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  1. Berthas beach that one is called not too far from the camp. Would of loved to of seen golum diving for the fish mate haha. If you lay down the penguins come right up. I had a visitor this evening on the estuary, sealion came from know here patrolling up and down. Was lovely to see. Still hooked a few tonight despite the sea lion up and down, and I was trying to fish away from him. Only landed 1 though as my hook was Blunt as hell so they were spitting it as soon as I was hooking up. Here's the one I did land though.
  2. You can fly fish out here mate but I only broigh a small tele spinning rod. The fishing stuff out here costs a bomb, your talking 4 times more than than the same stuff back home by the time they get it to the island. But a lovely place for the fly. Plenty of people do fly fish here. But they're big on spinning here also. I've been teaching a lad here to fish, he's come out with me 3 times and not had any luck, but he caught an absolute monster of a brownie this evening so I'm please for him. Photo doesn't do it justice I was just telling him how to play it when yo reel and not to, checking his drag etc. Here it is. Clonker. I did get a small sea run brown myself but I don't put it up after putting up this lads lol. So here's a few of me making my way down the rock face to the water. About 1.5 hours before high again. Seems to be the time to go.
  3. What a session yesterday evening turned into. Went about an hour and half before high tide, which I think is a point to note. Not to get there close to high. Then went around to the bend of the river and over to what I call the barrel, and it was bites all night. I hooked 9 of the bits, and landed 7 fish. Not huge but what a session really enjoyed it. Here's a few of the photos. Oddly my mate didn't have a single fish but I think that's just down to experience and knowing a bite over a rock catching. And how to bring your lure down with the water flow etc. All on a 10 g Toby. Here's a few pics of the other Fishermen out here.
  4. Freezing out this evening but had a few hours out and managed a nice little sea trout. Fair play they go til the very end. Took a good rest for him but I made sure he was 100 percent before he shot off back into the depths. Will be looking at fishing for them back in the UK when I'm home.
  5. Bit of an update here on the fishing. Weather getting colder and been fishing mostly at the harbour, so not anymore trout, however today we are going to start targeting the rivers again to get a few trout in. It's harder fishing now with the wind coming in, when it's still the mullet are straight on I, when it's Choppy they go to deeper water so we went to a river called the murrel yesterday. A huge expanse of water straight from the sea mouth. We were after trout but funnily enough caught 2 mullet. We kept these 2 for the table, and cooked them up with a few beers and a film later in the evening. Hard conditions and as you can see this is a huge river system and very deep. Yesterday was also very weedy. We had a fish each me and my mate so called it a day. Filleted the fish to make sure it cooked though and went down nicely with a tinny. Also fished at low tide the other day and had a few of these blenny looking thing but they still take a chunk of lamb no problem.
  6. We went down to the bay at port Stanley that's where moody brook flows into where we were told to go for mullet. We stayed the night sat the camp in Stanley so we could fish the late tide and not have to rush, and as its just an adventure training camp the head chef runs the whole place. Soon as I said fishing he said give me 5. Came back with a box rammed full of mutton.. He said the meat fishes way better than lures, so he made us some dinner and we went down to the bay. Started on Toby lures and wasn't long before my mate hit into the first one. Reel screaming like a good un. Shortly after I hooked into my first. We had a few on lures then switched to a bottom rig to try this mutton out. As you can see, nothing technical here. A swivel to attach a bit of line to my braid, a nut as a wait, just line wrapped through a few times, a size 1 hook and a big old chunk of meat. Had a fish withing 30seconds of it entering the water. Probablem was it was very deep hooked and I don't like leaving a hook in any fish I return. I switched to a float I bought over here. Its a pike bung essentially. Big thing it is, so I tried that with it suspended in the water. great fun seeing the float cock, move along then go under and I could strike early that way not to deep hook. Here's a few photos of me and my mate with a few fish. These mullet here grown to 20 lb so you don't know what youll end up with. But put it this way, even at this size they scream the reel.
