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  1. jessdale


  2. Wilf, my brother recently got a ridgeline elite jacket and said he couldn’t tell the difference between the coat and the bag it came in !!!! Lol. I’ve just got a Swedteam Titan pro smock and I swear it would survive a nuclear blast !!
  3. The international working teckel is a good book
  4. Leeds United have had a fantastic season. Thanks for asking.
  5. Got to admit matey I shed a tear watching the funeral today. No one the world over do pomp and ceremony as good as us. No one !!!
  6. They had a very short season last season but they are still up and running. They have a new huntsman starting 1st May
  7. How did you get on with Ian ???
  8. Ring him. You will have a answer in seconds.
  9. Is the cellular rubber bottom just like a wellie ? Is there much support ?
  10. Are lundhags still available in the UK ? Any recommendations for which model ?
  11. Great post. Anyone that trials/train a spaniel will tell you the best thing that slows down a dog is the dog working/listening to the whistle. A untrained dog will look fast but it’s totally untrained and who would want that ??? If Ireland was the “shangri la” for spaniels why do all the best triallers over there use the same dogs as the rest of the uk ??? The new stuff did not fall from the sky one day it was bred from this old stuff people are going on about.
  12. If a person can pick up the phone and arrange to go and buy a pup from an advert is it really the best stock ? surely the best stuff is all pre booked ?
  13. Never had a gwp, I had a GSP. A friend has gwp’s and uses them on the grouse and stalking
  14. No pal. I’ve seen enough of the other breeds in trials to not want one !
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