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  1. A teckel from working breeding should do most of that. Have a look at West Sussex working teckels on Facebook. He looks to have decent enough stuff and digging lines. Im sure there are others who keep working teckels that might have pups available. Good luck with it, they're good fun.
  2. I keep a few teckels and can only comment on mine. There a grand breed, i use mine for bushing and you'd have a right bit of craic with them I have one dog that would be hard enough. But the others are either not bothered about going to ground or will go in and sound away. You'd get handy foxes with them but you wouldn't be digging 6 foot to them. That suits me as I want them hunting. There might be lines that are better for digging? As others said if you are serious about digging than other breeds might be more suitable.
  3. I have a pair of chaps with the ripstop material. There a great job for bushing, going through briars and bogs etc. I picked them up cheap in Decathlon a few years back. They don't seem to do them anymore. Anyone recommend a supplier of something similar. Thanks
  4. Very nice, good breeding. Good luck with him
  5. Very nice he off that Brian stuff you have?
  6. Great pics. Are they selayham types in he 5th pic
  7. Rebel

    Back on

    Welcome back. Always enjoyed your pics and write up on your days out Sorry to hear about your bit of bad luck. The joys of it.
  8. two beauties. Hopefully they work as good as they look
  9. I had the pleasure of hunting with Pat for a few seasons when I was a young lad. I have many happy memories of those days. He's line of wheaten were as fine an animal that you would see, big strong dogs and bitches, that were made for the job. One was as impresive as the other. As Jigsaw said there's mot many of his kind left, he kept and bred he's wheatens for one reason only. May he rest in peace.
  10. Thanks Tony, what they like to hunt? the gv x teckel seems to be a popular cross. What do they add to the teckel?
  11. many keep the griffons in the UK for hunting?
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