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  1. robin me old cock sparra,is young lew not on this one?he is a legend round these parts.big red can flatten em
  2. fuji,i appreciate that you're an experienced lurcherman but i have to say that statement you just made is utter rubbish.most of the better dogs i've seen had this boxing style to a greater or lesser degree.they could stop hares on any land not just big open plains.to say it only works on big land shows a lack of experience with this type imo.
  3. nice pups pal,good luck with the sale
  4. well done gilster me owd china,an icon of the coursing world
  5. got to agree with you ray.i've lamped from the vehicle,did'nt like it much,plus landowners are going apeshit nowadays with dickheads driving the land all the time.brings things way to on top for my liking.
  6. What breeds do you cross into your Saluki Types, if you don't use Greyhound ? Cheers. its in there chart,just don't like a lot of it.my current bitch is 1/8 grey 1/8 whippet 3/4 saluki
  7. Excellent pic,back when borders could do a bit.did they belong to w.c?
  8. "youth" ?? i'm probably old enough to be your dad.have fun on the moor son.
  9. why do you not want to risk running your own dog,if you don't mind me asking?
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