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  1. great post its been too long since i have been out on a proper mooch. really like that little tabbed diy catty loads of character! what size square do you shoot with what ammo? i have used tubes but never square - wouldn't mind giving them a bash. atb
  2. Now that's a good looking catty! great work I like to leave a bit of park on too it has character.
  3. I have a 10mm and a 11x8 baby bean mold - well done on that score, i think they're quite rare. I just use flush cutters to snip them and then put them in a can and give them a good shake/tumble and they smooth themselves off. I trade grey squirrel tails with my local fly fishing shop for scrap lead so always have plenty been a bit lazy this year haven't done much casting will need to get an afternoon on it for pheasant season coming up
  4. great shooting, how are you finding the ppsg?
  5. 1st class, good shooting!
  6. im the same small frames are no use to me and the smaller the worse it is for my shooting haha. ppmg is a kushti frame if you're shooting well with it already just stick with it and get even better id say mate
  7. I'd say tubes. For the last 3 years I learned on and shot flats and I think they're generally more accurate and I would probably point a new person in the flats direction. But currently I'm at the stage in my shooting where I don't want to mess about with cutting tapers anymore and don't shoot targets and just want something I can take out and fill the pot with or blast some cans cheaply and reliably so I would personally choose tubes over flats. Everyone's different some hate tubes love flats and vice versa.
  8. awesome! those big leads look the business!
  9. Just to add something else I learned this weekend - I was going camping and didn't have much ammo but thought id try out a big oldschool pouch so I could scavenge pebbles at the site if I ran out of steels mooching / plinking. First time using a big pouch with big tubes and it was really fun and still fairly accurate at medium distance with rounded pebbles and just as accurate as usual with my steels. The set of tubes I have on my catty have probably lasted around 1000 shots and have outlasted 2 pouches.
  10. great pics and interesting method. what ammo do you usually shoot?
  11. I sometimes shoot single tubes mainly 3060 and 4070 with 10mm lead / hex nuts / 11mm steel. I either snare wrap and tuck them straight to the frame or use tabs. Personally I find them more accurate with tabs. pros - great for big ammo or found objects, very quiet, last bloody ages cons - heavy pull weight for speeds compared to flats, i tend to get more fliers with tubes than flats. Like anything practice helps consistency. I keep the same anchor point and gangster hold as i do with flats. I also shoot best with a 100mm outer so I don't bother with the classic tool hook sty
  12. You may find you are more naturally suited to a bigger frame? I shoot best and most intuitively with a 100mm outer width frame anchoring under my cheekbone. Its a bit of a shame as I like the look of little frames but I've experimented enough to know I just shoot better with a larger one and stick with them.
  13. lovely fork! it helps if you can find what outer fork width you are most accurate with, mine it seems to be 100mm so i tried cutting a bit of hazel fork down to exactly that and im just as accurate with my 100mm outer natty as my 100mm outer custom frame. anything under 100mm like 90mm 80mm etc and my shots go much higher that I want [shooting gangster style]
  14. for the gypsy catty: before any cuts double over the tube and stretch it back to give you an idea of how long your tubes should be to shoot comfortably. add on 3cm for allowance of tying on at either end cut your tubes have 4 pieces of string pre cut for tying approx 15 cm mark on the tube with pen 3cm in from each end slide a tube through the pouch hole up to your pen mark - fold back on itself - tie using your string and and a constrictor knot - trim off excess. repeat process for other tube that's your band set done. [ or if yo
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