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  1. Your right he is a gentleman and one sound fella.
  2. turkish

    Out Today

    Yes milliken we do.that would be muvh appreciated
  3. turkish

    Out Today

    We keep beagle x harrier types.lil mix of hounds really. I cant seem get decent dog to find for me. It would drive ye mad cause ye know your passing stuff. Few mates keeping eye out for good seaerching finding dog for me so hopefully something pops up soon or i loose the plot
  4. turkish

    Out Today

    Best bitch i ever had got kidney problem and died daughter of her got hit by train other bitch picked up some thing and died and lost other dog think hit by car. Hounds mark well enough c**ts ot in after fox ladt two weeks and done him to ground. Just brutal to find. Hard to get good searching finding hounds
  5. turkish

    Out Today

    Were same we lost few good hounds last year 4 of our best hounds in under year struggling now wit dogs to find few pups not setting world a light either. But hunti g has been very patchy and not finding the numbers we were finding in same covers over last few years. But thats hunting
  6. Hard get hound bitch witgame ness . Best luck wit her
  7. Is the bitch for sale
  8. Two lovely houndslook good and racy
  9. Used karron oil before its great gear.
  10. That looks like something out of dream for hounds love hunting the fir bushes. Serious bit cover that man
  11. Do they find regular on the rivers id love to see them doing it be great crack
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