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  1. Still available for anyone after a nice kit.
  2. A few hob kits available to good homes. All polecat coloured bar one white hob. No charge, but a quid or two for my girls that handle them would be welcome. If they have enough money for an ice cream they think they're millionaires!!! Please, no time wasters. Genuine folk that will give a good home and not sell on for a quick earner. Monmouthshire/Herefordshire border.
  3. It would be great to hear more about your dogs in NZ. Are there good populations of rabbits and hares with you?
  4. Have you considered breeding your own?
  5. I keep spaniels and lurchers and can't understand why spaniel nlood isn't used more often. I know for a hard hunting leggy springer dog that would be the perfect stud to line a whippet/grew/grey.
  6. I'll have this please if it's still available. Thanks, Gavin.
  7. Cheap as chips for well reared stock. Is that just one litter Daniel? I've got a litter here and my daughters will help with the rearing. They value things in terms of ice cream, so will expect at least a quid or two for a 99! This litter will be polecats and as of last week I lined a silver jill with the polecat hob. I'm hoping for some black eyed whites from that mating.
  8. Just to clarify.... she can catch! My last bitch was about 21/22 and a very quick. Skye would catch rabbits off long slips on heavily grazed fields. Meg just doesn't have quite the pace to do that quite as well as I would like. She is still young and hasn't seen as much as I would like. I hope to put more game in front of her next season.
  9. I'll aim to get some better pics of her. John might have some info on how the litter mates are progressing.
  10. Meg is by John's dog Dan to a half cross dog owned by a fella in Northumberland. Three came south, one didn't work out but two are doing ok. Meg works out at 55% Collie, 45% Greyhound. Decent hunter, very good retriever but lacks a yard of pace if I'm honest.
  11. Where do you get yours from Ken?
  12. How's the spaniel x lurcher bitch you've written about previously going Fourtrak?
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