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  1. darrren

    My lads

    Spot on. Never used a pickle fork for hunting. Might try this season when I'm back from middle East.
  2. darrren


    I've had a few on the fence but the fenced arnt dug under where I go so it's a case of setting it on the right grid of mesh for a catch, had a few on the leg also but I'm no expert. Rabbit numbers arnt huge around my way but I've got a few other areas I do squirrels.
  3. darrren


    Great idea, is that the conibear 110? Thi King of getting a few for the coming season.
  4. darrren


    How does the caribeener come into your snare?
  5. darrren

    Another Bird in the Hand

    Well I never knew you were on this forum bill. I have a signed hardcover copy of your bird in the hand book. I'm about half way through the book, I'm in afgahnistan at the moment so it's home safe. A brilliant book and brilliant art work. I'll be on this lime a fly on crap soon as its released. I'd say its my most prized book of all my collection so far and I have a good few. Great to see you on the forum and keep them coming I thoroughly enjoy reading them and the characters are like some of the old boys back home in th e Welsh Valleys.
  6. darrren


    Great stuff show us a close up of the peg and the tealer when you done a few
  7. Already do than on course fishing with the worms so will give that a go, had a brave yesterday, put the one back k and kept one for the pot.
  8. When you say a team how is that ties. I'm guessing it's more than one fly on the line. I'll give that a go then. On rivers just upstream isit let it drift down.
  9. Here's a few I've had over the last week, small ones have gone back and kept two fish from different occasions. If they're there they do hit the spinner quickly In fairness, normbally where the water goes deep and slack. I am thinking of trying a bubble float with a fly or worm on it and letting it drift as much luck as I've had on the spinners there are still shallow clear waters where they are only taking flys. People are telling me off bags of 40 odd out of llandegfed res but I went there last year on the worm and not a bite, but apparently it has to. E suspended off the bottom which I did t do.
  10. darrren

    Rat Snaring

    What is the black pipe your using as the whip in the above photo? Good job not tried the rat snares before mainly squirrel but will give this a go some time.
  11. darrren


    Do you use 100 at a time on a trap line?
  12. darrren

    First go on the moles

    Thanks guys. Well one sort of my sisters field is over run must be 30 odd hills in a bottom corner only the horses go, again dubto the rocks most of the runs are at funny angles and only have the tunnel type trap for now, so I've put 4 down along the edges. Nothing yesterday but 48 hours in today and I had this one, another male. Reset the trap there so hope to pick o a few more from here as there is lots of activity. Whenv I get paid I'll pick up 2 putanges just to open up more options for my trapping. Can anyone recommend anyone here to purchase from? Nice change though to snaring squirrels and rabbits in the winter or catty shooting. So I'll do this over the summer along with the dogs ratting to keep me sane until winter. So considering my sisters quote '' there any no moles in my fields '', I'm on 2 so far lol.
  13. I went out with the handline yesterday. Fish taking fly off the surfaces like no man's business. Do you think I could get a bite on worn or maggot? No bloody chance. Getting a bubble float today and taking my box of flys. Don't trout fish alot really but would yo u agree if flys are in abundance then they won't take a worm? Also had lots of rain and the water was hard with a lot of weed being washed down.
  14. darrren

    First go on the moles

    Tha ks for the reply. So its not always a case of hole in one side out the other, can you get the 90 degrees to one another? Complete newbie to this side of it so all advice is welcome. Gotta be honest though think snaring and trapping is my favourite method of hunting.
  15. Saw a few Traps at the bootsale last week so got them in. Popped up my sisters field she said there's no moles there but I found three mounts by a gorse patch in her 4 acre field so not many at all. Put the trap in, hole only came in from one side, can moles have stop ends like a rabbit? Anyway popped up this afternoon and the one trap I laid has a catch so happy with that, one trap laid and one mole. I reset the same trap on the same hole, I'm guessing you can catch more than one from the same place? Sticking to just one trap as there's only 3 mounds the rest are under all the gorse.