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  1. Any working border types out there. Here is mine show me yours hahahaaa
  2. Any working border terriers out there even crosses. These are my two bitches getting on now like. Top 1 pure border other border with bit beagle blood in her line.
  3. I have a blue dog 17 months old worked with terriers and done some ferreting work. Not kc reg thought midnight but dam is sire lad lost papers.only worked day time.
  4. seen borders crossed with whippets. good coats and size also very game.
  5. any one worked or seen them work any photos.
  6. hi wanting to take my whippet lamping somewhere local on saturday night.just watch other dog and possibly give him a couple easy runs if any one can help please pm me. cheers
  7. whats the best bedding for outdoor living dogs ?
  8. as it says on the tin. i have 3 terriers and smoker.
  9. lamp and battery wanted.i am looking to swap for a border terrier x bitch good bush dog and mint on the longings. any offers
  10. AUSTRALIAN i find a nice dry food and mix a little in. i only feed this in the summer (FLYS) and it keeps them in good condition.
  11. would ye put ye dog in just to make the numbers up if the winner is picked before it started. Different people with there different views. But not only me could see a winner come no were. I do honestly like these shows but if a working dog doesnt stand right doesnt make it a bad worker after all it is a working dog show NOT CROFTS.
  12. well lads i went this weekend camping (friday,saturday,sunday) and i can honestly say its not what it was. No toilet blocks for campers no elec even though they said it had elec available. field not cut again, tickets not sent through the post and phoned up twice about it. the show. well the main ring had no board telling ye whats on like last year there was no main attraction. the terrier ring is aways the same faces winning. yes very nice dogs but some classes there were a better dog but the owner only had one dog not a van full so never won to put other faces out if ye know what i me
  13. think its about 10-15 pound each.i am going down for two days. went last year it was very good.
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