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  1. darrren

    First of the season

    They are pretty tough to skin compared to a rabbit but I take the tail off and cut along the bum and peel from there. Thank god its not just me getting a bit daft it's like they've taken somthing simple and turning it Into something is shouldn't be all in the name of money I expect.
  2. First squirrel of the season for me. First shot missed, but he was inquisitive and hung upside down on the tree being nosey. 2nd shot hit the head and dropped him. 12mm steel but still needed a priest to finish. This 8mm craze is nonsense its not enough bang in my opinion and too many runners. Anyway here it is. Prepped ready for the pot.
  3. darrren

    The law

    And the judge at crown Court decided!
  4. darrren

    The law

    They can't do bugger all. Much as the pigs tried with me couldn't do a thing and had to give me them ba k after a year. They tried everything mind ontop of other charges but couldn't do shit. I win. They loose. And I'm back out doing what I live for now. Absolutely no law against them.
  5. darrren

    Is this mice?

    One of those funnel type ones isit mate? Still no bloody catch as of yet, you'd think they'd be easy, I underestimated them.
  6. Been struggling with catty lately chopping and changing so ordered a second hand ppmg. As ttf is how I learnt and shot well. So arrived today after work, went out for half hour and bagged on of these biggies. Got dark soon after so couldn't stay for another but hoping to have a few more now over next week get my confidence back up. Funny how soon as I go to ttf again I'm hitting everything straight away.
  7. darrren

    Is this mice?

    4 traps in, since the original post. So far 2 Traps licked clean and not set off. So I'm goi g to try peanut t butter on the underside of the trigger rather than on the top and if that fails I'll glue a dog biscuit onto the trigger. I just need them to have to work for it a bit and a few nudges to get it to go off but definitely in there somewhere. What's the average amount you get as I'm guessi g it will be more than one in there especially as it had made a nest.
  8. Linatex mate I have some for sale if you want to try any not the crap sware they sell now. Draw is good I still only draw to my chin with it but it lobs anything this stuff.
  9. The elastic is linatex square the proper square stuff of the old days I have a supply of it here. Paul the draw is actually OK it does loosen a bit when it breaks in and packs plenty of power as you can see. Tyong the pouch on that way reduced the bulk and wastage of the bands.
  10. darrren

    Coursing art

    Hey guys. My missus recently finished a piece so had 20 prints done signed and numbered. Still a few available for a tenner plus postage. If anyone wants on drop a pm. High quality professional prints these are.
  11. Here he is finished. And a few pics of my fist mooch with it. 12mm steel ammo, absolutely lethal. Literally took the back of this birds head off.
  12. darrren

    Is this mice?

    I put 4 snapper Traps down last night so I'll check after work see if we have anything. I'm guessing there will be more than one?
  13. darrren

    Is this mice?

    I opened up the boot when I pulled the laces outb and this is the droppings so definitely mice or rats not sure but I'm thinking mice as the dropping are small.
  14. Got a shed, only a metal one on top of a massive pallet to keep it t raised off the ground. Went to get my net bag other week and noticed a nice chunk out of it. I thought bugger must of done that last season and not noticed. Went in the shed just now to get some nets and picked up my boxing boots and see the state of the laces all roped to bits, another set pulled inside all frayed. Then as I looked old bags of screws all the plastic looks chewed?? Here's a pic of the boots is this the work of mice? Somethings going to town in there and I have alot of kit in there.
  15. Bit more progress on the frame starting to take form a bit now.