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  1. Mustelid

    Collie x greyjound

    Tell us a bit more about them Shepp. Given that they're more collie than grey what's their speed like?
  2. Mustelid

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    A good friend of mine has a field trial winning black and white Springer dog. I know the dog well... great hunter, exceptionally biddable and easy to train, leggy and fast! Ideal to produce a litter of lurchers.
  3. Mustelid

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    Do you own a spaniel lurcher?
  4. Mustelid

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    I keep Springers and cockers and would love a lurcher with some spaniel blood. I can't see why they wouldn't work.
  5. Mustelid

    lurcher pup

    Sent a pm...
  6. Mustelid

    lurcher pup

    I did mate, asking for a contact number about the pup. Cheers Gavin
  7. Mustelid

    lurcher pup

    That's a smart pup.
  8. Mustelid

    6 weeks to 6 months

    Is this the pointer x?
  9. Mustelid

    Bush Rummager's big book sale!!

    What's left mate?
  10. Mustelid

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    The best spaniels about today are not at all hyperactive. They hunt hard, but are honest and biddable. If anything the modern day spaniel has need bred to be easily trained and many spaniel men complain that modern dogs are too soft.
  11. Mustelid

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    That's my thoughts as someone who's had more experience with spaniels than lurchers. Why don't we see more of them? Anyone got a greyhound bitch?!
  12. Mustelid

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    I've seen a few gwp crosses and they'e great for hunting big tracts of land. I like the idea of a spaniel cross... a smaller animal that is a natural hunter and retriever.
  13. Mustelid

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    There's a few scattered about then. I wonder how they compare to the more common collie and bedlington crosses?
  14. Mustelid

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    That's good to hear. I often wonder why such lurchers are not more common. If anyone wants a Springer stud for such a cross a good friend has a field trial winner who hunts hard yet is extremely biddable. He's a leggy dog, ideal for a greyhound bitch!
  15. Mustelid

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    Are you still seeing this bitch out and about Fourtrak? There have been a few interesting threads over the years concerning Gundog x lurchers... has anyone bred one/bought one of late?