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  1. As it happens lads I called up last night with the rifle and caught these so called professionals poaching on a farm next door where I have permission. We exchanged a few sturn words and they made a quick get away once they realised they had been caught red handed, just had rather a heated conversation over the phone gent who is paying these lads. Font think that farmer will ever ring me again
  2. They say there no money in farming and there always claiming there skint
  3. Just his usual self tbh mate that’s why I was abit taken back didn’t really know what to say
  4. Honestly didn’t know what to say to him. I wish I could earn £250 a day 5 days a week I’d be a happy man
  5. I would be a wealthy man. Take the p**s just cs I couldn’t go up for a few weeks
  6. After a telephone call with the farmer today Just thought I would ask for ur thoughts on the following. the last few weeks I’ve been moving house and waiting for the little one to have his operation on his ear so I haven't been able to go go to the farm. I did let him know I was moving house etc. I ring today to let him know I would be up Thursday and he told me not to bother!!! He now has some one going up and is clearing the rabbits at a cost of £250 a day. Which I think is f*****g ridiculous. I had that permission for 6 years I don’t know if to be pissed or just ignore it and
  7. Hi lads, I’ve got 3 log nets in need of attention. Some holes and cord repair needed, im from wakefield West Yorkshire. Can anyone point me in direction of some one that can help??? I dont mind paying I’m not looking for a freebie. Thank you
  8. I didn’t tbh mate most bolted. Which I was glad of, I was out again yesterday but it’s too late in the season now think that’s it untill next year.
  9. Cheers mate, I think the season is over now tho. Which is a shame I noticed a couple of them had belly full
  10. Just thought I’d put some photos on lads from the outing yesterday. Ended with 28 but I think ferreting is over for the season now due to the young being here
  11. Had another day out today lads with better ending. I’ve just made a couple quick videos but I’m not the best with technology so don’t expect anything if quality also got some photos I’ll post them in here if I can. I ended the day on 28 and missed 3 . Had 17 out of the warren under the Holly bush
  12. I can’t moan when ur digging 9 foot I bet that was graft. I’m suppose to be out this weekend but if this frost carries on the ground will be like bell metal
  13. I’ll try put some photos up but they are small can’t believe I even had to dig to them
  14. Was the hardest day in a lot of years, most of my permission is hedgerows so the digging can be a nightmare. The weather was not the best raining and windy as hell the land was also full of water so maybe not the best conditions to start with. I was even digging to my small Jill’s there no bigger than rat
  15. Yeah I suppose when you put it like that mate, think I’ve just been abit spoilt tbh having easy days there with good number. A hard keeps you on ur toes
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