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  1. Sadly i have not seen any Kingfishers on the near river to me,on my walk i know of 4 nesting sites on the river bank one at least 8yrs old.Black headed gulls and Canada geese dead near me also on the news loads of dead birds being washed up on different coasts maybe wind turbines to blame with birds flying into them,so sad oh adult hedgehog in our garden first one for many years .
  2. Years ago i came across quite a few local to me as well toads coming thru our garden sadly no more.
  3. If a yellow pimple has shown on top then to me nettle sting at this time of year
  4. Hi any joy as regards finding some one?,if so what was the end result,atb My hounds
  5. Paulus,its on countryside skills etc,leather work page 30,if you could delete the name Jeff on the post i put on,atb My hounds
  6. Thanks King i ended a post with some ones first name and not their THL name which i need to change
  7. Exellent leather work etc hence thats why i have ordered another slip lead cheers, atb My hounds.
  8. Looking at both the toes to me it does not look good at all i hope its not ligament damage at the back of the first joints if thats the case(which i think it is) its not good,If the vet is any good he will tell you straight as regards the out come,atvb
  9. Gaza he should be able to do a tight turn especially with the colly in him i would have him checked out by a canine physio if he carnt do reds then to me hes no coward as yet not up to it,atb My hounds
  10. I have got at the moment Barr and Stroud SIERA 10x50 well worth a look at the price ,i was a Bushnell man till i got the Barr and Stroud.
  11. Well heres a link £200 a pup worth a look at least David s | Spennymoor | Pets4Homes
  12. Same scenarios where i live Bird i have been on both sides my Deerhound pup(sadly not with me now) would bound up to other dogs to play "but" on each occasion i was caught out "and" each time i attempted to get the dog under control and on the lead and apologise plus yes i have shouted the classic line "he only wants to play",also had it with cyclists not letting me know they are coming.The Deerhound pup i have just got no scenarios as yet but they will come but what gets me i will apologise etc to other dog owners but when other twats dogs do the same and are a bit aggressive blank faces and
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