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  1. my hounds

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    Tomo heres a link to the advert as regards the 3/4 quarter greyhound 1/4 deerhound pups the dam is a first cross whose sire is Trevor Cooks "Hamish" and the sire to the pups is one of Dave Sleights greyhounds,cheers https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119362284/genuine-34-greyhound-14-deerhound-pups.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3Ddeerhounds%26sectionId%3D2154
  2. my hounds

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    Hi I have sent you a PM,atb My hounds.
  3. my hounds

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    JTL I have sent you a PM,cheers
  4. my hounds

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    If hes a true first cross to first cross then to me as you say the height and at this age I would go for 29-30tts any chance of a few photos 1-2 of his front knuckles(growth plates) plus any of his parents.I you don't mind me asking whats the Deerhound lines from both sides? and if the greyhounds were ex track what were their names?,atb My hounds.
  5. my hounds

    That's A Deer Haircut.......😂

    Bloody hell
  6. my hounds

    calluses on toes

    No dog runs the same with this condition especially as bad as this lead walks only for 6 weeks and over,metacam,chinese herbal treatment,bone radial,mag pulse treatment will make no difference the injurys are too extreme on the toes,pain relief with metacam yes.Then theres amputation well say no more.
  7. my hounds

    calluses on toes

    sent you a PM,atb.
  8. my hounds


    Sent you a PM,atb.
  9. my hounds

    David platts

    Phil with my own interest at what height tts were these two dogs?(first crosses)
  10. my hounds

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    So why didn't you report this to the local council etc whom granted his licence and take photos of the conditions and this goes for other people who has been to the kennels.
  11. my hounds

    Lamp/Light Question

    MickC sent you a PM,atb My Hounds.
  12. my hounds

    Lamp/Light Question

    That's one of my thoughts/questions if the lamp is on how longs "too long",what have you experienced?,atb.
  13. my hounds

    Lamp/Light Question

    Yes they do B n,the reason being of their age (better/bad eyes) no light pollution and low cloud cover from maybe October onwards depending on which part of the UK you live.
  14. my hounds

    Lamp/Light Question

    That's right Poxon,some people still get the Cluson "Lazer" light what still has got a plastic reflector hence going to a 100 watt bulb through heat it would damage the reflector,but with the Cluson" Blazer" light because it has a metal reflector it can handle the heat etc and if you find the 100 watt bulb too strong for your purposes you can drop down to a 75 watt or even 50 watt bulb no problem.Then of course theres the vertical/horizontal filament which throw different beams ,but sticking to my question i have emailed Light Force International.