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  1. Just had a quick Google... Which ones in particular do you recommend for wildlife pics?
  2. What model do you use ANDS? I'm looking at the Spypoint and Zeiss cameras that send pics directly to my phone to save frequent checks.
  3. I'd have a springer cross tomorrow if I could find the right one.
  4. One of the terminals seems to have detached itself... you can see in the first pic. Hopefully it can be repaired, or else it's for the bin sadly.
  5. Does anyone know where I could get a Pieps locator box repaired? Only used once, but left with the batteries in and there's now an issue with the connection. Just looking to repair then sell it, still have the box it came in but don't have a terrier!
  6. Seen him at the job many times.. outstanding.
  7. Mustelid


    Cheers lads. Eufycam 2 pro seem worth a look.
  8. Mustelid


    Can anyone recommend a cctv system for home/kennels? Preferably wireless and idiot proof to install, 4/6 cameras. Thanks in advance ?
  9. Fake war? Any evidence to back that up? The evidence to the contrary seems fairly conclusive.
  10. I've a cheap one on order from Amazon... perhaps a mistake!
  11. Hi, My tracer lithium charger appears knackered! It flashes when plugged in and won't charge the batteries. Before I buy a new one I thought I would ask on here in case there's an easy fix. Cheers.
  12. Whereabouts, I would be interested to see them.
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