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  1. Is it true that only 30% turned out to vote?
  2. Interesting........I wonder who our next MP will be.........?
  3. Indeed. Where I live, it is not so much the blacks, but the wanna be gangsta/w**ksta knuckle dragging types, walking along in a haze of weed with their tool dogs...bully XL, cane corsa etc. A proper days work would kill them. The nation is doomed.
  4. It's time these fekwits are treated with no mercy and sent to prison. They have had long enough to comply with the law, but obviously think they are above it. These dogs are responsible for KILLING people!
  5. Unbecoming behaviour from a Christian organisation........
  6. Noble ideas......but......these days, in these areas, it is less about political idealism and more about making money from drugs.
  7. What is it about the Loyalist areas that would make you proud to be British?
  8. 9/11.......standing in the boarding queue at Schipol Airport, whilst watching the live sky news reports on the giant tv........
  9. Wish I could like olives......but....I just can't.....
  10. Oh I feel sick after watching that......why do they do it?
  11. Is that soupy stuff hot or cold?
  12. His wife is being very outspoken........she might be at risk now for an unfortunate accident.......
  13. Looking at the news this morning, it appears a lot of people didn't even bother to turn up to vote. I find that disappointing when so many complain about life in UK these days. I bet certain sectors/communities are very actively encouraged to get their votes in.
  14. This, to me, is a perfect dinner! Meat, potatoes, colourful veg and gravy. The sort of stuff that would, if eaten every day, vastly improve the health of this nation. Now, don't get me wrong, I love all sorts of food, healthy, home grown, raw, junk, fresh, fried, processed......all of it! But, I wonder what most kids are being fed on these days? Are those of you who are parents, teaching your kids by example what to eat and how to grow/source and cook it? I fear that a lot of kids, well even those in their 20s and 30s, who are now raising the next generation, have lost that ability to nou
  15. I often hear songs that bring me back to those who are passed, but that is perhaps for a new thread.....xxx
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