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  1. I have just come across an old Yukon NVMT IR 100mW Illuminator which kind of works but i think it needs a new tail switch. Does anyone know where to get a replacement ?
  2. there was a supplier in uk but ive lost the contact details. they sold circular triggers which i wanted to try.
  3. Anyone know of uk supplier for replacement bodygrip triggers?
  4. anyone got any young ferrets on in lancashire area? i'm after a jill preferably.
  5. try a different trap. or you might be able to get the existing trigger more slippy. try setting it with a small piece of plastic bag pinched flat between the treadle hook and the dog so there is less friction.
  6. The cock always try to drive the hen in to the nest for nesting.
  7. serial number on the back of the radio has suffiecent data to allow a programme to formulate the correct code.
  8. hi I'm not on facebook. Has anyone got an email addy to contact bob dunn I want to order some hunting dvds. cheers
  9. tarka the otter, the peregrine's saga and the village book are excellent reads by henry williamson
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