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  1. Rebel

    I’ve seen it all now

    Haha, took the words out of my mouth, he's practically giving them away
  2. Rebel

    Ride on Lawnmower Help

    Hello Ted, This is a pic of the deck, not a great one, I think all it shows is that everything is where it should be? Thanks again.
  3. Rebel

    Ride on Lawnmower Help

    Not the tyres Ted. I'll get up a few pics later, see what you think. Thanks for your help with this very much appreciated
  4. Rebel

    Ride on Lawnmower Help

    Thanks Ted,it's a castel, similar to a castle garden. Yep it's mid mounted. Theres a bar going from each wheel to the deck and they seem ok and still connected. There doesn't look to be anything missing
  5. Rebel

    Ride on Lawnmower Help

    Where else to turn to in your hour of need than the General Section of THL. I have a ride on mower and the front of the deck dropped and is scrapping along the ground. The rear of the deck is fine andI Ican't see anything obvious that is causing this. Any lawnmower experts on who might be able to advise? Thanks
  6. Rebel


    Yeah no bother at all she gives tongue every step of the way and hunts on for a few fields. I have a dog pup here and it'll be interesting to see how the pair go together.
  7. Rebel


    You'll have good craic with a teckel. I have a bitch and she hunts away, gives plenty of tongue and doesn't hunt too far. I find they have a great temperament, easy to manage and she is like a pet around the house. As said they are more of an all rounder but you'll knock a bit of sport out of them. What kind of money would they be to import from the continent or buy in the UK?
  8. Rebel


    Very nice Miga, what way is it bred if you don't mind me asking
  9. Rebel

    images of hurling,our great irish sport

    I think Galway will have just enough, but it should be a cracking game. Gutted after Cork were beaten last week after being up by 7 points. Next year maybe? Enjoy the match
  10. Rebel


    She's a beauty Lawrence, what age is she
  11. Rebel

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Very nice, good fun those teckels
  12. Rebel

    new season

    She came a handy size alright, she should get to most places, if she wants it?
  13. Rebel

    new season

    This is a bitch that I bred and will be ready to go at the start of the season, fingers crossed.
  14. Rebel

    Distilling spirits at home

    Be sure and give the first drop to the fairies and you'll be grand. Seemingly that's what the poteen men used to do anyway
  15. Rebel

    stradbally 2018

    Great pics Stonewall, thanks for sharing them