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  1. Fine animal, what's he like for speed looks like he's well able to run. Atb fenman
  2. If it was as hard to get Wheaton x pup as it would kelpie would of thought about it but plenty Wheatons around me if I could of got away without breeding my own litter I would have.. You done some travelling I'm not far from Cork my self, fair play to you.
  3. Yeah the thing with it was if it was this side I have a vet that back dates vaccines and rabies etc so I can send dogs the next day passport rabies and vaccines I get for 150 euro but different story in England vets prices are a joke there
  4. I was going to get the bitch pup and I went through bosun, iv a full greyhound bitch here waiting to put a Wheaton dog on her but if I could of threw the lad a few hundred it would of saved me breeding a litter and getting rid of what I didn't want/need, so anyway couldn't end up getting her as the lad who owns them don't drive and pups don't have vaccines or micro chipped so in order to get it to Ireland was going to be more hassle. But she was a lovely bitch smooth coated and red any lad in England would be happy with her considering the price of dogs now.
  5. I'd gladly try a bedlington if you wanna put me forward to owner of pups and dog will be garunteed earth work every week if it made the grade and wasn't €2000 to start with. Tried getting a bedlington to try but they seem impossible to get or impossible to get a reply back.. If people wanted to keep the bedlington alive why wouldn't they sell to any working home? been part of a circle of 5 people ain't going to save any breed either. Atb fenman
  6. Rule number 1, avoid eye contact when making the decision
  7. What percent deerhound? dogs don't look that tall in back of cab.. Fine pup all the same
  8. There's a few videos on you tube out in oz lads using a few border collies to hunt boar the dogs basically round up wild pigs and the lads start shooting like mad c**ts.. But the old borders put the wild pigs on a plate for them
  9. There a sheep farmer by me good friend of mine he keeps greyhounds too he's got 2 old school mountain sheepdogs well I say old school but there just big dogs strong boned he's dog ain't far off 26tts I'd say, but you see him send the 2 dogs off up the comeragh mountains on there own few hours later and there at the farm with a flock of sheep very impressive to watch, and when we hunted a Glenn at back of farm with hounds if they was around they didn't mind getting involved in the hunt either
  10. I see a litter on dogs.ie the other day but if your in England will have to have greyhound transporter bring it back. I knew a fella done door to service for 250 but I don't no now with brexit and stuff but also heard he goes back up north and crosses border that way. Atb
  11. There's nothing wrong with pup if I could have him closer bred to he's sire I probably would. Atb
  12. Cheers mate. Going through the stage of vandalising the garden any chance he has the f****r
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