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  1. Sorry for the delay gents. What I do in the live cage traps is get a pop bottle lid and like a little picture hanger hook and just force it in the the lid side, like screw it in with some force. Then just put a bit of peanut butter in the lid and the a pinch of chicken feed or catfood and hang at the back top corner. But just a bit of chicken feed on the plate also works but slugs do clean it off.
  2. Few photos of the rats out the garden this year. 32 so far. Caught in mk4 fenn and live traps.
  3. Had another few rats in the traps. Not seen any in the garden or moving around but have had plenty through December to early January. Fenn trap I have up baiting, as its getting cleared overnight every time. I'm guessing it's mice. Still, it's been catching without bait. Live traps have also caught me a few. I normally put bait in a pop lid, with a picture hook screwed into it and hang it up high on the back of the cage to make the rat get right over the trigger. That's 11 so far out of the garden with 1 fenn and 1 live catch.
  4. Be honest I don't kill them unless they are too many in number or causing my issues digging, chewing in the shed or eating my birds feed. When they start doing that though, they're gone.
  5. Seen the odd rat about again over the last few weeks. Chicken feed getting hammered and then a new run appeared under the fence right to the entrance of my fenn box. Had a check yesterday, a clean catch and an instant death. But this has got to be the biggest and widest eat I've ever caught. Size 9 foot for reference. It's either pregnant or its from all the layers pellets it's been on. That would of really caused issues if it got into my coop with my small birds.
  6. Me and my other half have been hatching a few chickens over the last 6 months and raising them. We decided we only needed to keep 2 as 2 eggs a day is enough for us so we gave the remainder to her dad. When I went to get my fishing gear out of the shed there was rat scat everywhere. I had a look around and found the runs. As we have owls in the garden regular poison is a no no so I dug one of the fenns out. Ordered this box as its a better design for a garden woth lots of traffic. A bit pricey but ideal as it's a long tunnel so none of the local cats etc can get hurt. This rat had been o
  7. Barely any rabbits in Wales for years because of this. It's ruined what we're good days as a kid with one or 2 to show. I've had 4 rabbits in the last 5 year's here with a ferret. Why I keep trying and keeping ferrets ill never know.
  8. I'd like to do this but don't know how I'd fund it be honest. Sell the house and get a boat but still need income when moving. Looks great mate
  9. Great stuff mate. What ammo did you use and what bands are they?
  10. I won't go into it as I rarely do and I'm not here to convince people. But, believe me, they are 100percent running free in our country. Just because you havnt seen one yet, don't rule it out. You won't miss it lf one reveals itself. I always laughed about the thought of it, how wrong I was, but how lucky I was to see myself what I saw with my partner.
  11. Anthony has packed it in now mate the stock was sold on.
  12. Micky is it the rhvd you are referring too? Same my way in Wales. Its wiped out. I know a few pockets over an hours drive away and that's considered local now. My barracks I work at in Oxford has a fair few but I've said for years the rabbits are long gone in South Wales. I don't think it will ever recover its wiped them out completely. No work for the ferrets, and I myself have had to resort to snaring squirrels. Its not good.
  13. Same my way mate hardly ever see one never known anything like it. Don't ever see them coming back either.
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