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  1. Mustelid

    Lab x grey

    Is anyone tempted to breed a litter?
  2. Mustelid

    How’s your gundog lurchers doing

    What's her hunting like shortstraw?
  3. Mustelid

    Lab x grey

    How's your lurcher bred?
  4. It should read 40% greyhound. I've got a pup from this litter, as does a mate, and we're pleased with them.
  5. Mustelid

    Retired my bitch today so after new stock

    Trying to pm you Newkid but I think your inbox is full.
  6. Mustelid

    Back at em.

    No need for nets with those dogs Vin. My old bitch was decent enough at doing a similar job. It's good to have some new ferret blood down here and I'm sure they will get plenty of opportunities this season.
  7. Mustelid

    Ferret Kits . Ready Now.

    I was lucky enough to take delivery of some ferrets from Vin yesterday and they're exactly as he described... top quality kits. Thank you Vin, I owe you a drink!
  8. Mustelid

    Collie x greyjound

    Tell us a bit more about them Shepp. Given that they're more collie than grey what's their speed like?
  9. Mustelid

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    A good friend of mine has a field trial winning black and white Springer dog. I know the dog well... great hunter, exceptionally biddable and easy to train, leggy and fast! Ideal to produce a litter of lurchers.
  10. Mustelid

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    Do you own a spaniel lurcher?
  11. Mustelid

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    I keep Springers and cockers and would love a lurcher with some spaniel blood. I can't see why they wouldn't work.
  12. Mustelid

    lurcher pup

    Sent a pm...
  13. Mustelid

    lurcher pup

    I did mate, asking for a contact number about the pup. Cheers Gavin
  14. Mustelid

    lurcher pup

    That's a smart pup.
  15. Mustelid

    6 weeks to 6 months

    Is this the pointer x?