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  1. turkish

    Constipated dogs ??

    Used karron oil before its great gear.
  2. turkish

    Started well

    That looks like something out of dream for hounds love hunting the fir bushes. Serious bit cover that man
  3. turkish

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Did yous get much hunting
  4. turkish

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Do they find regular on the rivers id love to see them doing it be great crack
  5. turkish


    Nice pup. Old bitch is cracker best luck wit them.
  6. turkish

    Static/electric training collars

    Get a garmin one from gps4us great job and will defo stop dog in his track s no matter how stubborn. Diff models on the sdite check it out
  7. turkish


    She class looking bitch by sounds of it was a good worker too. Like the stamp of the terriers you put up
  8. turkish


    Bottom black bitch is cracker
  9. turkish

    new season

    Nice bitch looks tidy not too big
  10. turkish

    Bad run of luck

    He only seen pups for me ladt year nice Aul man. Proper old stock. Gentle man
  11. turkish

    Bad run of luck

    Is he near cellbridge the vet your talking bout old man has his surgey on road into c cellbridge. Proper nice fella if same fella took.my mates hounds eye out 60 quid.
  12. turkish

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Cracking set of terriers
  13. turkish

    working homes required

    same here be nice to see somehing diff going. border or beedy.i like to see going. best luck wit them
  14. turkish

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    totally different shapes in head/body wise and temperments-folks bang on about wheatens being dog aggressive... Everyone I've been around has been good as gold, only interested in the job at hand. If a dogs nasty with others then that's down to a bad owner imo. Atb dc i would have to disagree with you. some dogs are just downright twats. and no amount of socialising will change them . Darcey and carter.jpg DSC00860_edited-1.JPG first image is Darcey. quarter wheaten. second is ozzy. first cross. pic of baby and lurcher in second pic is brilliant cracker of dog too good square head on him