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  1. Mossberg12

    A Favourite From Last Season

    they were on the way in full voice.......happy days to look back on in years to come
  2. Mossberg12

    A Favourite From Last Season

    [/url]">http://http://s266.photobucket.com/user/mikeysophiedavies/media/IMG-20170312-WA0000_zpskyp7itcx.jpg.html'> my boy waiting for some action
  3. Mossberg12

    Fell And Moorland Dvd

    can you put me down for 1 please? cheers
  4. Mossberg12

    Spades Ect

  5. Mossberg12

    Spades Ect

  6. Mossberg12

    Spades Ect

  7. owen,my daughter likes the blue pup.......very tempting a superb litter by the way atb
  8. blue bedlington terrier bitch lost in pontypool area south wales recently,any info please pm me urgently. any info will be greatfully recieved.
  9. Mossberg12

    Terrier Boxes For Sale

    very well made boxes for a working mans price.good fella to deal with.
  10. Mossberg12

    Bsa Ultra Help?

    will do.thanks for the help.
  11. Mossberg12

    Bsa Ultra Help?

    yes,theres 2 seals on the adapter.
  12. Mossberg12

    Bsa Ultra Help?

    no,still shoots fine.
  13. Mossberg12

    Bsa Ultra Help?

    wasnt sure of seal on the gun or pump? will take both in to the gunshop tomorrow to sort out. thanks
  14. i charged my bsa ultra multishot last night with a stirrup pump and forgot to release the pressure via the valve on the pump.upon release there was a loudish pop.i then put 20 shots through it to sight it up with no problems.i then tried to top up the rifle but the seal on the rifle/addaptor was leaking air? any ideas to solving the problem? regards mossberg
  15. Mossberg12


    pm sent