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  1. Interesting post.....how did you/would you feel about your wife getting pumped by another man?
  2. That's really interesting. When you say your daughter is 'law' in saudi, is she police or a lawyer etc? I considered going to work there about 20 years ago but was concerned about the practicalities unless working in a 'compound for westerners' all relative luxuries included, of course.......
  3. What about the rights of females, though? I believe in firm justice being seen to be done, but overall, are females treated well? Are all females even allowed to drive now? Are they believed in their own right without the approval of a male relative etc.? Many questions......
  4. I love AC/DC and Metallica, Quo are ok.......but to me, the Rollin Stones are ........in a league of their own.......
  5. In 20 years it will be all over for the UK/GB as we know it.....thank fook I have no descendants......
  6. Good luck to them in life, as long as they are not competing in sport with their masculine, testosterone built bodies against natural born women.
  7. Great stuff.....do you have the number for the hotline???
  8. What???? Does that mean that my Nigerean prince on his white charger is not for real???? I just sent him my life savings to get him released from kidnappers.....£3.54 wasted then.....please tell me it ain't so.......
  9. Out of interest, how many on here still smoke, or have managed to give it up in the past?
  10. That looks cool......does the boat move or is it fixed there permanently?
  11. That's my favourite Bond film........love the theme tune too.
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