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  1. jessdale

    The national

    Wonder how much O’Leary charged the jockey for the ride ? Lol
  2. jessdale

    struggling to keep weight on my springer spaniel

    Acana is a superb quality complete food, it doesn’t need anything adding to it.
  3. jessdale

    Todhunter and the fox

    Thankyou very much Gin for sorting me a copy
  4. jessdale

    struggling to keep weight on my springer spaniel

    Which Arkwright are you feeding?
  5. jessdale

    Todhunter and the fox

    I’ve still got a vhs !!!
  6. jessdale

    Todhunter and the fox

    Has anyone got a copy they would sell?
  7. jessdale

    Where's The Gravy ?

    Leeds fans were singing "is there a fire drill" at Sunderland because so many of their fans were walking out mid game
  8. jessdale

    Labs And Water Training

    He isn't a Pratt, far from it. He is a tool of the highest order !
  9. Km engineering in Northern Ireland. Superb stuff and delivered to your door anywhere in the UK
  10. jessdale

    Best Socks

    Darn tough socks have a lifetime guarantee. Wear them out/hole them and they will replace them. About £20 for socks for life
  11. jessdale

    Mill Wall Beat Bradford

    They will have their cup final at elland road next season.
  12. jessdale

    Cocker X Clumber

    Get a well bred springer
  13. jessdale


    If anyone has a spare copy of this issue please let me know
  14. jessdale


    Antigua is stunning and real Caribbean. Been to Mexico, Pacific and Caribbean sides, and it's nice but very american.
  15. jessdale

    Scott Rea ?

    He is very very good with the butchery and the recipes I have tried have been excellent. It just drives me mad how he talks, his voice goes up a notch at the end of a sentence, like a Australian. Inotation I think it's called. But then again most youngsters talk like that now.