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  1. That must have been where that fat cuut paisley got that from
  2. I knew that was coming hahaha
  3. Look nice how would you cook them
  4. Well he's hardly picking them for Tesco's
  5. Was out this morning with the dogs for a walk and noticed where my van was parked there's an Audi jeep parked beside me could tell no one was inside looked about and spotted a lad walking around the field looking at his feet so went over and had a chat turned out he's only picking mushroom with plastic bags on his feet and driving a £20,000 grand+ jeep times are hard
  6. Don't put ivomac anywhere near the dog it doesn't need it... I'm no vet tho it looks like the same thing a wee bitch of mine had a few months back all I done was give her a good wash in a flee shampoo and applied E45 to the rash and every night I'd clean it and put the cream on again within two weeks it was gone
  7. Any more of them going spare lol Smasher mate
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