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  1. Theres always two ways to skin a cat fireman,if thats the way you were taught happydays,tho i was taught to keep her tight,naturally in the middle of the rafters if water gathers it will runn under the baton an down an away
  2. your so caught up in the one thing(what they want us to do)you cant see whats coming,your grandchildren will not have a life,theyve got you were they want you thinking about one thing to keep you busy,an its important but you cant see the woods for the trees,did you not just listen to boris talking to the eu,the internNET will literally be in control an well be trapped in its web,with nowere to go,you have no idea of the implications. Theres no hope for you buddy
  3. Just a conspiracy you say..... Gary Brünker on Reels | WWW.(!64.56:886 20K views, 289 likes, 2 comments, 478 shares, Facebook Reels from Gary Brünker.
  4. The felt is gran,iv done over hundred new roofs on my time an fixed many a leaky one,an never have any bother with water penetrating through pasilode nails,an im am asumming your putting the rest of the fixing in the rafters today
  5. Dan dont listen to that bollocks looks gran
  6. Says in the above article that usyks manager gave the fureys a take it or leave it,i wonder what that is?
  7. I shouldnt have to,you know who they are fd,but as you said yesterday just carry on.
  8. Maybe so but there was two world wars an id say theyll be a third kanny
  9. Yous know who it is but yous havent got the balls to do anything mate
  10. Thats one thing i wont do is hide away,il stand tall an proud an take up the fight with whoever bring it....
  11. If its not an app or anything fishy born then why cant you use your phone unless you press the button to aknowledge it,anything from the gov is not to be trusted imo,everyone else can make up there own mind.
  12. So if you receive this alert you cant use your phone until you aknowledge it hmmmmm very fishy
  13. @South hams hunter it is the same thing
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