like to hunt etc.
  17. 11 pages of pure shite in fairness, you guys should get plummers ,cocker dogs wasted on ye. I mean that (not slagging/joking)_ most hunting I see Americans doing could be done with an average plummer (bar large coons)
  18. I've heard of it being done to greyhounds that fought on track,they could still run but didn't fight. (Might have been getting stanozol injections on the sky though,)
  19. Was a bit slower than other plummers I had to come on,but I kind of took her slowly anyway,having a bit of fun with her now .Not dug her yet but she's killed with other terriers on top.Any rat around the yard must be a tourist.Plummer I had before gave tongue like a hound -this one gives the off few yips.All in all I'm happy enough with her.
  20. Nice little bitch,is it off a cocker? Have you still the Plummer bitch-i have a niece of her myself.
  21. They like being wankers, fella near me ,a pure mong with a rifle does be commenting on sab pages condemning hound work and saying how great and humane he is.
  22. Think the lad that had them was on here.
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