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  1. Tyla ever fancied a pair of Swarovskis I know they are pricey a mate had some Leupold for stalking but dropped on some second hand Swarovskis,but as I do general mootching etc my Barr and Strouds are well good enough,atb my hounds
  2. I have got a pair of Barr and Stroud Sierra 10 X 50 spot on and a good price any thing above this with out a steady hand or on a stand the images can be shakey to me better than Bushnell,also this size is still small. http://www.barrandstroud.com/prodfam.php?id=166
  3. P H sent you a Personal Message atb T
  4. Too fast,too big,too mutch prey drive,too mutch jaw power plus an exellent nose(I kid you not) as well as being a good "sight hound",please stay clear of this breed/cross ha.ATB JonDeer lets enjoy our present Deerhound crosses
  5. Lurchers why didn't you take a water sample?,Metacam what size 32ml,100ml,180ml? and mutch do they charge for a prescription?,honest mate we have got to fire questions at the vets and get 1-3 different options from them I ask for a specific vet up on running/working dogs have a list of questions and ask for a print off for that particular consultation they have diagnonsed/prescribed, etc,people do not be rushed by vets.
  6. JCM, £25 for Metacam which size 32ml,100ml,180ml you need a prescription which how mutch? at your vets
  7. How old is he? I took a dog at a year old for his first booster nothing had dropped(never did)the vet said they will not drop now and "may" turn cancerous never did though she also said it can be hereditary,had to have him PTS for other reasons at neatly 8yrs 3/4 greyhound 1/4 deerhound just under 29tts,atb.
  8. My point is wheres the Deerhound showing in the parents? as the advert says a slight bit of bull,plus the price of course.
  9. https://www.gumtree.com/p/dogs/greyhound-deerhound-with-a-slight-bit-of-bull-very-very-well-bred-dog-sire-and-dam-in-photos-/1384777938
  10. Heres a greyhound/deerhound(first x) cross collie/greyhound(first x) the photos in Bill Dohertys book its his mates dog looks mighty fine to me and a decent dog by all acount
  11. Aye I go to the north Yorkshire dales river wharfe etc its been there 3yrs plus this is going to change the UK landscape
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