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    Who is pie eater.

    Shower of f****n idiots...Go enjoy your passion for hunting..keep yer friends tight and yer lips tighter.As for grassing at 13/14..Id never trust you,

    Altberg boots

    I dig and lamp in mine mate, Gaitors on your pants and boots and everythings snuff dry.They break into comfy slippers.Happy Altberg Day

    Altberg boots

    Altberg Defenders, Vibram Sole, Comfortable Boots.

    Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    I know its bred different to what your asking but i had a Bull/houndxSaluki/Hound bitch and she was a topper.25" A fast bitch,a good stayer,carried rabbits and hares to hand and would take all legal quarry.

    Bellman and Flint

    Cheers BB1969 im buying the new Pieps green box.

    Bellman and Flint

    Nice 1 Rogue cheers.

    Bellman and Flint

    How long have you used it Rob before it started playing up,thanks for the reply

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    I never mentioned cctv Neil, as for deterring the shoplifter it dosn't. im on about the people who know or are involved in the dog theft circle who haven't got the balls to stand up and tell the truth.It'll never change because a large percentage of the dog world is full of liars,backstabbers and dog dealers breeding shit from shit and selling on that shit.As for you driving your van through a front door Stop talking shit.

    Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    If your caught shoplifting from Mace or Centra theres an image of you in the shop window..named and shamed....So you lads who know someone whos involved past or present why wont you name and shame them? Maybe youve got something to hide and your scared of opening a can of worms.Just my opinion.
  10. MENACE

    Bellman and Flint

    Cheers Rogue,how long have you used it for mate and is it as accurate than the pieps box.
  11. Any info on the new red BandF locator would be appreciated,ive mates who swear by them and others who say there shit.My old green Pieps box has died so im looking to buy a new one.Thanks Jack.
  12. MENACE

    Dog Scared Of Spade??

    5ft down..no need for racism.
  13. MENACE

    Jp's Arthur

    all animals have limits yas keep mainly collie curs yas right I believe you fetched a welp carrying bull and sal because ya cur could not would be able to handle work consistently, whatthere yas go I now the type I have personal experience of both the type you keep and the above .a dog man likes em all any given type a good animal irrelevant of type a good dog and that line above his second ta none that animal wS the real deal grafter producer.atb bunnys.I would say I have the knowledge to know the very best of a type there abilities and what the best could possibly achieve.of a type. is there anything you don't know.? somebody once described you as a good salesman and thats just what your sounding like. for your information I have owned and worked several of this line even bred them and sent m back to hunting ,I have plenty experience of this line of bull xes and others also sales pitch yas can think what yas like your entitled to your opinion ,it his line I worked and worked damn hard the male I owned was a top animal he was studded twice ta the same bitch which I also owned ,I was asked umpteen times to stud him to bitches not at any price was he at public stud ,money no matter ta me I have all I need of that .bull xes ginger beard I have seen some of the best there been work and some fai. Miserably when asked again and again only the best go on and it's breeding that will beget you this .atb bunnys. Sounds A Good Honest Answer