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  1. my hounds

    Deerhound x greyhound

    JD I have sent you a PM,atb My Hounds.
  2. my hounds

    Chris Packham

    His partner owns this Zoo of which he is a Company Director,i wonder if some of the caged animals are Vegan like him,plus I wonder where their meat is sourced from. https://isleofwightzoo.com/animals
  3. my hounds

    Bowed legs on pup

    Any chance of some good photos showing the problem? to see how things are,atb.
  4. Fursty sent you a PM,atb.
  5. my hounds

    Tough toes

    Feet/toes on a pure deerhound they look mighty fine to me
  6. my hounds

    Tough toes

    Heres a few photos I use a Dremmel copy got it off ebay £15 at the time down to the quick and as metioned short nails help to reduce toe injuries I also think its helped to keep a good shaped foot from being a pup,as regards toughening the pads theres this https://www.greyhoundsuperstore.co.uk/shop/healthcare/tuf-foot-240ml/ or a lot cheaper version https://www.hyperdrug.co.uk/Pad-Hardener-100g/Productinfo/PADH/ .As regards the Dremmel copy its vary speed mine is on 3 my dog is a first cross deerhound/greyhound the odd time only a speck of pin sized blood has surfaced but with sanding attatchment and speed the nail is quaterized so to speak,also getting your dog used to the noise of the drill and the feel of the sanding motion on its nail/toe.
  7. my hounds

    Deleting Attatchments

    I am wanting to delete some attatchments/photos carnt seem to do it? any help most appreciated.
  8. my hounds

    Deerhound lurchers

    Thanks for your reply Fred,through interest again any chance of some photos,cheers My Hounds.
  9. my hounds

    Deerhound lurchers

    Fred a deerhound first cross(I am guessing the other dog was a greyhound) at 35tts? because at that height some things not right and 1-2 others would agree, by all means post some photos and if you don't mind me asking who did you get the dogs from,if you want to send me a PM by all means do so.
  10. my hounds

    RVHD infecting Hares.

    I have just listened to a report on BBC radio 4 and it most certainly looks as though going on what has been reported in the UK that's its Myxomatosis,it has made the transision from the rabbit to the brown hare,there will be a report on Country File in a few weeks.
  11. http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-124072.html
  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/dogs/jack-russell-x-deerhound-chihuahua-puppies-boys-£200/1309330610
  13. my hounds

    Deerhound x Greyhound for my son

    Sent you a PM,atb.
  14. my hounds

    Stud deerhound needed

    Suzie sent you a PM,atb.
  15. my hounds

    Bull x's

    Sent you a PM mate alb.