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  1. Gaza he should be able to do a tight turn especially with the colly in him i would have him checked out by a canine physio if he carnt do reds then to me hes no coward as yet not up to it,atb My hounds
  2. I have got at the moment Barr and Stroud SIERA 10x50 well worth a look at the price ,i was a Bushnell man till i got the Barr and Stroud.
  3. Well heres a link £200 a pup worth a look at least David s | Spennymoor | Pets4Homes
  4. Same scenarios where i live Bird i have been on both sides my Deerhound pup(sadly not with me now) would bound up to other dogs to play "but" on each occasion i was caught out "and" each time i attempted to get the dog under control and on the lead and apologise plus yes i have shouted the classic line "he only wants to play",also had it with cyclists not letting me know they are coming.The Deerhound pup i have just got no scenarios as yet but they will come but what gets me i will apologise etc to other dog owners but when other twats dogs do the same and are a bit aggressive blank faces and
  5. I can not fault this product plus look at the others available used it for years
  6. I am getting a male pup from Jackie but by all means if you can let me know of a Deerhound /greyhound based pup no other breed for £200 ish then let me know,atb My hounds
  7. By eck he is known near me as 1 week Meek (rubbish) as mentioned the people i use charge £40 for a full hour working on my dog from nose to tail unless i mention a specific area.
  8. I would let that man check my dogs toe nails,i use people that has been to University/College for 7 yrs plus know more than a foreign vet and well up on working dog injuries.
  9. By eck brill, shape of head,length of neck,depth of chest,length of back,any chance of some better photos feet wise?.Honestly no rush please wait till 2yrs plus to let heart,lungs,muscles develop and steady on the jumping you dont want to damage the growth plates/joints etc.ATB My Hounds
  10. Totally agree as regards comfort and stability despite what age we are please buy good footwear,i have 5 different types 1 wellington,2 leather boots ,3 goretex lined trainers all i water proof etc.
  11. Saluki Greyhound 17 Month Old in Batley on Freeads Classifieds - Lurchers classifieds
  12. Also this is worth having in Dogs | Camrosa Equestrian
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