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  1. My Father had the exact same view as you jig.........he was wrong though lol. SINDASOX
  2. Love the Bridgedale's myself.....the one's in your link.....tried a pair of Darn tough real good quality but mine went in the heel area, they replaced them though. SINDASOX
  3. Didn't effect my Wifi at all, only my phone data. SINDASOX
  4. Thank you Mr Katchum, just got off the phone to Virgin and there was some kind of lock on there, sorted.... SINDASOX
  5. Got hide explicit results off on Google. On chrome safe browsing is off. Always use secure connections is on. SINDASOX
  6. Thanks mate, just tried that, still the same, what I can't understand is it only happens when using my data, get on everytime with Wi-Fi. SINDASOX
  7. Hi, I am having a problem when i try and connect to this site with my phone. If i'm at home and i connect to the site via my Wifi it connects straight away with no problems. The problem i'm having is if i try and connect through my mobile data on my phone when i'm not at home i'm getting the message This site cant provide a secure connection www.thehuntinglife.com sent an invalid response. I downloaded the Opera browser onto my phone to try that and the same thing is happening with that. Anyone know how to fix this problem. Thanks SINDASOX
  8. Watched a load of this guy's videos on youtube after you mentioned him before on another thread. Amazing watching him take all that crap off the hoof with that knife, and also grinding all the excess off with the grinder. Haven't watched any for a good while now. SINDASOX
  9. Well that's a shock remember watching the Tour many years ago with Robert Millar. SINDASOX
  10. I went on that gofund me webpage and made a donation and there was this slider thing to give a tip as well. I didn't read it right as i thought my tip was going to go to Newkid for organsing everything lol and he would put it in the fundraising kitty, but the tip was for gofund me. SINDASOX
  11. The entry fee to these Game Fairs is getting more expensive year on year, £35 to get in is ridiculous, if it's just you and your missus there's £70 quid gone before you start, love walking around all day looking at different stalls, but the organisers are definitely getting too greedy. Lots of people still go no matter what the entrance fee, if there were a large drop in attendance figures, maybe they would drop the price, who knows. Don't get me wrong i used to love going to the Midland every year, but haven't been for years now. SINDASOX
  12. How did he take it. SINDASOX
  13. Watched the first episode on Friday night, i enjoyed it. By last night i had got through all episodes, enjoyed Kaleb's contribution, and that Gerald is a character for sure. SINDASOX
  14. I have just clicked on the link to donate, but it says donate through "facebook pay "....i haven't got that....can i do it through paypal....??? SINDASOX
  15. Yes, Clementine....they call her Clemmy and also call her Tilly lol SINDASOX
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