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  1. Totally agree as regards comfort and stability despite what age we are please buy good footwear,i have 5 different types 1 wellington,2 leather boots ,3 goretex lined trainers all i water proof etc.
  2. Saluki Greyhound 17 Month Old in Batley on Freeads Classifieds - Lurchers classifieds
  3. Also this is worth having in Dogs | Camrosa Equestrian
  4. Get this cd play it at a low volume at first then slowly increase,ignore your dog if anxious and say this to other family members on any certain sounds,atb COA Noises & Sounds CD : Amazon.co.uk: Pet Supplies
  5. How is your pup now? i hope its on the mend which ever the course of action you have taken,atb.
  6. Dont go to the vets a majority have not got a clue(unless they are a vet for a greyhound track) they will say metacam/rest or xray "get" your pup to a Canine Chiropracter/Physio google one for your area a lot do Equine as well,i use 2 as and when needed they are worth their weight in gold plus to me dont let a pup run around with a older dog a total miss match.
  7. Good to see from Dave at Spennymoor by any chance?
  8. Cheers got some childrens Benylin for dry coughs and sore throat in,atb.
  9. Thanks a lot Lurchers hes had it for 3 days now i couldnt get into the vets sooner
  10. My 7 month old pup has caught kennel cough,at the vets in the morning but my mate has just told me in the past he has used Benylin(for children),any one else used this for the same condition?.I have put same post on the Health section but i feel i will get a quicker response on here.atb.
  11. My 7 month old pup has caught kennel cough, at the vets in the morning but my mate has just told me he has used Benylin(for children) in the past for this condition,any one else used the same?,atb
  12. Cheers, feet wise i learned about toe/foot injuries through one of my past dogs,plus i am a firm believer that by keeping the nails short he has kept a good shape to his feet.The times i have seen photos of dogs with really long nails by eck,atb.
  13. No mate never been my thing but i feel hes got the temperament for it which could be in any cross as well not just in the deerhound/greyhound,atb
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