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  1. cracking pack of hounds. the two lemon and whites at the front are surely comrades?
  2. Thanks for the info. Any idea where's the best place to get them?
  3. Hello, Is anyone using the Garmin Alpha 100 with maps? The alpha was bought in the USA and just wondering if its possible to purchase the maps and put on the alpha and still use over here. Thanks
  4. Your getting plenty of sport with your teckels. what age are they? Thanks for posting the pics good to see teckels working
  5. Crackers. Best of luck with them
  6. Very nice, two cracking bitches. What age are they? Would they give plenty of tongue? Thanks
  7. if your on Facebook, there's a couple of lads on there who keep a few. have a look at West Sussex Working Teckels
  8. very true, for a dog with small legs they're well able to cover the ground
  9. Thanks SheepChaser, Always interesting to get others opinions.
  10. Nice teckel. How do you find them compared to the terriers
  11. Nice bitch. Stonewall. We have a few black and whites working well. They wouldn't be badly like your bitch.
  12. Nice little pack. How are yeah going for you?
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