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  1. Revelation is playing out nicely dido
  2. Aye ye can hunt foxes nb wilf
  3. I dont think it's all under license chid,even still they can hunt fox badger etc You can hunt hares here in the north of ireland with lurchers legit,in south of ireland you can't,but ye can hunt fox rabbit an the rest no bother without a license an long may it last
  4. Sorry to hear this,what a number your government have done on yous,the bloody cheek of them,honestly lads I'm speechless,you can murder a baby upto six months which dont get pain releif but you can't hunt fox,I'm lost for words. I despise the eu but yous are going to have to use there tactics against them,you can freely hunt in Europe,someone needs to take a case to the courts there,thsts the only way you could possibly overturn it.
  5. I was going to say that wilf,an I apologise to voon if that's the case,I knew of a man that did it,professed to be a Christian,church al the time but he was a scumbag
  6. Bollocks,was Jimmy savile God fearing,broad statement that voon
  7. Nothing about skill or competence
  8. Taken from synergys website the company that ran the ship At Synergy we want a workplace that is truly characterized by inclusion and belonging. Diversity for us is more about the variety of our thoughts as a team. Although diversity can be created through deliberate hiring practices, inclusion may not automatically follow. We want our entire workforce to appreciate and show sensitivity to the cultural, and any other, differences that exist in our teams, as well as among the people we interact with in our daily business. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels they belong
  9. It looks like it is wilf,go an look at the company who runs the ship an get back to me,look at there sd campaigns an stuff,woke liberal diversity hiring cringefest mate
  10. Aye Indians apparently wilf,this diversity hiring is abysmal an dangerous,hiring people because of the colour of there skin an not there merit is shocking,apparently there doing it with pilots an all,f**k me lol
  11. Apparently the company running the ship are big on diversity inclusion,apparently the crew weren't the sharpest tools in the box ffs
  12. His own daughter an niece,find it hard to beleive that they would make it up about three da????
  13. Haha grey I'm not interested in a debate about God,I never mentioned it at all mate,but while you've mentioned it believing in God has nothing to do with money,that is organised religion,anyway back to the SCIENCE lol
  14. By the way I'm not saying these certain layers ain't forming I'm saying there not millions of years old.
  15. How would you explain the poly strata trees,top of it in one layer an the bottom in a different layer,obviously these layers or coloums arent millions of years old?
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