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  1. Russel pup ireland View Advert I'm looking for a russell pup or Russell Cross pup from working parents. Advertiser mega moocher Date 13/07/20 Price £200.00 Category Working Terriers
  2. Hí im looking to buy2 ferrets kits or working ferrets. Im in limerick but willing to travel
  3. hi i was just wandering would springers be any good for bolting foxes to lurchers and would they be any good as a drawing dog pre ban
  4. their is a lot of mink down my way, would they attack a human or just other animals
  5. russels are very good dogs to bolt foxes and their the best ratters aswell
  6. hi does anyone know where i would get a wheaton pup from working lines in ireland
  7. whats the avarage size brown trout caught in rivers
  8. hi all went for a mooch this morning with the terriers and lurchers had a good morning got a few hunts of rabbits got one, got a hunt off a red fella aswell bolted him off a double bank.
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