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  1. I also heard this but cant confirm,iv no words for leo an that scumbag harris,but il put a wager on its 100percent true,poor wee girl an family
  2. Shes definatley not lying,its been confirmed its the truth.
  3. The ra of the 60 70 80s are long gone,old men,the people we need to count on are ourselves. Donoghue disarmed the attacker then the brazil man lifted it an took knife across the street an came back an got stuck in,fairplay to him but the irish lad got no recognitiin. That slimey scummy mongrel varadkar on tv talking absolute left wing dribble,i f***ing despise thatonmitthe news again waffling about how scary we are fs,he needs to go
  4. It will be sinister i bet welsh
  5. Iv been watching herman for years wilf,i seen a few teying to discredit him,dont know if any of its true,but everything he said is right up my street,id vote for him
  6. Wouldnt surprise me if antifa or paid agents were among them
  7. The gov an all the scummy politicians have blood on there hands,f**k the guards they signed an oath to protect the irish people but they aint there protecting gov an immigrants an paedos etc the guards deserve what they get. Tho i dont want to see dublin on fire id rather the dail or politicians houses. I knew people wouldnt stand for this much longer. Iv read the army an tanks are on the streets
  8. Thats in donegal,15 mins from me lol
  9. Im happy what im doing now,tho i wanted to be a fighter,muay tai/kickboxing but of course i f****d it up through not comitting,instead drinking an taking drugs,big regret of mine
  10. What size will the entrances be to the kennel jig?will you put a flap of some sort on? I got a load of leftover kingspan an put it on floor roof sides of the kennel,you can feel the heat in there,the dogs heat bounces of it,bitch is very happy lol
  11. Hows the dog getting on james,did you get it started?
  12. Just the way i like it jig,beautiful place
  13. Dont tell me francis has outboxed fury lol?
  14. The windmills do not generate nowere near enough power,the materials used to make them are totally unrecyclleable,so will have to be buried,the amount of oil an grease needed to keep them spinning is a joke,its far from green energy,its a scam just like most of the green ideas,big profits are being made which we will never see or gain from.
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