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  1. She doesn't like it. says it smells like grass she maybe right I'm stoned everytime I drink it lol
  2. Were you driving when you typed that
  3. Just say sorry for putting up the pictures and move on chesney and stop bickering like a big Ginny Your getting a bit repetitive
  4. posting pictures like that doesn’t mean the dogs are worth buying pups off chesney your dogs look the part as well but they also could be one hit wonders like chesney hawks
  5. UT I wish everyone was on the same mindset
  6. Not being funny fat man you and many others on here don’t post pics for the reason you don’t want the attention posting pictures of well worked dogs is wrong whether you like it or not you can’t fault lads for their comments
  7. Your right. We were at the show a few years back sitting with lads from cork and Dublin and we got chatting about a black bitch i had at home the fella knew I only kept white dogs he asked would I sell it. No was my reply. he and his mates went on their way my phone went a text asking me if I’d take a £1000 quid for her I didn’t even reply and I showed everyone there the text the bitch was given to my mate and we’re still digging over her. Money couldn’t buy a dog from me unlike some
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