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  1. Has anyone on here represented their nation at sport?
  2. A very emotive subject with no easy answer........onwards and upwards.......I wonder what progress another 50 years will bring.....?
  3. All a bit sensationalist........
  4. How many dogs have you got already? Do you have the time/energy/money to take on another, considering your commiments you already have as a single parent? You, as the adult, will after all, be responsible for the dog.
  5. Good luck......hope you have fun with him....
  6. Where I live, car versions of the Berlingos, Partners etc are cheaper to tax and insure than the panel van types, eve if only used as a private car......I pay commercial insurance and taxon mine......rip off!
  7. Dear oh dear, seems to be getting a bit rough over there........
  8. Mmmm.........'single mums'.......is it fair to just blame them? What about the 'irresponsible dads'......happy to create these children, often with multiple partners, then take no responsibilty, morally or financially, in raising them........?
  9. Disgraceful......plenty of brown tonguers due in Phoenix Park this Sunday........
  10. What was the goal/ultimate job plan for this dog? Military? Guard? Personal protection? Did yer mate train the dog himself or buy in 'ready made'?
  11. littlefish


    Indeed, and maybe if they tried the wee trick known as 'a decent day's tax earning work' it would help them intergrate......
  12. littlefish


    Heartbreaking and difficult reading that.....it appears firefighters went above and beyond to rescue residents BUT what I find particularly distasteful, were those who 'claimed' that their relatives perished when they didn't exist........disgusting.....
  13. I'd love to visit Iceland, Scandinavia etc....
  14. I have often read news articles and wondered how on earth an adult could die as a result of a dog attack. Then ast week I had the opportunity to meet a mali....show bred most likely.....it was the scariest most unstable dog I have ever seen. It was 'handled' by the most ineffective irrisponsible person who seemed to be in denial about just how dangerous it was, grabbing at people and other dogs alike. The dog deserved a bullet and the handler deserved a good boot in the hole.
  15. What is likely to happen if the child is flown to Italy?
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