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  1. Well conditioned animals. Best of luck with them for the future
  2. I know it's an old post but just been looking at some older topics and came across this mating of two runners jerry and kura. Both look well made animals and just wondering how these pups turned out if anyone knows? Just liked the look of them Cheers
  3. Is the daughter the same way bred mate... staghound x apbt? Cheers
  4. Would agree with you there regarding most lurcher crosses but dogs with real pit in them if their bred right will be wired and more than ready at a year to be tried in my experience. Not saying, throw them in the deep end and push them to their limits but definitely be ready for some action.
  5. How was this dog bred mate?
  6. To be fair it looks like it could turn into a handy dog for someone.
  7. Not sure if you mentioned already mate but how's the dog bred? Cheers
  8. Nice big dog. How has he done in the field mate?
  9. One of my favourites when the price is right
  10. Just been looking over some older threads and couldn't help but be impressed by the look of this dog. Do you still have him mate as id be interested to know how he turned out? I had a mate who ran a first x deer greyhound years ago and seen her run a few times on bigger edibles. She didn't do other quarry but deer she excelled at. Is he 3/4 grey 1/4 deerhound? Cheers
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