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  1. darrren


    Is the bait fished up in the water or on the bottom?
  2. darrren

    Rat problem

    Live traps but as I love my dogs ill recommend give a terrier a second chance and he will rid them for you, you'll be addicted and have a friend for life.
  3. darrren

    A lucky stray

    How do you treat the foot rot?
  4. darrren


    Anyone used ferrets for squirrels? My mate said he done it the other day with a pillow case and got it out of a tree. I just don't see how it works surely the squirrel can bolt out somewhere else, like the top of a tree?
  5. darrren

    Couple of days at woodgas

    Yes buddy when I was a kid Could always get one or two on a day ferreting random holes. I had one this season, with ferret, and had three on snares last year on a field barron of them so a good result. Mind you I'm in winchester at the moment and this barracks is over run it's ridiculous. My worry is that we will never have rabbits again in number.
  6. darrren

    Couple of days at woodgas

    How can there be so many rabbits where you are and its literally void of them in South Wales? Not been hit by vhd there?
  7. darrren

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    The pup on the bottom is five months but he is very small for his age, however he is the one from the long line of workers. I had his brother who was coming on well but got killed. This pup is showing the same character. He is already out and about with the two others, he is getting amongst bushes and had no problem getting on the pheasant they bushed up on the weekend.
  8. darrren

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Patterdale* bloody spelling
  9. darrren

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    This is my little pack. Part dog on top, saved from a bad home. Really lovely dog, works bushes great. My lakey second pic, she's a handful but good on the rats and anything with a pulse. Bottom is my lakey cross pattern, brother of my dog who got ran over last year so I got another pup from the breeder. He is from a long line of dogs bred by that particular bloke so will come on well.
  10. darrren

    Who needs Dad

    Happy days. I try getting my nephew out now and then with me. He do love fishing but he is hooked on the ipad as well unfortunately. I think between hunting and fishing, fishing is where my heart is as I u took it up myself about 11 with nobody to show me and learnt as I went. At 28 now I got a shit load of books, gear, a few 30lb carp under belt and some big game fish from Cuba. Give me a rod and a box of maggots any day over a ferrari and a jacuzzi. At mate.
  11. darrren

    good start to the trout season

    Thought it would be too cold for trout this time of year?
  12. darrren

    Summer time

    What do you blokes do over the warmer weather with the terriers? Obviously seasons over, the weather is hot. Do you do bits to keep them ticking over, bit of ratting for example? Now the weather is getting warmer, after the storm we had, just wondering best things to do over the summer with them as im still new to the terrier game. I was thinking maybe a bit of ratting on a cool morning and just the normal walks etc. Cheers lads.
  13. darrren

    Dog running off??

    Cheers lads. He is good on the recall I think it was just scent as you say because I noticed a fox run and after me doing a tartan through gorse and bramble he ended up coming out using that run I had spotted earlier. I'll just relax a bit more next time and make sure I'm not leaving walks too late before dark. So the dog came back to your smell on the jacket? My mate lost his dog Christmas eve when we were kids, out ferreting. He left his jacket as you did and he went back Christmas day to find her curled up sleeping on it.
  14. darrren

    Dog running off??

    Thanks for your input guys. Was more the fear of loosing him in the night. He's so dark I loose him in the day as you can't see his features lol. I'll try and not panic next time, with the nights drawing out will be a bit easier and learn to trust him and work on recall when the seasons out.
  15. darrren

    Dog running off??

    The dogs are out every day, and they don't want for nothing. I got given two old school collars for by arry on here which works with my knocker box so I'll start putting them on them from now. Bet its a nightmare finding your dog if it's gone to ground by itself, especially if your not aware there's an earth there? Always new ones popping up, you think you know where all of them are then suddenly a few more are suddenly dug. I'll keep working with him, just don't want every time out to turn into an embassy siege getting him back lol.