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  1. Christ almighty lads, the guy posted a decent request and you give him hell, give it a rest. I only joined this forum a while back as a keen working dog bloke and the crap that flies around here is pathetic at times. I don,t mind the crack like everyone else but, if there,s history regarding some of you lot on here then GROW UP and b....cks to this forum . That,s me OUT...
  2. Dangle that worm mate, yer sure to get a few bites.......
  3. Here’s our newest join to the herd Stanley - deerhound x greyhound Out of maiden fifth generation deerhound greyhound Saracen first generation deerhound greyhound sire 8 weeks old
  4. My two pure bred whippets work silently all the time whilst my 1/8th Bedlington 7/8th whippet screams like a banshee when on the tail of it,s quarry which i can only put down to the terrier influence ( my thoughts only !! ) even though his success rate at catching is good so it,s not frustration at not catching, i choose carefully who goes out to do what job. Lamping is a no go with the Beddywhippet but, he,s great on daytime bunnies and rats.
  5. Road work, a few steep grassy hills with a ball, a blast on the beach, some mooching and when the ground isn,t frozen or waterlogged they get a run or two on the lure machine. They are fed raw, minced beef, raw chicken, rabbit, mixed and some tinned and dry food a bit of veg, seaweed supplement and raw eggs.
  6. A very happy new year to everyone on THL , might have to sign out soon as the Doombars kicking in......
  7. Don,t know what happened there, spooky......
  8. Anyone fancy lamping that?, i reckon two dogs minimum with plenty of bull in em.
  9. I have a good black dog standing at 22tts, he is two and a half years old and a cracking worker, out of "strike while the irons hot", Liverpools Finest, Soul boy and Kenquince lines.
  10. Local Hunt with two mates, then drinks and meal int local with the other halves......
  11. I believe the pup is out of a Maldini ( I think that,s the correct spelling )racing bred greyhound bitch and the sire is a German Purebred Deerhound, the pup is only four weeks old so another month and i will collect him. They can,t be that bad as one of the litter is going out to Kansas as a Coyote dog, the guy over there always buys from Dave Platts and i have seen a video of them working them over in Kansas, do the job well.
  12. Yes jukel123, It is one of DPs pups, I have just read the past threads on the Deer/Greys ( all 14 pages ) some conflicting views but very interesting. I have just been given permission on a thousand acres of mixed land and would have loved my pure Deerhound to have worked it, I would not have another pure bred Deerhound as i could not be sure it is not affected by the many problems they seem to suffer from which i believe to be down to the show brigade, they really do need to outcross before it,s too late. i have to say though he had tremendous prey drive and at 33" tts could fairly mo
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