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  1. All terrain what's the mix in them two ruff coated dogs they look handy
  2. Don't bother with the Sdi no go in the engine what so ever tdi all the way I've got a doblo 16maxi ex electricity van plenty of room power and a comfy drive
  3. Looking for some metacam or the like if anyone can get hold of it many thanks
  4. Imagine if he stopped with the fooling around and focus all his energy in the fight no doubt he had tallent as what he did in his fights takes some doing round after round not my cuppa tea but bloody fair play to him
  5. k€rry


    Getting between the ropes no matter amuture/pro takes a certain amount of bravery if you ask me. but Ali took it to another level ffs he fought men in his day that would turn you cold with a stare and could back it up forman/liston the list goes on he overcome a brave man cowerd o no.now not going into Vietnam why why should he growing up being told cant go in there whites only/go back home ni@@er being classed as sub human not just him mind then the elite america bully hungry for war decides all you sub human blacks are now Americans go there shoot the little yellow man you'll be a hero ffs l
  6. k€rry


    Ali stood up to Americas elite not a black or white thing sent to a foreign land to kill he was right not to go buy no means a coverd ffs when the truth come out ov what they were doing out their most ov america was against the war in Vietnam and far from being a racist he loved Britain as it was only Britain that recognised him as still the champion so for me he had nothing to thank america for some ov the reply to this forum just shows there are some pig ignorent people that nows f##k all about what they post
  7. k€rry


    The man stood up for what he believed was right at that time in his life right or wrong the man was a legend in the sport he chose also done more good than harm all I'd say about him is my sporting hero one thing for sure their will never be another like him
  8. Working on the ground main contractor
  9. I'm working up on cynghordy viaduct they drove past seen the terrier boys past also on quads so had been local just wondering who's they were wouldn't mind tagging along if possible with them
  10. Hi any one off here running some hounds this morning llandovery/cynghordy area out ov interest cheers
  11. Good on you for giving them a go realy hope they work out for you
  12. There was working welsh terriers around the Glyneath area south wales I'm sure garry Middleton used dogs from the same kennell over his bitches can't see why they wont work given chance but would be a long road for a kennell full no doubt
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