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  1. Still rather live here than those places in England where kids are exp!oited by ethnics.........
  2. But they can pump 10/12 pups out of them at a time and sell them for 2000 or 3000 each........
  3. Francie.......never mind that 'your brother is high up in social care'......how many of these babies have you volunteered to adopt and why were you turned down?
  4. Francie.....how many did you volunteer to adopt? Did social services give a valid reason shy you were unsuitable to adopt?
  5. Francie......how many of these babies are you willing to adopt?
  6. Does anyone encourage their daughters to take part in sports?
  7. It played the role of cheerleader to the 4 legged team.......much more effectively than the 2 legged back up....lol!
  8. I've often said that, as a nation, we need to be more self sufficient. 'Irish stew' consisting of lamb, potatoes, carrot and onion, is the perfect 'complete' food. As a nation, we need to consider this as a priority to feed our citizens, rather than exporting live cargoes of livestock or the right to be able to eat exotic crops all year round.
  9. In the words of the song.......'.Teach Your Children Well'......keep your private bits private and don't be a whore on social media.......simple.
  10. Do they look healthy? What do they look functional for? What have the kc to do with it? What breed exactly are they to have A standard? Shameful. But if fekwits are willing to part with thousands for them, that is their choice, but it only encourages breeding of unhealthy dogs. I wouldn't pay £20 for one.
  11. Do you class these healthy, desirable specimens? I can't imagine any reason for wanting one for any reason.
  12. Ashers make really tasty chilli sausage rolls......yum yum yum!!!
  13. Sad Sad indeed. However, regarding the 'pond life who can't keep her legs shut', what about the pond life who can't resist emptying their ball beg and have no further input to their offspring......?
  14. Another innocent child TOTALLY FAILED by parents, social workers and police. sleep tight, little one.
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