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  1. Would I be better of staying away from the cross I just thought speed with a little bit of brain
  2. No not handcock bred what did you mean by Romulus in the breeding black neck
  3. Yes the dad is merle half cross
  4. Hi I'm looking at getting a pup . when it gets older will do most things the pup I can get is a 3/4 greyhound 1/4 Collie bitch I've heard a lot of good things and bad things. Has anyone else working this cross or would you say clear
  5. looking for some were to take my dogs or some one to go with who has permishion . got a terrier and lurcher plz if any one could help would even pay some one to let me go on there bit thanks joe
  6. no pups though you not got any pups due
  7. who said i wanted it for xmas it for bushing and ratting
  8. any good pups about for bushing and ratting in essex will travel
  9. hello im looking for a puppy for my brother for bushing he wants a jack from good stock is there any litters round essex way thanks joe
  10. hello im from essex can any body help im looking for some were to do a bit of lamping or bushing or ferriting to help keep the rabbits down
  11. any one in essex want to go bushing 2mora
  12. any one in essex want to go out 2mora bushing
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