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  1. Yes the more you do the more it loosens up I draw mine right past my head with pebbles, its as easy as pulling tbg now but as you know the stuff snaps back a world apart from modern square which isn't great and has no snap
  2. Irish trapper, watched the videos a long time mate. Still yet to snare a fox but I only manage to get snares up when I'm on leave from work but love the videos alot can be learnt.
  3. The red linatex square does loosing up after a few hundred shots so the draw becomes alot easier. I put my foot on the pouch and stretch it when watching TV with a cuppa for 10 mins. Throws pebbles, big leads and at good speeds aswell. Does take a bit of getting used to if your used to flat but it is good stuff. As I say it does give a bit after few hundred and become nicer to shoot.
  4. That looks like a long old draw there Greyman. Do you aim with that or just point and shoot? Good shooting though both I not been out much the weather has been. On stop for weeks on end now pissing it down so its really stopped me getting out.
  5. Is that with the pouch twisted,and you just put the target in the centre of the forks as above?
  6. Cheers mate i will let you know how i get on. I know the main river that it runs into has chub in so there's no reason the brook into it wont , i've caught trout right the way up the brook miles from where it enters the river. Always on spinners, as i say never had a chub there but the guy who told me is reliable and as they're in the main river i'm sure some would of gone up the brook when in flood.
  7. I will give that a shot this weekend then. I was using cheese paste weekend just gone but the river has been right up and like hot chocolate the colour of it. Im not a big river fisherman so not sure how these effects the conditions etc but there are some nice places to fish around here and ive been told chub are a good target as they will bite even in the winter which is why im after them really.
  8. Thanks mate, so just fish the same pools i normally get the trout in isit? The guy who told me theyre in this same brook is fishing mad so i know he wouldnt of said so if they wernt, just fancy something a bit different and it is nice getting in these quiet areas. Is meat generally a decent bait for them?
  9. hazel stick with a recess chipping into it and dried for a few weeks is spot on for handlines.
  10. Looking to do some chub fishing now as im missing my fishing already. Never had a chub or tageted them. Im in south wales, and theres a few brooks that run off the usk and a few others in my local area. Online it says theres chub in them, and one of them a reliable source told me hes had chub on an usk tributary that runs a good 7miles. Ive only ever had, or seen trout in these personally. A bad sign or? I could do the wye but i love brooks and being mobile and fishing non mainstream places. As i say ive had plenty of trout out of these secret little waterways so surely has to be more in them? I have been told a stickfloat and maggot trotting down accounted for chub to about 1lb from the guy i know. Not huge but i love fishing for what it is.
  11. 1mm sheshou puts them straight through cans, but i get TBG for free in work with some blaggin to the physio so i shoot 12mm steel all the time with single TBG, 20mm wide and cut 30cm long. Killed loads with it on my natural over the last 2 years.
  12. Over run with badgers here too. If you go on the walkways over the estate you cant let a terrier off the lead because its badger city sets everywhere and always see them at night with a lamp. Thats what these morons will never understand by letting one lot thrive your taking out the others. Try explaining that to a potato muncher though.
  13. Brock will definetly have one for dinner if he sees them about. What ive llooked into a basic box compartment with a tunnel entrance seems to be the best sort of housing for them with straw in. Its been non stop rain here but soon as i have a dry weekend im going to make my first one and i have an idea where im going to put it.
  14. Hi I think a ferreting one will be her next work as she's been taking photos of me out and about for some ideas to draw.
  15. 1mm is too heavy for 9.5, try. 70 or 75
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