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  1. Rebel

    Mushrooms 2019

    Thanks very much Arry, appreciate the reply. I'll keep an eye out
  2. Rebel


    Haha I know the kind
  3. Rebel


    Haha how'd he get that name?
  4. Rebel

    Mushrooms 2019

    Thanks Arry, I came across a load of those hedgehog ones last year. I'll keep an eye out. What do you use them for, what dishes do you add them too? There wouldn't be a great tradition of using mushrooms in Ireland apart from the field mushrooms and they were either fried or boiled in milk.
  5. Rebel

    Mushrooms 2019

    Thanks Arry. Found in a spruce forest. These were near them
  6. Rebel

    Mushrooms 2019

    Great topic lads. I always enjoy this subject every year, very interesting. Any idea what these are:
  7. Rebel

    New estate car

    With your money, you should be buying one of these, plenty of room for those dopey salukis, haha
  8. Rebel

    images of hurling,our great irish sport

    Tipperary v Clare in the Munster championship. Now if your looking for passion and pride that's where you'll find it
  9. Rebel

    images of hurling,our great irish sport

    You hit the nail on the head Wilf. In Ireland the GAA goes to the very fabric of being Irish. It is who you are, where you come from, the pride in the parish, playing with your brothers, relations, friends and neighbours. It is at the centre of almost everything, particularly in rural Ireland. Parish's who have nothing else will have a GAA field. Some great clubs in the cities as well, doing great work to promote the sport. Soccer doesn't seem to instill that belief or sense of belonging. Soccer moving to a summer season is going to put the two sports in conflict, competing for players and making young lads choose between one or the other. Which is not good for either sport. GAA pitch on the Aran Islands. Must have taken some sweat, blood and tears in getting it set up and maintained
  10. Rebel

    Old bottles etc

    Haha if I had half of your money I'd be happy.
  11. Rebel

    Old bottles etc

    Ah f**k, I was hoping they were rare as hens teeth and worth a fortune. Haha
  12. Rebel

    Old bottles etc

    Really interesting thread. Afew bottles I found in the ditch when I was building my house. One bottles says Sloan's liniment and the other successor to the California Fig Company. I like the small bottle with the ridges.
  13. Rebel

    Various Jack Russell's

    Very nice, you don't see too many tricolours these days. They used to be a lot more common before
  14. Rebel

    Just 2 hens

    Wasting your time they wouldn't last 5 minutes in the northside. They'd end up on Wackers/Sullys/Spuds plate for dinner, haha
  15. Rebel

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Haha, hopefully