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  1. Having loads of scam calls on my landline number every day, got it on permanent answser machine now asking them to leave a message. Majority do not leave a message, but some do. Doesn't put them off though, as they keep trying everyday. SINDASOX
  2. That's how he's making his living, got a lovely place there by the looks of it. SINDASOX
  3. There's video's on the tube of him making it. SINDASOX
  4. Watch a lot of his stuff myself, he likes a glass or two of homemade red wine as well. SINDASOX
  5. Ok, Thanks for that, i wasn't sure if it was you, but there was definitely someone on here who had problems with a Harkila coat leaking. SINDASOX
  6. Born, Was you the guy that had quality issues with a Harkila Jacket quite a good few years ago now...??? I can remember a guy on here posting about it, it was letting in water and they replaced it for him, but he continued to have problems. SINDASOX
  7. Only video i can find on there is Setting a traditional long net badly. SINDASOX
  8. News report says he shot him 5 times, then shot his self whilst in handcuffs behind his back. Don't add up to me. SINDASOX
  9. He was handcuffed with his hands behind his back, how the f**k did he manage to shoot the cop. SINDASOX
  10. Joop for fucks sake..... ...... SINDASOX
  11. Watched a good few of his videos where he's ratting, the mad f****r likes to catch them himself. His missus was lying down in one video filming rats bolting from under a trough virtually inches from it. Why does he take the pinkies and young rats still alive home with him, to grow on and then use as food for his mink and friends reptiles possibly. SINDASOX
  12. Had mine delivered today, went up a size from large to XL and they are too big. Got to return and re - order a large. SINDASOX
  13. Just ordered a pair in the link, had a look on there at the Inverness 500 and they only had them in 42 waist, There's also a Inverness 300 on there. A few people on here have recommended the solognac trousers, so i thought i'll give them a try. SINDASOX
  14. These are a different pair to the one's which were put up by MH1 in the link mate, what are these one's called on the Decathlon website...?? Here's the link MH1 put up. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/waterproof-reinforced-hunting-trousers-100-green-id_8367352.html SINDASOX
  15. Took delivery of a Lurcher collar today and a belt and can only agree with Katchum, Superb Quality, will be ordering another collar once this pup is fully grown. SINDASOX
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