  7. Lost a mullet tonight, a good one aswell, but now I know the bay the are sitting In. The top of the river goes to a series of 4 tunnels that run under the road and ends on the other side of the road where the 4 tunnels feed into a bay. I'll be hitting that bay now on the High tides as it floods with water, I'm sure there's a few deep gulleys in the water there. But it's also very shallow there in areas. Still gutted I lost it but I still got 2 months here. Work wise I'm here with the army but attached to the infantry so I got my little workshop to sort out the vehicles for the infantry lot. Only 3 of us so the nights I got a permit I just finish us a bit early then get down to the river. I booked is the accommodation overnight in the main town here Saturday and been in touch with the chef there he's going to sort me out some bait for the mullet. And apparently the bay in the main town is the place to catch them so I'm hoping I'll have a few photos of the mullet to share soon... Some of the boys think I'm mad fishing every spare minute here but they don't know what it is as an angler to have a target species and put in whatever time it takes to catch it. Plus. I'm making the most of the chance of being here and catching these fish.
  8. Thanks arry I got a ticket booked for Thursday evening on the High tide and both days on the weekend so Iill let you know how I get on. You get thunderstorms to boiling sun here all in a day so you have to have a bag packed for all occasions here. There's a place called moody brook that flows into the see by the bay. I've been told that's the place for the mullet.
  9. So I'm away for 3 months in the Falklands. Never heard of anyone fishing here and when I mentioned to arry of here about it, he told me about the sea trout fishing here. Sent me a few links and I looked into it. Got my trusty 16 quid ngt telescopic travel rod I've had 10 years, and a box of tobys and spinners. Initially thought I had to pay a fee but the permits are now part of.l my jobs welfare package so no reason not to go. My and my mate popped up to the location of one stretch named the frying pan. We blanked the first 2 trips, and It was looking at the ground I realised the river was tidal. I managed to get hold of tide times and we hit it again this time on a high tide. I bagged this cracker fairly quickly, along with loosing 2 other fish. My mate dan also caught a few small fish, but I'll just put up the better fish. First one was a sea trout no scales but I think 4 to 5 lb. Then today I finished my 2 lads off early and we hit the bank again while the tide hit its highest and the river was up. I lost a fish early on, and it was hard going, bright clear sky's. Right before we were about to leave my rod buckled round on the retrieve and this sea run brown trout gave me one hell of a scrap it had a good few runs. I'll keep this thread going as I'm here for 3 months, and I want to get onto some of the patagonian mullet that are on the island also. And last of all, thanks arry for making sure I didn't come here without a rod!!
  10. Not off the menu it's just if you got any rabbits left in the first place.
  11. I will do sean. If you want I do day trips 50 quid per person lol. Cheers arry I'm going again tonight I'll send you some pictures if I get anything.
  12. 2.78lb converts to 2lb 12oz, as I know we all like oz.
  13. Had another session on this new spot last night. - 4 temperature, fist proper cold night after weeks of rain. Finger like sausages couldn't even hook a worm by an hour in. Hour and half and had lost 2 small fish and then managed a small one. I noticed that they weren't biting as aggressive as last week when I first tried here so I slowed it right down, rather than bumping the tip I just lifted ently til I felt the lines slack go, then I'd drop it an inch so it slacks, wait a while, lift it taught gefntly then drop it again and then sack, all of a sudden rod tip buckled over and I had this cracker. It looks bigger than my 3lb 11oz but this was 2. 78lb on the scales which is around 2lb 10 oz or 2lb 11oz. This fish could do 4lb easy with a good feed as you can see it's all length and no belly. Here she is.
  14. Thanks arry still can't believe it. Will probably never beat that but I will have fun trying at a location I now know holds good big perch in numbers.
  15. Here is one I had last night. I've been trying to get a 2lb perch for about 3 years now. Waters are few and far between here in Wales. I was shared a place by someone I know who told me to keep the secret which I will, he showed me photos of plenty of 2lb fish he's had and one weighing bang on 3lb. I went there yesterday for the first time and landed this 3lb 11oz monster!!! I'm still buzzing from it, and I absolutely smashed my aim of a 2lb fish. Caught on worm using the drop shot method. Had another 5 perch all under 1lb. I fished from 9pm til 11pm so that answers any questions regarding of perch feed on the night lol.
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