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  1. I'm still on fenns at the moment I need to try out one of these bodygrips. Are they simple enough to set so an idiot like me can manage?
  2. Recently a lad in my town has re started the local fishing association after many decades without one. There's a few wild waters now, a stretch of Mon and brecon canal, my local village river and a water I've heard of a few times over the years called the olway Brook, a tributary of the river Usk. Never fished here before as its a bit unknown and had a major fish kill in 2014 roughly. Back in the day a prolific dace water. Well I went down yesterday evening, maggot, size 18 hooks and 4lb line with a stick float. No monsters, but bites every case, gudgeon and minnow. I know there's
  3. The beans are brutal used them for years. Not only do they have the impact but they rip into what it hits aswell due to it tumbling in flight. Accuracy wise, they fly straight.
  4. Any photos of the boxes themselves before being set into the earth.
  5. I just use a bit of bacon rind on a hook with a bit of fishing line on a stick. Catch loads of them in no time.
  6. Hegarty catty same one I started with. Took some stuff with it over the years. Keep at it mate.
  7. Still on those 1745 tubes richard I see. Good shooting. What's the catty again called?
  8. Anyone still able to get them here? Can't get a response off the usual chap on here who is the main man, name beginning with D.
  9. Bob I think it's the rhvd 2 here that's smashed them to be honest as it wasn't like this before I packed up when I joined the army. So Australia suffered bad with rhvd and then it eventually picked up? I think I'll probably leave them be where I do know of a few. Hopefully in a few years they will have come back in some sort of number. Are they that hardy really though to come back from the brink.
  10. Sounds like it's the same for many then. As Sean said when you do see them you end up wanting to leave them be, that's how little they are in number. On the army camp I'm posted on at the moment there's a lot but I arnt too sure where they are coming from in the nights so I'll have to have a look around the edges. That's in Oxford. Its been this way in Wales for a long time now.
  11. And great day out BTW, great getting the kids involved and learning the ropes.
  12. It's ridic Sean how little rabbits there are our way mate. I'm the same, out all the time for little reward. I don't know where they all disappeared too mate. As a kid it was bouncing.
  13. Seriously considering getting rid of my ferreting kit. There are barely any rabbits whatsoever, as a kid I could take a ferret out and a few nets and bolt 1 or 2 most days, no dog marking just net up where there is sign and always have the odd one even on a bad day. Fast forward 15 years, I am just working ferrets for the sake of it. Barely a bolt I'm lucky if I get 1 to 5 rabbits in a full season. They are either getting hammered by summer hunters with air rifles or there must be more to it. Barely ever see any and even when you do it's because they're in a place that's well protected f
  14. Different place than I fished last year for big perch, this is a giant for the water I am fishing here. Totally surprised me even though it was perch I was fishing for. Weight was 2.25 lb.
  15. The dogs digging them out or you? I noticed a good few holes at a river by me in the bank.
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