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  1. Of course not, but, you'll be a lot healthier than if you were overweight.
  2. No, it obviously doesn't reduce inflammation, where have you got that from? From the research it doesn't appear that any specific diet fad including carnivore makes any difference in reducing inflammation when total calories consumed are controlled. There's not been many studies done on this anyway, the most convincing reduction in inflammation was when they replaced saturated fats with omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. But sure, if people have a high sugar diet, they tend to consume excess calories, tend to be overweight which in turn caused inflammation. But, if you control the calories, there d
  3. I will watch it if Fury actually gets in the ring with him, to do it you have to attempt it. Wilder has fought nobody, his best win was an old Ortiz who again has never fought anybody, isn't his biggest win Dave Allen? Lol
  4. Just answer this, if you refuse to accept studies that don't fall in line with your views then who/what do you believe? Let's not forget, studies aren't just carried out by all the people you disagree with.
  5. Again, not true. You can eat a super high diet in sugar and still improve insulin sensitivity providing you keep your weight in check. Come on guys.
  6. I like the word relieved because that was the worst takeover claim I've ever seen in over 35 years of watching boxing. Lol Wilder, come on now, Parker just beat him easier than Fury did. Even King Kong who was born in the cretaceous and who has never beat anybody was licking him both times until he got careless. Hahaha. No, the Arab ain't daft, that's why he will be billing the Sausage 10 million when he pulls out again. Lol
  7. I've just seen the latest video between the pair, Fury getting rattled at being called a coward by Usyk's manager. He's also quite pally pally with his excellency, wonder what they are plotting next? Meanwhile Usyk look steely calm, like Jaws.
  8. The name don't make the man, the dosser is getting it!
  9. Yes, let's see what injury he suffers this time? Maybe he's struggling to find his annual supply of Wild Boar meat?
  10. If the Sausage pulls out again in May I'm gonna let his caravan tyres down, the big useless dosser!
  11. Don't we want that though, on a personal level if it happend to anyone I imagine they would. An eye for an eye is fair enough.
  12. He shouldn't be deported, he should be held down and tortured, preferably with acid, an eye for an eye.
  13. Oooh, we have a little grass do we? Lol Again, grow up.
  14. They are, they are promising to sort out the points based immigration system and vow to not return to freedom of movement. We all don't know anything until we see them in power, what we do know is that the Tories have failed miserably with immigration, you can't keep on blaming Labour.
  15. The opinion of a little fish is like water off a ducks back, come back when you've left the goldfish bowl. Lol
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