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  1. To be honest Trevor Cooks last Deerhound litter was well over 4 years ago and before that a good 3 years he has put his Dogs to stud to other Deerhounds and Greyhounds when people have requested it.I have kept in touch with Trevor for a good 14yrs now and in this present situation where people are breeding litters for the money he has no desire to and to me theres a big difference between Hancocks puppy factory and Trevor Cooks actions.atvb .
  2. If all goes well with the Ai side of things the bitch is deer/grey cross collie/grey the lines are around 30yrs this will be next year again if alls good on my dogs side of things.I hope so because i would like some one to use some of the straws on a Deerhound or greyhound.
  3. Heres my Cooklands bred first cross Deerhound/Greyhound,he was 10yrs last month just under 31tts which to me has not hampered him(watch Axel on Lurcher Mania) he has worked/works certain types of cover plus as a young dog up and at em(more so his litter sister) and and again to me what a length of stride.He has got very good feet most certainly from the deerhound side,his breeding is out of Trevors Deerhound "Boots" whose sire was Doxhope Knights Errant also Rohanis, Shenvil,Rosslyn lines are in there.On his Greyhound side called "Marys on Tour" in her lines are Honcho,Westmead and Sandman.So
  4. Yes it is i think its the same photos matbe same seller?
  5. Wheres the Deerhound,by eck Deerhound cross greyhound | in Egremont, Cumbria | Gumtree
  6. Firstly well done for watching Dave Sleights dvd,s to me they are a good bench mark for any one starting out with a running dog or at times going back to view and redigest so to speak agree with riohog,bird,jpt,andwhitefeet4190.,what i would also suggest is get her to a canine chiroptacter(bone muscle person) to check her over also find a vet up on running dogs.atb my hounds just to add Loxicom could be masking a slight injury hence still get her checked out
  7. I would and do get a Canine Chiroptacter to check your dog over Some do Equine as well a good one is worth their weight in gold believe you me,atb.
  8. Agree and well passionate about his dogs etc also his mate Dave Sleight will advice/help you if he can.
  9. Aye a good possibility of a small "foreign body" in there as the vets would term it,as mentioned clean and gently squeeze the affected area
  10. Tyla ever fancied a pair of Swarovskis I know they are pricey a mate had some Leupold for stalking but dropped on some second hand Swarovskis,but as I do general mootching etc my Barr and Strouds are well good enough,atb my hounds
  11. I have got a pair of Barr and Stroud Sierra 10 X 50 spot on and a good price any thing above this with out a steady hand or on a stand the images can be shakey to me better than Bushnell,also this size is still small. http://www.barrandstroud.com/prodfam.php?id=166
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