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  1. Don't know who's the worst after last Saturday's game against Georgia... SINDASOX
  2. I'm on about the one that Les was going to bring out with 2 other guys. SINDASOX
  3. Any updates on these as it's almost a year on now...?? SINDASOX
  4. Corpak is the brand I'm buying. SINDASOX
  5. Got to have plenty of gravy to dip my 2 bread and butter into lol SINDASOX
  6. What are you boys paying for it now. It was £9 quid when I first started using it. Picked up 2 bags today and it's £14 quid a bag now. SINDASOX.
  7. I don't want to see them either. Started watching one once where a gang had this guy tied up and they were cutting his arms and that off while he was alive. They also had a dog there which was eating him away in between his legs. I knocked it off, i don't want to see stuff like that. SINDASOX.
  8. A man right up my street SINDASOX
  9. Instant for me as well, wont be nescafe though lol too expensive. SINDASOX
  10. Here, Handmade Knives | Loz Harrop knives WWW.LOZHARROP.COM loz harrop.com hand made knives and tools in england using the finest steels including hand made damascus and stainless san mai SINDASOX
  11. Said on news channels tonight he's got three options of which none are any good to him, go to court, settle out of court or ignore it. Commentators have said there's no way he'll go to court. SINDASOX
  12. Hi, few links below for you to look at, the Dave Noble bells are a real quality bell, it's the one in my photo with the brass top on the right of your screen they are 15mm x 15mm....you will need a size 0. I'm pretty sure the other one's are Lahore bells, tidy enough bells but not the same quality as the Noble, you wont go wrong with any of these. Dog Stuff - Westweald Falconry - Falconry Equipment - Staying ahead in the field WWW.WESTWEALDFALCONRY.CO.UK Westweald Falconry - range of Dog equipment & supplies.
  13. Been on the Now Broadband reviews on Trust Pilot and the reviews are absolutely terrible. Browsing again today and found Consumer choices, they had broadband for £17.95 a month. Anyway, filled out my contact details and within seconds my phone was ringing, had a chat with this guy and they had a fibre broadband deal for £20 a month, 18 month contract with talk talk. Had a look at the reviews on Trust Pilot on talk talk and they are all Really Bad as well. SINDASOX
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