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  1. Thanks, there a grand breed and you'd knock a bit of craic out of them
  2. Yea he's a nice dog. Better pic of him when he was a pup. I have my doubts.
  3. Grand morning to be out in the country
  4. I will do, hard to get them to keep still, haha
  5. I bought rhe jacket and bib this year, I haven't tested it yet. A few buddies have it a couple of years and they swear by it. A couple of days last year the rain was flowing down the road in rivers and we were all drowned to the skin. The two lads were bone dry, took off the gear and straight to the pub, not a bother.
  6. Thanks, I have a couple of them here, there good fun. I find they struggle a bit in the country I hunt which has plenty of high ditches and deep drains. Compared to the terrier's I find them very easy and biddable. They can be head strong and turn a deaf ear on a line but no worse than my terriers.
  7. Yea she's a beauty. You get good hunting with the teckels?
  8. Thanks very much Arry, appreciate the reply. I'll keep an eye out
  9. Thanks Arry, I came across a load of those hedgehog ones last year. I'll keep an eye out. What do you use them for, what dishes do you add them too? There wouldn't be a great tradition of using mushrooms in Ireland apart from the field mushrooms and they were either fried or boiled in milk.
  10. Thanks Arry. Found in a spruce forest. These were near them
  11. Great topic lads. I always enjoy this subject every year, very interesting. Any idea what these are:
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