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  1. Read that bit last night about him stepping down. Dave Harcombe will be coming up to 85 shortly. Only 10 mags a year now. SINDASOX
  2. Bit i also remember was you referring about your lack of knowledge with mechanical problems akin to looking up a cows arse. Funny as f**k, i'm the same. SINDASOX
  3. I can remember that post you made at the time now, you were begging the man from the AA or RAC to look at your car. SINDASOX
  4. Wales were absolutely superb, couldn't wait to see that eighty mins come up on the clock and a excellent result for Wales. Countless times in the past they have lost in the dying seconds. SINDASOX
  5. Watched a few of these one's, Guy cooking in his garden in Russia. If you like them there's loads more on there. SINDASOX


    Brilliant socks, these. https://www.bridgedale.com/710-153-explorer-heavyweight-knee and for your boots this, https://www.renapur.com/shop/renapur-leather-balsam-200ml SINDASOX
  7. Nice to hear someone getting good news instead of all the usual devastating tragic stories you keep hearing all the time. All the Best SINDASOX
  8. Excellent that Pesky, this is the version i have seen lol SINDASOX
  9. Look at the price on this https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/2325699-lurcher-greyhound-puppy-for-sale-reading.html SINDASOX
  10. Spot on there i can't stand the man. Mark Francois picked up on that and said he would like to see Steve Baker. SINDASOX
  11. These is it, https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/2277878-rare-unique-coloured-half-x-liverpool.html SINDASOX
  12. Had a Mountfield for years and never let me down, last year i purchased a Honda Izzy 21 inch cut self propelled. Also use a Honda Izzy at work. SINDASOX
  13. Was going to say Unbelievable the way you have been treated, but as we all know the laws in this country are well and truly f****d. The way they protect the one's who have committed the crime is just so f****n wrong. Lad around here had all his tools taken from his van, he found out who the scumbags were and went to sort them out, he was then banned from the village. Another lad caught a boy thieving his stuff, he went and got the boy and put him in his boot and drove him to the police station, the police arrested the boy for putting him in the boot. SINDASOX
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