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  1. Is the cellular rubber bottom just like a wellie ? Is there much support ?
  2. Are lundhags still available in the UK ? Any recommendations for which model ?
  3. Great post. Anyone that trials/train a spaniel will tell you the best thing that slows down a dog is the dog working/listening to the whistle. A untrained dog will look fast but it’s totally untrained and who would want that ??? If Ireland was the “shangri la” for spaniels why do all the best triallers over there use the same dogs as the rest of the uk ??? The new stuff did not fall from the sky one day it was bred from this old stuff people are going on about.
  4. If a person can pick up the phone and arrange to go and buy a pup from an advert is it really the best stock ? surely the best stuff is all pre booked ?
  5. Never had a gwp, I had a GSP. A friend has gwp’s and uses them on the grouse and stalking
  6. No pal. I’ve seen enough of the other breeds in trials to not want one !
  7. The dog has to hunt , with style and pace, to locate game. It has to hold the game, pointing, until the handler and guns are in position and then flush on command and remain steady. It then has to retrieve to hand on command. All these have to be done silently.Sounds easy but very very few hpr’s do the above well !!!!
  8. The best 2 gwp’s I saw in trials were Maplehaze Nightjar and her daughter Maplehaze Finlaggen. Both were built like your bitch
  9. I know it’s each person’s own choice of what type of dog they want so I’m not having a go at anyone. If these big heavily marked springers were so good why are they as rare as hens teeth ? Forget trialling dogs for a minute. Surely everyone not into trialling would still have these big heavily marked springers if they were better ? The way I see it is the dogs around now are around because they do the job. Whether it is gundogs/terriers/lurchers/guard dogs it seems everyone wants the old stuff when the dogs we have now are out of the old stuff ! When did old became new ? , it’s the same stuff
  10. Some of these continental hpr breeds are incredible animals. I had a gsp for 11 years. Personally I would only ever be interested in GSP and GWP. I have seen the other hpr breeds in trials but would only be interested in those two breeds. On paper they are incredible animals, but in reality a good one is very very rare indeed. A hpr that does it all , and does it well, will be as common as a donkey egg !!!!
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