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  1. Now and again just a bit no probs to me
  2. As mentioned it gripes me heres the link in it for the money(think of a name then breed the pups)https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119591224/deerdoodle-puppies.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3Ddeerhounds%26sectionId%3D2154
  3. By eck your "big fella" how tall tts is he and age and by the way how uncertain he looks at this 5 bar gate and your "long in the tooth"plus up to now youve got 3 heads up for a dog looking very uncertain at a 5 bar gate,by eck
  4. To treat lungworm(not saying in this case though)a course of Milbemax should clear it up
  5. Metacam is the same you can get both on line ask your vet for a repeat prescription I hope the prescription is not a "rip off price" my vets has gone from £4.50 to £10 but still worth it they charge £52 for 100ML metacam £18 on line heres some links https://www.animeddirect.co.uk/loxicom-1-5mg-ml-oral-suspension-for-dogs https://www.viovet.co.uk/Metacam-Oral-Suspension/c5/?sct_t=1573827810&sct_q=metacam+for+dogs&sct_r=2
  6. Agree nothing to do with the breeding an unfortunate accident,sent you a PM heres a link to click onto through interest https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119437157/genuine-english-deerhounds.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3Ddeerhounds%26sectionId%3D2154
  7. GB off the topic what deerhound lines were she off as I have a Cooklands first cross but looking towards a pure in the future,cheers My hounds.
  8. Any good to you IWW just click on the links,atb, https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/2491472-whippet-x-lurcher-pups-newcastle-under-lyme.html https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/2498153-bedlington-whippet-x-whippet-puppies-cleethorpes.html
  9. Tomo heres a link to the advert as regards the 3/4 quarter greyhound 1/4 deerhound pups the dam is a first cross whose sire is Trevor Cooks "Hamish" and the sire to the pups is one of Dave Sleights greyhounds,cheers https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119362284/genuine-34-greyhound-14-deerhound-pups.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3Ddeerhounds%26sectionId%3D2154
  10. Hi I have sent you a PM,atb My hounds.
  11. If hes a true first cross to first cross then to me as you say the height and at this age I would go for 29-30tts any chance of a few photos 1-2 of his front knuckles(growth plates) plus any of his parents.I you don't mind me asking whats the Deerhound lines from both sides? and if the greyhounds were ex track what were their names?,atb My hounds.
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