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  1. in my limited experience my first thoughts was that it moved like fox from what ive seen through my own xm30 model.......good on the bloke for putting the hours in though.keeps us all interested
  2. cluster f**k of the highest order......none of them wanted brexit to work so no surprise its a total shit show.
  3. good stuff....your getting the hang of it now ole mate
  4. .i wore the same style in my 90s hayday lol......its great to see young uns doing a bit of graft this day and age.....,something i encourage my 2 kids to do regular as it makes them appreciate things more when the have earned it.be proud of him....really good to see
  5. good on him mate....tell him to sort the hair out though....so 90s atb m
  6. topjob....im sure your office on your boat takes some beating...well done to you sir
  7. well done to you kev...its nice to see someone get on
  8. will drop you a message
  9. enjoy nk....hopefully towing the boat to beer or lyme regis next week for a long weekend. mackeral and bream will be on the menu..... atb m
  10. its funny how bragging rights mean as much to the youngsters as us........i do occasionally embarass the kids as well mind lol...........
  11. good stuff kev ......me and my 11 year old boy took to the local carp lake today and he winched out 16 lber and a 13lber......he was buzzing ......as was i for him...... money cant buy these moments,its funny what stuff they come out with at times.....especially taking the pi$$ out their old mans for catching more etc....absolutely brilliant
  12. i may have to give it a go this year......it sounds like a good craic with a good bunch. does uptiding with squid baits work?
  13. well done kev...its good to hear some positive good news for a change.especially to a grounded lad like yourself. best of luck in the near future atb m
  14. I go to brixham every year and have noticed the demise of the place,litter left everywhere by them....just pure greed on there catches.a real shame . will probably end up moving down that way in the next few years......lets hope it gets better not worse
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