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  1. sweet jesus ...thats insane for this time of the year
  2. why in daaa fuk would ye want to ...lol
  3. kin hell....thats some serious down pouring
  4. after i shot the sleeper ,i just threw him in the cover ,took his tail though to show oul Arthur that he was sorted, i dropped them both no bother ,but was thinking a dog would be better sport all day long
  5. the 2 i shot ,one was after killing this old farmers 2 ducks,,i went up the hill and the b*****d was asleep on a rock out in the open with one of the ducks next to him...i couldnt believe it ,i thought he'd have legged it in to cover to eat in peace . the other was injured ,front leg was in bits..
  6. wash your mouth out boy....lol.....theres a lot the rifle can sort that a dog cant ,........dont ask me what it is ,.....but there must be lol
  7. yeah,thats me right there,ive dug and coursed many over the years ,and enjoyed it all,but i never got a kick out of shooting them , I enjoy up the hills with a rifle and take a bit for the table ,but dog work is king no doubts
  8. lol ive a 223 and in the 9 years i have it ,ive shot 2 foxes ...and ignored many more ...if they dont bother me i dont bother them,if ye cant eat it or use it ,dont waste a shell shooting it
  9. I know blokes on FB shooting 7 to 10 foxes some nights, and big photos up ,and thats all through cubing as well,i have killed plenty of foxes ,so no bother doing it ,but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when i see that kind of numbers being shot ,each to their own though, I can see good and bad in the thermals ,i suppose its the way forward
  10. was due to climb the highest mountain in Ireland yesterday ,postponed due to the forecast, so next week we hope to try again ,its the unpredictability of it is the thing ,you leave for a walk in sunshine and ten minutes later its like November ffs...
  11. i do see the attraction to them though ,(besides the price)...but its deffo going to put the numbers under pressure
  12. i know the travellers are all equipped with the thermal yokes,drive to a gate ,have a gawk,if theres one there ,in they go ,if not off they go ..ive been told theyve gone from 2 to 3 runs a day to anything up to half a dozen..no more walking for hours to get one run ,its also been said it will be the demise of the hare as nothing is now safe ,they cant hide anymore ,the thermal picks them all out ...they cover far more ground now since they have them and miss nothing in a field when searching....
  13. Its still a lot of money ...after import tax etc....i will have to think on this one .... Vorn Equipment Lynx Backpack WWW.CLUNYCOUNTRYSTORE.CO.UK Buy Vorn backpacks online here! Genius new quick release hunting rucksacks. FREE UK mainland next working day delivery & 2 year warranty! Full range of...
  14. I've a pair on the way Don,we see how they go
  15. thanks BH,i will have a look again,things have improved here lol...iit looks a great bit of kit
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