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  1. Nice little pack tandors are they 2 teckles?
  2. Gps4us seem to be good site. They have an online chat facility as well which is handy for answering any questions you have. There are a few dodgy sites and Facebook pages out there so be careful. If the deal is too good to be true then it probably is.
  3. Same dog at 12 months old and coat after being stripped. Puppy look gone off him
  4. Nive type, they look like their made for the job
  5. Two crackers. What way are they bred? Thanks
  6. Haha, I'll be even crankier if he doesn't work. I'd say there was queues of women looking for a dance from you down in the Arcadia, haha
  7. Young Russell dog, 8 months old.
  8. Thanks very much. All the reviews are positive and it looks like a handy bit of kit and not as expensive as some of the others.
  9. Lads thanks very much for the replies, really helpful. A buddy of mine has the Garmin and some of his collars have packed it in too. They'd be getting good hard hunting as well. So it looks like none of them are made to last.
  10. Thanks very much. They sound like they do the job and not as expensive as some of the other brands. I wonder how they compare with the Garmin? Yeah a guy in Clare sells them, I'll give him a ring tomorrow. Thanks
  11. Hello, Looking at buying a tracking system and just wondering how ye are getting on with the Dogtrace system? Would you still recommend them? Have they stood up to the test of time? Any disadvantages with them? Thanks very much.
  12. There's suspension built into it. It's cheap. I should have had a look before brexit. I haven't seen them over here. Thanks again for all your advice it was great to get it
  13. Thanks again. Is that a complete unit with the stubs? Welded to the drawbar and a couple of wheels and ready to go? Or am I missing something? Would you get away without some form of suspension Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the reply Neil. I appreciate it. I was looking at a 350kg indispension unit. For a small light dog trailer do you think that would be sufficient? When you say a T frame, what do you mean by that? Is it steel going to the pull bar and then across the middle of the trailer to bolt the indispension unit too? What would be the best steel to use? Apologies for all the questions and thanks again.
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