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  1. thankyou very much. I've started seeing potential forks everywhere when out on walks now lol.
  2. Just thought I'd share a couple nattys I've made during lockdown. The one on the right is now my faveouite shooter the one on the left has some very interesting spalting but is a bit of a small fork width for me so may give to a friend or family member. Both forks worked on with a folding saw / pocket knife / small file / sandpaper / polyeurethane spray varnish. Not sure what the wood is perhaps beech or hawthorne and I quite like leaving a bit of bark on it helps with grip. Really liking the feel of nattys more and more compared to my other hdpe or boardcut cattys.
  3. I had a wasp uniphoxx for a while before selling it on. It wasnt quite for me but it was undeniably well made, well designed and versatile ( ott / ttf / flats / tubes / tabs / wrap and tuck / clips ) Definately worth trying out for yourself to see if you get on with it.
  4. the only other ones i like using are leather with a really coarse rough side and i like shooting the rough side out with a heavy hunting setup as i can grip them really well.
  5. Yes hegarty pouches are pretty much my faveourites. The elastic is some .7 natuaral unamed brand i got off ali express. I got a sample and liked it so much I got another 6 metres for 20 quid or so. use 15/10 for 8mm steels for tergets or can bashing and 20/20 or 25/20 for 9mm leads.
  6. yes! thats exactly what I did - 110mm frame = corner of my mouth anchor point so more consistency and repeatability.
  7. I would second the comment about making your own catty and finding a fork width that suits you. I've bought about 10 different frames with widths from 75mm to 95mm over the last 3 years and was a halfway decent shot. A couple months ago I made myself a natty fork with 110mm outer width and it just suits my natural anchor point and aiming reference perfectly and effortlessley to the point I can do 'trick' shots on coins etc. I would have saved myself some £££ if I'd just experimented with some natural forks at the beginning of my catapult journey.
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