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  1. He's sire is 14 in October was never in a vet for health reasons just injurys, and was tight bred plus show dogs have been f****d from decades of wrong breeding. But I knowq what your saying when I believe theres health problems in the dogs I'll break it up a bit but wqill always have something close. Line breeding the only way in my eyes
  2. He was 9 months on the 19th turning out nice
  3. That beagle spaniel you have is a fine dog mate. My type of hunter
  4. Nice pups and bitch mate atb with them
  5. Don't get me wrong i have some sort of attachment to all dogs but it's an attachment you need to understand can be gone in a flash. Seen a couple dogs hit park benches lamping foxes that was covered with bramble too. Just something that can happen that we obviously try to avoid but accidents happen. And 9 times out of ten will happen to probably the best in the yard
  6. Try not to get an emotional attachment even tho it's hard when your getting a dog fit and ready for running and spending hours every day you build an attachment then see it kill its self off a tree, dyke cattle troth is hard but when it's happened a couple of times you just say f**k sake and start again if that was your only dog. Most dogs iv seen killed on the lamp was from fence stakes and you can't avoid them. There's a hundred+ in most fields round me
  7. Honey with warm water in a spray bottle put a splash of tcp in it and spray the back of the throat will be gone in no time if its kennel cough mate
  8. I had a few of the old English bull x foxterrier type out of Cork all decent dogs wish I had a few them round me now.
  9. Hit the nail on the head mate
  10. I just got my nephew a pup off a lad on here. Beddy/whippet x whippet/greyhound lovely little blue bitch. Price was 350 but before it was old enough to leave got chatting to lad and he said I could take for 250 but I told him 350 was a very good price and I gave the 350 and when I collected the pup he offered me a little rough coated red pup for nothing to take away. I didn't take it but was a nice offer, some decent lads still about. If anyone's looking for a rabbit dog he's pups are crackers
  11. Watching them run round in circles crying.. ?
  12. But there not my line so how am I gonna line breed? Plus I don't keep dogs to look at them you thick c**t do you think your the only man hunts well I know your the only man goes out in scuba diving gear. Plus if you look on terrier section I don't just keep runners.. We bred and kept gdoy 2020 he broke British Isles record in he's show so what can you tell me about working dogs you absalute retard.. My dog made history what have your dogs made you apart from there shit you clean everyday
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