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  1. Hi mate I'm after the MK4 fenn traps how much mate and can you post cheers
  2. Hi have you still got the nets and game bag are all the nets spun poly cheers
  3. Hi how much are the MK4 fenn traps
  4. Hi do you still have the box and collar for sale thanks
  5. Hi anybody out there able to clean my pine marten, and stoat, full of dust I'm in Warrington Cheshire thanks
  6. thanks mate but too far for me
  7. Yes mate too far for me thanks though
  8. Hi looking for a ferret hob or Jill colour not important need a worker if possible I'm in Warrington Cheshire thanks
  9. Hi do you still have the knocker boxes thanks
  10. Hi trav is the box and collar still for sale
  11. Hi is box and collar still for sale thanks
  12. Hi I'm interested in box and collar do you still have it cheers and can post
  13. Hi looking to buy dog worming tablets and can post to Warrington cheers
  14. Hi looking for a jill ferret close to warrington cheshire cheers
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