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  1. They all look the right way to me lol SINDASOX
  2. When i was first shown that happy people i couldn't see it no matter how hard i tried, showed it to other's as well who just could not see it. Then you could show it to someone who could see the happy people in seconds, after my Mrs spotted them and showed me you think to yourself how couldn't you see that. Whenever i see it now the first thing i see is happy people, struggle now to see the original image i had in my head lol SINDASOX
  3. Looking great that is now, are you doing the floor's as well. SINDASOX
  4. Don't get ads on my desktop PC as iv'e got Adblock plus installed, but when watching stuff through my Amazon Firestick get tons of ads. Just googled it and found a few video tutorials. Bit of a potch that for me as i can guarantee something will go wrong if i tried to follow the instructions in that video lol SINDASOX
  5. What price are you paying for the shredded wax paper now, last lot i had it was £12.00 a bale, that's the Corpak one 16/18 kilograms. Lawsons do some as well £11.00 for approx 22 kilograms, it's £8.00 delivery though. Shredded Wax Paper Bedding (Approx 22Kg) - Lawson Animal Feeds WWW.LAWSONANIMALFEEDS.CO.UK Wax Paper Bedding (virtually dust free) SINDASOX
  6. Changed over to Bulb myself after my brother put me on to them, found them great, but as you say they have hiked their prices up lately so i'm looking to move myself. SINDASOX
  7. Yes i agree the warnings are out there and you have to be super vigilant in this day and age, but these b*****ds are telling the gullible people their are from Microsoft or Amazon etc and lots of them fall for the scam every time. Seen videos where they have had the victims on the phone for 5 hours trying to get thousands out of their bank account. You would think the Indian accent would set the alarm bells ringing straight away wouldn't you. SINDASOX
  8. Iv'e just had a problem getting on, 1st time though, no issues before that. SINDASOX
  9. Yes, but the videos i have been watching on YouTube on the Jim Browning channel shows you where the gullible ones have put their pc on and done everything them b*****ds have asked them to do. Lots of the scams also come from pop ups whilst you are on your pc. They are then looking at all their online banking accounts and trying and succeeding in robbing the poor fuckers of thousands. He's reported countless scammers in India to the local crime authorities and half the time they are not interested, watching vids today where he reported scams to Lloyds / TSB and they were not intereste
  10. I wouldn't recommend that route for lots of people who are from the older generation, and lots who are extremely gullible old and young. When they ask you to connect to your pc, and then send you a link to download the remote access feature they then have full access to your pc. I wouldn't do it myself personally, but if i had the knowledge of Jim Browning i would lol. SINDASOX
  11. Just put the phone straight down on them, they will make up any false email, if you get some asking if you own a laptop or computer etc just tell them no, they will then just cut you off because they know that they can't get into your system, you can see all stuff like this on the videos where this Jim Browning guy is secretly filming the b*****ds. One old lady can be heard on one of the clips saying she hasn't got a computer and he immediately cuts her off and tells her to RIP. SINDASOX
  12. This guy gets the scam calls and emails same as us, but he phones them up and then gets into their computer system and plays f**k with them. Real clever guy. SINDASOX
  13. When you got a bit of spare time have a look at the footage on YouTube, truly shocking. SINDASOX
  14. It's disturbing listening to them on the phone stealing thousands of pounds from people's bank accounts, a lot of them old and gullible. SINDASOX
  15. Hi all, I'm sure everyone on here is getting scam phone calls, emails etc on a regular basis myself included everyday. Came across this guy on YouTube who exposes the b*****d Scumbags big time, really enjoyable watching him expose them. They are scamming millions of pounds from people all over the world, iv'e put a link for you to have a look and then if you search Jim Browning there's loads more to watch. In some of the videos, he has said that he has fowarded concrete evidence of the scams to the authorities in India and hasn't even had a reply from them.
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