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  1. I can put you in touch with a man and you can ask. It honestly depends if the bitch is to his liking.Very tightly bred dog around sooty Sam. Probably one of the best bred dogs on this island.
  2. Thanks pal. I ended up giving the young black dog to a pal and taking a bitch from him instead. He was coming abit bully for why I need him for. The bitch is bull whip grey and flying on fox.
  3. Young dog, 2nd gen half cross red dog is bull whip grey
  4. Collie bull hound, 18 months , only seen a fox doubled. I’ll be taking him handy
  5. Hi Lads, After an unfortunate week ive decided to bring on a pup. Hugo 10 months old. Second generation first cross bull greyhound. 27tts
  6. Yeah gone to busher pal, and the first cross bull whip dog decided to give up his day job last week so said I'd bring on a young dog
  7. Chocolate dog is it? No he's gone to busher.. He was a bit wild for the type of hunting we do. Great dog on teeth but hedless.. Didn't matter how much training I put into him... Suits busher down to the ground and he has him in great nick
  8. Also will consider bull whippet greyhound.
  9. Looking for a bull hound pup. Looking for a fast type. Prefebly a bitch but will take a dog. Parents must be doing fox single. Thanks lads.
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