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  1. Like the other guys have said hw110 definitely one of the quietest
  2. Looking good, what will you be applying to this one
  3. Now that is some top quality work there jimmy, I tried doing one myself couple of years ago by no means a simply task and I made a right mess of it to be honest. The coffee tip is a brilliant bit of info
  4. Always fancied a rapid myself, but the usual story of something else needs buying for the house or the kids every time I save a bit of money up, looks nice though
  5. As philpot and comanche both said the air arms t200 is a cracking bit of kit and excellent value in my opinion, I loved mine when I had one Cheers
  6. That explains why I couldn't see anything on there then, thanks
  7. I've had a couple, a Webley one and a cheapy one which to be fair did just as good a job but as 452varmint says above just get a bottle much easier and faster
  8. Great day out that buddy, dogs are a credit to you all three look fit for purpose
  9. IV got one the same as boldcoot put up a link for, it does the job and is pretty cheap IV had no major issues with mine to be honest
  10. Think they need rabies jabs and pet passport now same as bringing one in from rest of Europe but I'm not 100% sure
  11. My Oldman gave me his Webley MK3 when I was about 8 or 9 can still remember straining like hell pulling the under lever back, will dig out some pictures if I can find them
  12. Get them out as soon as they've had there jabs let them see what's what, as with everything some will be easy to break, IV had others I could never really trust.
  13. Looks a nice pup that, good luck
  14. Hello everyone, been reading as a guest for a while but thought I'd finally sign up got a couple terriers and live in the south west UK Hopefully have some interesting discussions with you all Ja
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