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  1. Ive a 12mth bitch kenelled outside,she sleeps in a block wall kennel whats watertight,she also has a 10ftx4ft run to wander around in.Her bed is raised off the floor, a ply sheet and theres a piece of stable mat then shes bedded on straw, i could sleep in it..Why the fook is she pissing in her bedding and then choosing to lie in it? Shes a buckskin bitch with pissy yellow thighs.Im having to change her bedding every couple of days...Shes fit, shes working, shes eating the best food...she just lays in her piss. Now shes just coming out off her 1st season, could that have any thing to do with it? I`d be grateful of any help.Thanks Jack
  2. Buckskin bitch is tidy is it from Tullamore cos i have a bitcn similar age and looks.Jack.
  3. Shower of f****n idiots...Go enjoy your passion for hunting..keep yer friends tight and yer lips tighter.As for grassing at 13/14..Id never trust you,
  4. I dig and lamp in mine mate, Gaitors on your pants and boots and everythings snuff dry.They break into comfy slippers.Happy Altberg Day
  5. Altberg Defenders, Vibram Sole, Comfortable Boots.
  6. I know its bred different to what your asking but i had a Bull/houndxSaluki/Hound bitch and she was a topper.25" A fast bitch,a good stayer,carried rabbits and hares to hand and would take all legal quarry.
  7. Cheers BB1969 im buying the new Pieps green box.
  8. How long have you used it Rob before it started playing up,thanks for the reply
  9. I never mentioned cctv Neil, as for deterring the shoplifter it dosn't. im on about the people who know or are involved in the dog theft circle who haven't got the balls to stand up and tell the truth.It'll never change because a large percentage of the dog world is full of liars,backstabbers and dog dealers breeding shit from shit and selling on that shit.As for you driving your van through a front door Stop talking shit.
  10. If your caught shoplifting from Mace or Centra theres an image of you in the shop window..named and shamed....So you lads who know someone whos involved past or present why wont you name and shame them? Maybe youve got something to hide and your scared of opening a can of worms.Just my opinion.
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